HP W2072a: moniter

Hi guys.

I have the type of hp W2072a monitor and when I turn on my PC I get message like this

{no signal DVI. VGA no signal}

Please help me I want to support

and I tried to remove the RAM and battery and clean all the dust in the motherboard

I also tried to replace the cable from the monitor and VGA cable but the message still appears for me


Hi @Sirius_R136a1,

Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A place where you can find solutions for your problems with the help of the community! I understand you that you need help with your HP monitor that gives a message "no signal DVI, no VGA no signal. I'll be happy to help you.

A remarkable work was done in trying these troubleshooting steps before posting your question in the forums of HP. It's always a great pleasure to work with tech-savvy and technically customers sounds like you. Kudos to you for this. I am amazed at your technical skills and levels of technical knowledge.

Please perform a reset hardware first monitor steps to do:

  • Unplug the power cord from the monitor and the computer cable.
  • Please press and hold the power button on the computer for about 20 seconds to carry out the static electrical charges.
  • Reconnect the power cord and check if the monitor displays the same message without DVI no signal no VGA signal without connection to the computer.

If it is the monitor displays the same message, then there may be nothing wrong with the monitor. If you tried another monitor with this computer and it did not work you must get the repaired computer. You can check this link for assistance: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/bph05236

If it's an HP computer you can contact HP telephone support on http://hp.com/contacthp and follow the on-screen instructions to reach phone are supported. If it's an old HP computer maybe not options available service and you may need to contact a technician on site to get the computer fixed.

I hope this helps. I would like to know how this happens. I hope the problem is solved without hassle and the unit works very well. I'm always here for you help. Please reach out at any time.

Just to say thank youPlease click the ' Thumbs Up ' button to give a Kudos to appreciate my efforts to help me. If it helps, Please mark this "accepted Solution" because it will help many other people with the same problem to get it resolved without hassle.

Now carefully and have a wonderful week ahead.

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    If I remember right you can set the brightness of the display by saving settings. Please start Toshiba Power saver. Check the part runs on batteries. There must be some NORMAL called marker profile. Click details, and then click standby power mode tab.

    There monitor the brightness option. All the four options set at the maximum level. Now when you use your laptop on battery power the brightness of the monitor will be defined to the maximum level.

    Please test.

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    Press Ctrl & Alt keys and use the arrows to rotate back.

    According to the graphics card on your computer, these can be alternatives.

    Right click on the desktop | Graphics options | Rotation.

    Right click on the desktop | Screen resolution | Orientation.

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    1. what operating system is installed on your computer?

    Check if it was shortened to change or switch between monitors on your laptop.

    I would recommend that you follow these steps and check if the problem persists.

    Step 1:

    Update of your display drivers and check if the problem persists.

    Step 2:

    Perform a System Restore to the point that it was operating normally.

  • Reduce the size of the Moniter screen

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    Check that the graphics drivers are loaded correctly or not.
    For verification,
    Access the System Properties, hardware tab, select device, Manager select display adapter right click over there and check the status of the device if works properly or not.
    If load, please try to change the resolution of your screen.
    To change the resolution,
    Click right in the free space on the desktop, go to the tab change settings of the resolution option & apply settings.
    Kind regards
    Chauvet J.
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    moniter and hdmi problems

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    ·         What operating system is installed on the computer?

    Method 1: Follow the steps and check if that helps:

    (a) first of all you need a video cable to make the physical connection. For a better image quality, you must connect to the computer to the TV using standard VGA ports or via DVI to HDMI cable provided your TV supports these ports.

    (b) open the "display settings" in your computer and activate the output to the TV screen. You can reflect the content of your computer on the TV or extend the display as a double screen control.

    (c) pick up your TV remote and switch to "External inputs" in the menu. You need to change the value by default "Video 1" to a different selection which may be "HDMI 1" or "video 2" depending on how you made the connection. "

    Important: Make sure you connect the cable to the TV before turning on the computer, because sometimes it may not recognize the external display.

    You may also change the resolution of your TV screen using the display settings in your panel of control remains the image may appear distorted.

    Reference: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/TV-on-your-computer-Understanding-TV-signals-and-TV-tuners



    Method 2: updated the graphics card driver and see if it helps:

    http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows7/update-a-driver-for-hardware-that-isn ' t-work correctly

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    then the reinstall but still no change is there something I can do to my computer to go stronger and another thing I can't find flix net in my programs when I want

    to watch a movie that I have to go to the web address, I'm not very smart when it comes to computers I use mainly to [play games on the Trombinoscope please help me


    I suggest trying to update the latest drivers for the sound card and check if it helps:

    http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows7/update-a-driver-for-hardware-that-isn ' t-work correctly

    It will be useful.

  • Can my moniter be shared?

    I have HP S 2031 LCD moniter and want to use it to view the files on two desktop computers. We're running Windows XP and the other Windows 7 Home Premium. I have both connected to moniter works fine individually powered. I would like to be able to access older files while using the newer programs. Thanks in advance.

    Thank you all. Will try the switch. Whereas also the home network with the pc host, but reading a lot more to do on this one here.

  • Support of size moniter


    I have Compaq Presario SR1030IL Intel 845 graphics controller have desktop PCs.

    Recently my monitor (17 '' Compaq 7500 CRT) began to malfunction, and the dealer told me to change, so I think to get a new screen, prefrebly wide LCD TFT screen.

    I wanted to know up to what size monitor my PC can support, I think that there will be limitations in size due to the former graphics controller (Intel 845).

    What may be potential if I'm bad monitor size or oversized problems?

    Please help me to choose the right size moniter.

    Thnaks and regards.

    Message edited by Nabula 06/03/2009 07:57

    Bigger monitor means higher resolution more details/viewing area. It affects images / second when play games making gpu intensive tasks such watch content high definition.

    In my opinion, from a 17 "LCD (1280 x 1024) to a 19" (1440 x 900) must run on the same performance wise. Depends on what the pc is used for. For use daily/normal/off base shouldn't you have any problems.

  • After installing the latest updates, my screen on large icons, screen too big for my moniter

    the only way of difficulty was to uninstall updates.

    After installing the latest updates, my screen on large icons, screen too large for my moniter the only way of difficulty was to uninstall updates.

    Sounds like something in the update causes a conflict with your video driver or change the resolution settings.
    The first thing to do to solve the problem is to try to install each of the updates one at a time instead of let Windows Update do several updates together.  If you're lucky, the problem can not ride again.  If so, you'll know at least update is the cause of the problem.

    If the problem persists, try right click on an empty area of your desktop and select properties to open the display properties dialog box.  Select the settings tab.  Look to see if the screen is correctly identified and if the resolution seems correct.  If you spot something wrong, change to the correct setting.  If everything looks correct, you can try to change the resolution to see if that can solve the problem.

    You can also check the website of the manufacturer of your graphics card to see if they have an updated display driver.  Updates of the operating system only sometimes work correctly if you have the latest version of the drivers for the various components.

    If all else fails, you can uninstall the update one that is causing the problem and mark do not show you this update again in Windows updates.   Doing so will be considered a last resort - especially if the update in question is one of the security updates.

  • Some games cause trouble moniter

    Some of the games I play cause my moniter to act as my computer is turned off. I have a SyncMaster730B. I didn't have this problem before and now some games I used to play now cause the problem.

    Hi forming.
    Download and install the latest driver for the monitor and check if it helps fix the problem.
    You can download the driver from the following link:
    Also, make sure that you download and install the latest driver updated for the graphics card as well by visiting the manufacturer's website.

    You can also follow this step to do the same thing:

    a. double-click the type of device you want to update or change.

    b. right click on the device driver specific, you want to update or change.

    c. click put to update driver to open the Hardware Update Wizard. Follow the instructions in the wizard.

    More information on:

    How to manage devices in Windows XP

  • any time I try to view a video (Cmt, news, etc.), if I try to enlarge the video to full screen, my moniter goes white blank, but I still get audio. All solutions?

    Every time I try to expand all video (music, news, etc) in full screen, my moniter will white Virgin, BUT I still have audio

    You may need to update your video driver.

  • Pavilion 1297c p7: Moniter will not come

    After using my computer, it's in what I think is way 'sleep', I can't get the moniter back upon returning
    I can sometimes be completely extinguished and power with a fast push and the sign in screen is
    Right now that doesn't work do not
    I tried the f10, then f9 suggestion to another post but nothing you will get the screen lights
    I hear windows startup by no screen

    Hello @Rudyv,

    I understand that you are having problems with your monitor connected to your home PC HP Pavilion p7 - 1297c out the fashion 'sleep'. I provided you with a few steps, you can try below:

    Step 1. Unplug the power cord at the back of the screen and the wall
    Step 2. Press and hold the power button for at least a minute
    Step 3. Plug the power cable in the monitor, and then to the wall outlet (not a power bar or surge protector)
    Step 4. Press the Menu button on the monitor
    Step 5. Navigate to the factory reset option and select
    Step 6. Try different cables between your computer and your monitor.

    If the steps above did not resolve your issue, you can try the monitor on a computer or other device to see if the problem persists. Please contact our technical support at the 800-474-6836. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number. http://WWW8.HP.com/us/en/contact-HP/WW-phone-assist.html

    Thanks for posting on the HP Forums. Have a great day!

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