HP TouchSmart 600 - 1070 has blocking of overheating?

I am repairing a Touchsmart 600-1070a who suffered a fall from his office (damaged the on/off switch, but that is fixed), already replaced the HARD drive that had bad sectors.  There seems to be a lot of cumulative small hiccups, including;

* sometimes not even bring to the top of the screen on powerup, remains black despite the fans running, power light.

I suspect that it is a matter of gfx module or connector problem, as I loosened and forced the GFX module in its unlocked connector and reinstall the graph LVDS lead and - apparently - to have solved the problem for now.

* for execution, will crash intermittently Win7 and how the region of radiator for chipset is exceptionally hot (about 50' C) and it is with the metal plate still attached.
To do this, I don't know what approach to take.  There is a spacer between the heat sink for this chipset and the metal casing that is filled by a heat-carrier pad.  My suspicion is that the pressure of the arriere-stand against the metal actually requires chassis-pad-heatsink to stick, but I think now that the cushion is probably due to replace or another option sorted as things are just not too hot

Someone else had a similar problem?

The GPU and CPU radiators have all been cleaned with compressed air / brush and work correctly.

(photo showing the motherboard exposed without the metal support pregnant.  The radiator in question is orange, one located in the center of the motherboard near the memory.


I placed a layer of transfer thermal padding that is normally used between transistors/MOSFETS and sinks of heat, about 1 mm thick, on top of the orange radiator - seems to have now settled the system down, played a video DVD and YouTube full length at the same time without crashing.

So now, we have chip|heatsink|transfer-padding|pale-transfer-thick-padding|metal-backing.

Active cooling a bit more would have been nice in the form of a fan from somewhere, but as long as it doesn't crash, I guess.   Metal case houses approximately 49' C around the location of the radiator.

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    Hello Valery1947:

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    Yes, that would be true, but that model is an all-in-one computer, it is not flexible for the replacement of the Board of Directors, as a regular desktop would be. You probably only have the option of a Board.

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    Solution: new keyboard, Logitech > bought.  Must say that I was so tired of the current fake e-mail I just replaced my HP keyboard and mouse with another third-party.  Thanks for all those who have responded or tried to help.

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    Desktop HP Touchsmart 600 has a about 5 inches square dead spot on the top left corner of the screen.  Is this a problem that can be easily repaired?  If so, can it be repaired locally?

    Thank you...


    @ButchBob, welcome to the forum.

    If your computer is no longer under warranty, I suggest you find a computer repair shop known locally to see what they have to say.  It shouldn't be too difficult for them to fix it.

    Please click on the button + Thumbs up if I helped you and click on accept as Solution If your problem is resolved.

  • RTM of Windows 8 installation Fail on Touchsmart 600-(1050)

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    Anyone else facing this?

    Just for everyone to know that I finally managed to fix it. It appeared that my question was a known Windows 8 Preview version that Microsoft has released a fix for (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2727113). Apparently, there's a bug which can cause freezing symptoms I was see and by running the command

    bcdedit/set disabledynamictick no

    due to the gel to stop. It seems that the update has been released with RTM of Windows 8, so it does not seem to have worked at least the Touchsmart 600-1050. Many other people are reporting that it didn't work either, but as long as the above command will stop the gel I'm happy.

    My installation is going well now, work all, all happy. The only thing I needed to update was the touch screen to pilot who has really improved stability. That and the driver for the buttons on the side of the case.

    Happy days!

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    I made restarts it etc. also without success. Does anyone have a suggestion that I could follow.


    It is a machine CTO, but have many models of the Touchsmart 600 HIMI IN port series, not OUT port so you can't connect to a TV using HDMI in order to get the picture on the TV.

    Kind regards.

  • TouchSmart 600-1350: what is the REAL TouchSmart 600-1350 RAM Specs?

    I see HP screwed up once again, big surprise there!

    Specification of RAM TouchSmart 600-1350 (citing the HP site):

    200 pins, DDR3 SO-DIMM

    Since 200 pin SO-DIMM is really a standard DDR2 and DDR3 is a 204 standard pins, I chose best educated guess one that suits and matches at speeds and tensions with the computer of my client for the upgrade. We ordered 2 Kingston PC3-10600 off 4 GB Max computer modules, but guess what? It don't work!

    Given that HP can't even say DDR2 DDR3 standards, can someone at HP who really knows what is up please tell me the specifications of memory live CORRECT for this system? Perhaps eventually make corrections to specifications of systems page too. Beyond that, a refund of $40 to my disappointed customer would be too big, but I not holding my breath!

    Anyway, why did 2 4 GB Kingston 204 pin PC3-10600 modules work? Normal blood pressure, nothing special...?


    Based on my experience, any HP PC with an Intel series 5 using portable memory chipset... it must be VERY specific with what you get memory.

    Please read this post related about this submission, in my view, that you have to buy...

    While it is a laptop, he uses the memory of the laptop and has a chipset Intel 5 series like the one you are working on.


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    Hello, Mary:

    Has even thought of field sorry that our computers were made before windows 8. HP doesn't come back so far to develop drivers for Windows 8 for our HP Touchsmart 600-1050 series computers or 300. Our computers have only eight point touch. Windows 8 requires 10 points. Yes, you can install windows 8 but you'll lose touch features but also of many other features as well. Please get Windows 8 on touchsmart here in this forum. You can see how others have installed. What software they were no longer able to use and the features that they have learned to live with out. After reading it then you can decide if you want to take a chance and make the top grade or not. If you do the high-grade remember that your computer won't work properly thereafter. Why is this? Because HP has neither they will never develop drivers for our computers and the third party did not develop them as well. You can see what others had trouble finding. frrw.

  • Can I connect my desktop HP TouchSmart 520-1070 PC to my TV?

    Can I connect my desktop HP TouchSmart 520-1070 PC to my TV?

    Here are the specifications of your desktop HP TouchSmart 520-1070 According to the specs, it seems that this model does not support the video output of any kind (DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, VGA, etc.). Although it has no HDMI port on the right side, this port is strictly an entry for game consoles, and other video devices. To connect an external monitor to the computer takes longer and the use of an adapter USB-to-video, like the eVGA UV + UV39 or among many other video-to-USB adapters on the market.

    Please send Bravo

  • HP Touchsmart 600-1105xt - PCI card

    Hi - I am trying to add support for USB 3.0 to my TouchSmart 600-1105xt system and I found that there is 1 slot mini-PCI express. However I have not sure how to add to my system. Its different for a touchsmart since all are crammed into a small place and I don't know how to expose the PCi Card without breaking anything. Any help is appreciated.

    There is NO external ports,

    you will have to completely disassemble the unit to join the mini-pci slot which normally has the TV tuner in it.

    As I said, this is not repairable.

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    Hello, everyone-

    I have a HP Touchsmart 600-1350 with what is considered as a default card mother Pegatron IMPIP-M5.  I am told that HP has no available replacement parts and that I should just throw this PC and buy a new computer.  This seems a little extreme and am looking for a second opinion.

    Please share with me your experiences related to this topic.

    Thank you...



    Computer TS/AIO uses a card mother desktp normal, it uses a very similar motherboard for laptop. If you wish, you can get all the parts for your machine from the following link. You can buy here (if available) or use the part number to find online like eBay stores.


    Kind regards.

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    Ralink 802.11 Wireless Lan Card on my PC seems defective.  Wireless internet began to drop out of school for weeks, then finally wouldn't connect to the internet.  This is the latest driver to June 2014.  My computer laptop HP, 2 tablets and 2 smart phones have no connection problems, so this isn't my wireless network.  The PC is unable to connect to DHCP and manually configure IP addresses.  Diagnosis point always restart the modem (not on the PC).

    The wireless network card is replaceable?

    If so, are their any instructions on how to replace and where the card (or a compatible card) can be purchased?

    Hello again @tmburson,

    Thanks for the information on your product. According to the page of HP TouchSmart 600-1000 t desktop PC product specifications and configurable Options , your computer has a wireless card "802.11 b/g/n PCI Express half-Mini Card + Bluetooth wireless". As long as you get the same type of card you'll be fine. I provide you with instructions on how to change it below:

    Removal of the Mini PCI Wireless LAN card
    To remove the WLAN Mini card, first remove

    • the hard drive and memory cover
    • the stand
    • the cover of the e/s
    • the feet
    • the back cover
    • the shield of the amp Board

    Remove the shield from the motherboard.

    Carefully remove the connectors of two antenna to the card.

    Remove the two small screws of the Mini PCI card in place.

    Point the card upward and remove the card.

    Replacing the Mini PCI Wireless LAN card

    To replace the Mini PCI card, orient the card in the slot at a 45 degree angle and press down.

    Keep it pressed all by replacing the first of the two screws.

    Reattach the connectors of two antenna to the card.

    Reconnect the:

    • the shield of the motherboard
    • the hard drive and memory cover
    • the stand
    • the cover of the e/s
    • the feet
    • the back cover
    • the shield of the amp Board

    I hope this helps. Thanks for posting on the HP Forums. Have a great day!

  • TouchSmart 600-1055-Message of disk error hard hd521-2w

    I have a Touchsmart 600-1055 is our guarantee. I am running Windows 7 (64-bit). I have hard to start when the computer hangs at the Windows screen. I was able to carry out repairs and after many attempts it finally began. I ran the test of the system and the only test that failed was for my Smart hard drive test and gave the code of hd521-2w. I guess that means that the HD is about to go. Am I wrong? And if yes, what is the replacement and can I upgrade to 2 TB and when and where can I find instructions on how t it? Thank you!


    Yes you are right. The hard drive has virtually disappeared.  Back up your files.

    I would go no larger than a 1 TB HARD drive.  2 TB might work, but it might not.

    SATA II 7 200 RPM desktop drive, that's what you need to replace with.

    Here is the link to the guide of upgrade and maintenance.


    You will also need a set of discs of recovery to reinstall the operating system and the programs that came with thePC.


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