HP TouchSmart laptop: DVD player, error 45 failure

CD/DVD drive not unawares... may not open the drawer with a needle but the computer no longer seems to recognize that I have a CD/DVD player... did some checking online and after having checked that the driver was updated (it was), most popular tips seem to be remove the driver, reboot and it needs to be reinstalled , but it did not... There is now no inscription on the device for DVD/CD Manager.

Received error 45 that the material was not connected?

Any ideas to fix at some reasonable cost/effort?


The Manual:


'How to' on page 57.

Drive DVD +/-RW Double layer SuperMulti 747125-001

http://www.eBay.com/ITM/HP-15-d-Series-SATA-CD-RW-DVD-RW-drive-GU90N-747125-001-/132000474849?hash=item1ebbd766e1:g:VBAAAOSwgZ1XsvI ~.

$7.88 on eBay


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  • V5.8 DVD player: error-70012

    Dear Apple community,

    I use a MacBook Pro 13 "(mi-2010) and replaced the Superdrive (SD) by a 750 GB HD (using the iFixit statement)." At the time I build on the 750 GB HD, it had Mac OS X 10.11.1. I noticed recently that the DVD player (v.5.8) not started correctly, display this error message:

    There was an error initializing

    A valid DVD drive is not found. [- [ 70012]

    Pressing the Ok button, quit the program.

    In this case independent of whether it is a DVD inserted in the SD card or not. The Superdrive is connected via USB as external drive and works well, for example with the VLC Player I installed before that I checked Apple's DVD player.

    Until I checked the DVD player, I also downloaded from the App Store "Screen recording Studio" App (Lite and more later for €4.99). This program does unfortunately not work, and I don't know if this installation has changed the settings of the DVD player or just the fact that the SD card is not connected as external drive.

    I contacted Apple Support and as a possible solution, that I've been recommended to update my Mac OS X 10.11.1 to update more recent 10.11.5 - which I did, but I still get the same error message when you start the DVD player.

    You have an idea for a solution? Are there preferences that can be adapted without having to reinstall the entire operating system new risk of loss of data etc. ?

    Thanks for your support!

    Best regards

    Özkan Yalkinoglu

    http://www.CNET.com/news/addressing-DVD-Player-error-70012-when-using-external-d banks in os x.

  • Equium A200 - 1V0 DVD Player error impossible of video output to an external device

    I use my Equium A200 1V0 laptop with Vista Home Premium, and whenever I try to watch a DVD using the preinstalled Toshiba DVD Player software, I get the following error...

    "Unable to video output to an external device. Please spend your
    display the buttons on the unit by pressing the Fn + F5 after the end of the application. »

    I do not have an external monitor, and have never had a. (By pressing the Fn + F5 buttons does not work, because...) I have not attached external devices!)
    The software used to work properly, and I have not changed the settings at all.

    I have now tried to reinstall with the latest download from Toshiba, but the problem remains.

    Any thoughts would be accepted with gratitude.



    I found a boyfriend of the solution.

    I searched simply here in the forum and found this thread!

    Jack Black has posted a link to a useful Toshiba doc that says that this error is related to the Realteck sound driver.

    Update the audio driver and you must solve this problem!

  • Aspire laptop DVD player GONE! SlimType DVD A D58A4SH need a fix for this DVD player

    Is there a fix out there for a problem loading the driver for CD/DVD Acer Aspire of the laptop drive?  I have the Aspire 5334 with DVD Super Multi DL drive.

    I have a Slimtype DVD A D58A4SH player. He worked for a short time when I got the notebook and then it stopped completely.  There was an exclamation point on the list of devices and when I checked to see if the pilot that it has been updated, he said it was the last updated, etc.  BUT still does not.  I tried to roll back - which did not work.  So I uninstalled the drive completely.  Did a restart and it recognizes the DVD drive and started to install the driver for it.  Says the driver installation failed.  The dvd player is no longer listed in Device Manager.  I tried to go to the download page of support/driver from the Acer website for this brand and the computer model - it does not list DVD drivers at all.   So now I'm confused.  It was a Christmas gift from 2011. So I think that the warranty has expired.  So I'm pretty ticked if I need to replace a failed drive which is just came out barely a month outside the warranty of the year.  Someone out there who has a fix for this problem it will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

    I found a FIX for this problem!  Yay!

    I had an error Code 39 and did a search on the Microsoft Web site.  Here is the link.  I followed the "method 2" and it worked Finally, got my rear DVD player. Phew!

    I hope this helps others with the same problems:


  • Satellite Pro U300 - DVD Player error

    I had not used my DVD player for a long time, and when I tried to use it again the other day that he has stopped working. Where to insert the DVD and the DVD player provided Toshiba starts a message pops up saying
    "Impossible for the release of the video on an external device. "Please change your display keys of the device by pressing the Fn + F5 after the end of the application.

    I did what he said and further and have made sure the computer does not recognize somehow, another device connected to my laptop. All that shows is the LCD screen of the laptop and nothing more. No clue as to how can I fix? I don't have an external display at the moment as im at Uni. so I can't plug a hook to the top and see if it works like that and then properly close. Any other suggestions? Would be great,

    Thank you

    George J.


    This problem is known to me. I got it with my Satellite P200. I was not able to solve this problem.

    I just deleted a Toshiba DVD drive and now I use VLC media player. Download the latest version. The player is just great.

  • 69889 DVD Player error

    2011 macbook air, el capitan.  External drive will not play a particular dvd.  I get a black screen, the beachball for a bit, then a message "Error 69889 DVD".  Other dvd play ok on the external drive.  If a newspaper as a guest user the problem dvd plays fine, then maybe there's a file corrupted in my files of the user?  Any help would be most appreciated.

    Go to ~/Application Library/DVD Player, and then delete the folder 'Settings' could solve the problem.

  • HP envy laptop: dvd player

    I just put a dvd in my player for the first time and it makes a winding noise / rattling during operation.

    Hi there @mperry5,

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome! It is an excellent site to find answers and ask questions.

    First thing to do in situations like this is backup all your personal files. Better safe than sorry.

    Here is a link to the HP Support Assistant. Simply download and run the application and it will help with the software and drivers on your system at the time of purchase or need to be updated.

    If it does not work. Please follow these steps.

    1. Turn off the computer.
    2. That you put it on press the F10 key. This will load the BIOS setup utility.
    3. Press F9 to load the default values.
    4. Press F10 to save and exit.
    5. When the computer starts up, check if everything is working.

    You can also try updating windows. Here is a link that will guide you through the steps.

    It may be a hardware problem with the drive since it is the first time that you tried to use a DVD in the drive.

    HP generally has a 1 year warranty program on their products. If this is your case, you may call HP and see what options it must repair or replace the disk.

    Please use the following link to create yourself a file number and contact HP:

    Step 1. Open the link: www.hp.com/contacthp/

    Step 2. Enter the product number or select Auto detection
    Step 3. Scroll up to "still need help? Fill out the form to select your contact options.
    Step 4. Scroll down and click on: contact HP options - click Get phone number

    File number and phone number are displayed.

    They will be happy to help you immediately.

    I would like to know how it goes!

    Have a great day!

  • DVD Player error

    I've been using the first element 11 for awhile and burn my projects on DVD with no problems until that 2 days ago when I tried to burn a project of 33 minutes when during the beginning of the DVD burning burning stopped, and the following error appears: "internal software error:.". \Vobulator\BlochPlanner\BlockPlanner.cpp,line 215 "

    I use Windows Pro 10, 16 GB memory, Intel processor i75820, Samsung solidstate C: drive and a 1 TB for the video drive.

    Any help is appreciated.


    Given that no one ventured all the answers that I decided just shoot myself.

    The problem was with one of the predefined Adobe titles. Once I removed this title burning proceeded as planned.

    Now, what was in this design of titles that I don't know.


  • TouchSmart IQ542 - replacement DVD player

    Anyone know where I can get a replacement for my Touchsmart IQ542 DVD player? The current drive has decided that he really likes the DVD that is currently in it and it won't spit, I suspect that this problem will be that get worse then now is probably a good time to replace the drive.

    Ideally, I would like to put a Blu - ray disc in but if this is not a replacement for what is already in it would be quite possible.


    Sure. Here's a search I did for UK sources of the party.

    Best regards


  • Installation of Photoshop on DVD on computer without a DVD player

    I have the updated version of Photoshop CS5 on a DVD and a new iMac that lacks a DVD player.  There are four versions of CS5 offered for download on the Adobe site.  I downloaded the 'Standard' version, but not a not launch the installation program.  Two other techniques have failed: (1) I created a disc image of the DVD Installer on a laptop Mac with a DVD drive and the drive for the iMac of network image.  This does not (2) according to Apple, I shared portable DVD player with the iMac computer and tried to install CS5 on the iMac on the network of the laptop DVD player.  That did not work also.  A solution would be appreciated.

    > new iMac

    IF El Capitan Mac read below

    CS6 and previous programs have not been tested and will not be updated to run on Mac El Capitan

    -which means you are trying to use CS6 and earlier at YOUR risk of having problems

    -You can get CS6 and previous programs to install and run, or you can not (some do, some don't)

    -IF not, Details of the message from the error messages and a person may be able to help (just not Adobe)

    Maybe it's a fake because of Mac El Capitan and OLD programs error

    This information is a MUST to install old programs on Mac El Capitan

    -You can't get the same error message, but here are some links that CAN help with old programs

    -Java https://helpx.adobe.com/dreamweaver/kb/dreamweaver-java-se-6-runtime.html can help

    Install CS5 on Mac 10.11 https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2003455 can help (also for others than CS5)

    -also a TEMPORARY security change https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2039319

    -http://mac-how-to.wonderhowto.com/how-to/open-third-party-apps-from-unidentified-developer s-mac-os-x-0158095 /

    -the guardian https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT202491

  • On Qosmio G20 DVD player does not work

    On my laptop dvd player does not work perfectly.
    I can watch DVDs and CDs, but I can't burn CDs or DVDs at all.

    This laptop is a former view model and think that when I bought the store I bought it since deleted most of the information

    Help, please

    Thank you


    There are two possible reasons why you are not able to copy anything to the CD or DVD.

    First, it may be possible that the drives used are not entirely compatible.
    In such cases, it s always advisable to test different CD and DVD from different manufacturers.

    Secondly, the issue could be related to a defective laser lens; in many cases, this can happen because of a physical constraint. If the laser lens can not calibrate in a good position, then the player will not be able to handle the inserted discs.
    This could be the worst case, because this issue is not repairable. Just a STRANGE replacement could help.

  • Satellite Pro A300D - cannot play movies on a Toshiba DVD player

    Hi guys,.

    When I play movies in Toshiba DVD player I get the following error message: "unable to output the video to an external device. Please check the external output setting after the end of the application. TEMPRO, I installed and tried to install all updates - some of them were for different hardware so wouldn't install.

    I get a similar problem in Windows Media Player "Windows Media Player cannot play this DVD because there is a problem with the digital copy between your DVD player and the video card protection decoder. Try to install a driver available for your video card. VLC player works fine. The drive otherwise normally functioning.

    It's the same problem, as described in this thread: http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?messageID=201029&tstart=0, but all the answers are a similar problem with HD DVD on a different model (P200).

    Anyone know how I can fix this problem? I'm not sure I can be bothered to go back and reinstall Vista etc...

    Thank you

    Hey Buddy,

    According to the Toshiba DVD Player error message: are you trying to watch DVDs on an external monitor or TV?
    In your case, I will try to reinstall the DVD playback software. This means delete the current version and then restart your computer. Then download and install the latest software from Toshiba DVD player.

    But to be honest: it's that everything works with VLC media player as it s very big and small media player that can play all audio and video files. Isn t it? ;)

  • DVD Player reads discs since the installation of explore 9 on vista operating system

    My laptop dvd player will not play discs from installation to explore 9 on the vista operating system.  The light showing a disc in the drive, the disc drive is in the Control Panel, but the disc cannot be read. He asks me to insert a readable disc.   I've restored my system, still does not.

    Someone knows how to fix this?


    Give this link a glance and follow the steps listed by SpiritX MS MVP. http://answers.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows/Forum/windows_vista-hardware/my-cddvd-drive-doesn

    I hope this helps!

  • DSX HP 16 - cannot open the DVD player

    Hi all

    I have a brand new HP DSX 16 and I am now setting up Vista and everything.

    I also bought a norton Internet Security 2009, so I was about to install it.

    Here is my story:

    1. I opened the box of Norton Internet Security 2009 to get the CD

    2 - I press the eject button on my laptop DVD player = nothing happens

    3 - I press the eject button which is above my keyboard. The mouse seems to be in the mode of "Hourglass" for 1 second and nothing happens

    4. I reboot and install all updates

    5. I searched google and this forum and found nothing

    6. I tried to push with a PIN to manually open the drive and nothing works. It seems that I can't push something to open.

    What should I do?

    EDIT: OK, problem seems to be fixed. I pushed harder with the PIN to manually open the drive. I was afraid to break something first! Now the work of eject button...

    Message edited by Etdashou on 02/09/2009 12:07

    Using a paper clip are you able to open the drive manually? The drive activity light flashes when accessing the drive?

  • I have a laptop SVF1521P2EB model. Since I put victory 8.1 the dvd player has falt error 19-the register

    I have a laptop SVF1521P2EB model. Since I put victory 8.1 (I Think) the dvd player does not work. The pilot is there and looks ok, but reports the error 19 which says that there is an error in the registry. Any help to fix it please

    Cheers, will have a goat that

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