HP Touchsmart 600 - remote control issues

I have 3 questions on the remote control for my HP TouchSmart 600, which works well for almost 4 years (not jinxies).

#1 can no longer change the channel of the program guide.

When I press the Guide button, the TV guide is displayed as expected. I can page up/down through the guide but when I press the button (the Center button on the remote control) to switch to the selected channel, it takes me to the library menu and position myself to the TV option saved rather than change the channel. He used to work. Note: I did take the trouble to restart the Live TV app like this seems to require to reach for the mouse.

What I did or I'm doing wrong?

#2 remote to 'enlarge' / 'restore down '.

Is it possible to use the remote control to "enlarge" / "restore" in the Live TV window? Currently, I do it with my mouse.

#3 remote sometimes loses focus

I have never been able to identify, but the remote sometimes seems to lose focus. By this, I mean that it is as if the computer ignores all of a sudden. For example, many times I press the Guide button, the TV guide will go up but the up / keys does not work. I see that the computer receives the infrared signal because the blue light on the front flashes whenever I press a button on the remote control. Finally, after having rejected the guide and press different buttons on the remote control in a crazy attempt to clear the confusion, the remote control starts actually behave as expected.

Advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi ou81aswell,.

#1: looks like your remote can give wrong signals.  Have you tried restarting the computer?

#2: no, the remote doesn't have this feature.  You will need to use the mouse

#3: I've noticed that sometimes windows pop ups will steal focus from Media Center.  I found that by pushing the round button of Media Green Center of the remote control will take back you in Media Center.

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    Thus, the question that I continued to work on was the touch feature.  I came across an update from HP that I missed for Windows 7 called "NextWindow 1950 Touch Screen Driver Update", which was to improve the answer touch near the edges of the screen and resolved a problem of sensibility in the upper right of the screen.  I downloaded it, (sp49787.exe) and tried to install it.  He would not have installed.  However, the part "NextWindow 1950" of the title was a clue.  I have been looking on the NextWindow site last week and I remember seeing a driver Windows 8 touch screen on their Web site: http://www.nextwindow.com/nextwindow_support/Windows_8_Touch_Screen_Driver.html

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    I found how to get the HP Remote to work with my IQ826t! I was reading something and it reminded me that I had never gone through the list of Services on this computer. I found a service that has been extinguished called, 'Human Interface Device Access. I changed the properties of it from manual to automatic. Rebooted and WOW, the remote will now control the Volume, Mute and other functions, he was ignorant. NOTE: Before I tried this service I also found a service called "HP Software Framework. It was also well manually. I changed it to auto - delayed, but I don't think that this has nothing to do with the question. First try the service of Human Interface. I rebooted several times and the remote control of the TV still works. YES!

  • remote control for my touchsmart!

    Can Hi anyone help? I bought a Touchsmart 310 and I can't locate ANYWHERE on line a manual which covers the functions of the remote control! Can someone help me!

    Check out this document.  You can find everything you need. If this is not your exact remote control, it must be very close.


    Best regards

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  • the value 600 d/T3i for firing the shot with a wireless remote control without using the timer involved?

    A 600 d/T3i is adjustable to shoot with a remote wireless without the timer is involved? I was not able to find a way yet.

    Yes. Your remote control has a switch on the bottom it is shoot immediately, or with a 2 second delay sets. I guess that yours will be set to position 2. It must be set to 0. Problem solved. Best regards, col.

  • IOS App Remote - Volume control issues

    OK, so I downloaded the app recently released for Apple TV IOS. Everything works as expected, except the inconsistent Volume control.

    I have two Vizio TVs in my house - E701i-A3 and models M401i-A3. The volume via IOS app works perfectly on my E701i-A3 - pressing iPhone volume buttons triggers change in volume on the soundbar attached to this set.

    No luck with my M401i-A3 not set - by pressing the volume iPhone buttons does cause changes in local ringtone volume iPhone... that tells me something is not right with audio control EAC between ATV4 and the TV set. I do not use soundbar with this set - internal speakers only.

    Both sets are running the latest firmware of Vizio and CEC/audio is enabled. No problem to control the volume or turn the sets/turn off via the remote Siri material.

    Kind of ideas here... anyone have any ideas as to what the problem may be with my Vizio M401i-A3 defined? Someone at - it got IOS volume remote control works with other models of TV?

    Volume control requires HDM - CEC to ensure compatibility. It is quite possible that only one of your TV is compatible.

  • Opening of loop control HP TouchSmart 600 password

    I think that we can guarantee the HP TouchSmart 600 using the 'lock' feature when the computer is current in the standby state. If the power is off, then the computer restarts all right on the desktop without the password screen. What is a feature of Windows 7 or a problem of HP TouchSmart 600? I prefer the old Windows XP/Vista feature that does not allow access to the computer without password any that she has been waking up from sleep or from zero power state. Does anyone know how to fix the problem please?

    Is not a 'problem' or a loophole, it is a parameter, you have the camera do not ask for a password at startup, intentionally or not.

    You can change this with netplwiz.exe.


  • Remote control does not not on Touchsmart 610-1030uk

    Worked very well for a long time. Now out of warranty. Battery very well. Indicator on the remote and on PC (white LED on the front panel) show IR work. Mouse and keyboard are still working fine. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for Microsoft eHome infrared transceiver but still can not respond to remote control of the machine.

    Any thoughts?

    Hello frrw. Sorry to waste your time. I changed the batteries and it works great. It seems that the red LED on the remote control and the white LED on the PC that flashes when I press a button on the remote control do not mean that the batteries are strong enough.

    Meanwhile, I have this recurring problem with blu - ray players. I'll post a new question and maybe you can help.

    Thank you very much.

  • Apple TV (3rd generation) remote control suddenly stopped working

    I used aluminum remote on my 3rd generation Apple TV for years without a single issue.  Then last night, after working fine most of the evening, it simply stopped working.  The first thing I did was to get the distance within two feet of the Apple TV, and then I was able to make it work.  To me, this indicates a battery is weakening, so I replaced it.  Same problem: Apple TV does not remotely, unless I get very, very close.  Just in case, I got a new battery, I tried a second.  Same question.

    I did a bit of digging in the community forum, and here's what I've tried:

    -restarted successfully the Apple TV via the software and then again just unplug the power cord and wait 10 seconds, but the problem persists.

    -successfully paired and re-paired remote control, but the problem persists.

    ATV shows a solid light when I push buttons, unless I come to this beach to two feet and then it flashes once as her answers ATV.

    I have looked on the IR through the camera of my iphone, but don't see any red flashes... and yet the ATV receives the signal from the remote control if it is close enough.

    Curiously, as part of my diagnosis, I noticed that the "UP" button had become insensitive, even from the beach which work the other buttons.

    I have not dropped the remote or mistreated it somehow, so can't see why it would break suddenly without reason.

    I'm puzzled.

    Your troubleshooting sound research.

    I would buy a new remote from Apple and try it.  They are $19.00.  If she is doing the same, the receiver IR of the ATC is responsible and return the new remote control within 14 days for a full refund.

    If it works keep the remote control.

  • Satellite P500-1DZ starts only with remote control

    Hi, I just bought a new laptop Satellite P500 after owning a P200-13Z and P300-160 years without ever having had a problem with one of them.

    I have a problem with the P500-1DZ that I bought because it does not start the power button when he was arrested for a period of time, as for example the night.

    If I stopped and immediately press the power button its fine and it starts as well with the remote control.

    In the BIOS, I noticed that there is an option for remote start to the top of the control that is enabled, but Im a little worried about this deactivation in case I can't restart the laptop... everyone has ideas?

    Also for other users of the P500 who are dissatisfied witht the audio output of the laptop, I fixed that uninstall the Audio drivers Connexant HD, then by restarting which allows Windows to install its own audio drivers... which has greatly improved the audio output of the laptop... even if its not as good as the old P300.

    Thank you

    Hi spidercpfc,

    This question really strange s with this start of the issue and I think that it of difficult to say why it happens exactly, but as written Akuma you should try upgrading the BIOS. You can download it from the official page of Toshiba:

    Last week I updated the BIOS of my P500 also and it worked, I t has not had any problems. I updated the BIOS to the version preinstalled Windows as an administrator. Also, I closed all programs running (AntiVirus, Firewall, browser, etc.) and disconnected from the network. After a few seconds the update was done.

    After the update, you should also load default settings in the BIOS. So press F9 in BIOS setup and save these settings.

    I hope this works. :)

  • Can I order remote control for my 1.5 to PAIN. E TV?


    I just want to know how where can I buy / order a remote control for my tv... shop or if it is not possible.
    Is there a cure for all?

    Thanks in advance, in hopes of a solution to this issue...

    As far as I know this product is originally shipped with the remote control.
    Is your defective remote or what?

  • Satellite A500 - 14L: utility supervisor password & remote control manager


    I just installed Windows 7 Home Premium * x 64 * on my A500 - 14 L (PSAM3E-02N008FR) and everything went smooth, even the PVAT and install flashcards. Unfortunately, I have a problem with the following utilities (most recent versions available on the Web from Toshiba site):

    -Supervisor password utility
    -Remote Control Manager

    I installed both of them, but I can't find them in my Start menu!
    There is no setup error, but it's as if they are not installed in all.

    Can someone help me please on this issue? Thanks in advance.



    I recommend the Toshiba Assist for supervisor password utility.
    Secure should appear in the supervisor password utility.

    Remote Control Manager improves the support for a remote control on your computer.
    I don't know if you can accede to this request, but if so then you should check it in the Panel of m.

  • Apple TV remote control glass broke when dropped

    Recently, my husband bought our second Apple TV, an upgrade of the first edition, we have purchased four years ago. We are customers of long-time Apple and have always possessed several Apple products. We both like the updates to the new Apple TV with the exception of the remote control. There are a few things we don't like about the design. First, our remote fell of the couch on a ceramic tile floor and broken glass. Accidents happen, and I dare say that it is going to be a lot of unhappy customers when they abandon their distance and it crashes. I will say that if the remote was dropped on the carpet he probably have come out unscathed. The remote control fell to the back of the sofa at a height of about three feet. I think that the remote control must be able to survive a fall like that or maybe Apple could consider designing a case or neoprene as the channel to the remote control. The other complaints we have are things that we have learned to adapt to. Remote ginning glass is well issue and because Apple products are on the pricey side (I had to replace a laptop charge cord twice - $80 a pop - compliments of our puppy) we have not yet checked the cost of replacement.

    Yes. It is a delicate user in my opinion not the real world tested. There are other posts on the topic, and I saw the new cases that occurred just as we have for our other handheld devices.  I think Siri remotes are also about $80...

    I will also mention that the old Apple TV remotes work with the new ATV as well - except Siri.  In fact, I use remote money or my universal remote control harmony more than the included remote control of Siri (I can't find Siri on tvOS it useful - still).

  • remote control stops working

    I have a 600PC Touchsmart with TV tuner comes with a remote control to control TV channels / volume... etc.

    It worked well for about 12 months. Now, the remote control works well when the PC is first turned on, but then stops working after about 20 minutes.  Only, it works again when the PC has been activated and turn it back on.

    I replaced the batteries and the remote control - but this happens again - which leads me to think that this is a problem in the PC itself.

    This may or may not be connected, but at the same time - the wireless mouse has stopped working and I had to buy a different mouse wth a wireless transmitter, connected to a USB port and now works fine.

    Any ideas what could be the problem?

    Hello jjf23,

    To see if it solves the problem, follow these steps:

    1. "control Panel."

    2 system.

    3. "Device Manager."

    4 expand "controllers of Bus USB"

    5 right click on each of the items listed individually and select 'Properties' for each item. If there is a "power management" tab click on it. Make sure that the "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power " unchecked.

    6 click on "OK" and "restart" your computer.

    If they are not already checked, simply reply with it.

    Thank you

  • HP TouchSmart 600-1265qd does not connect to Samsung LED 55 '' TV via HDMI

    HP TouchSmart 600-1265qd does not connect to Samsung LED 55 '' TV via HDMI. I have connected the same cable to your laptop and it connects, suggesting that there is a problem with the CV. The TouchSmart has a GeForce GT230 graphics controlled by the control panel NVIDIAnView. By using the system control panel and the control panel NVIDIAnView, I have not been able to locate the Samsung monitor.

    I made restarts it etc. also without success. Does anyone have a suggestion that I could follow.


    It is a machine CTO, but have many models of the Touchsmart 600 HIMI IN port series, not OUT port so you can't connect to a TV using HDMI in order to get the picture on the TV.

    Kind regards.

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