HP7500: printing problems

Windows 7


Wireless printing

Can print PC test page, but not Word document print.  I have this intermittent problem and sometimes after printing test page for the PC, the document will be printed.  Sometimes I have to run print and Scan doctor. This time has solved the problem.  Printing and scanning doctor said nothing wrong and print a test ok page. Still no Word document printing.

Hello @Eric4and welcome to the Forums of HP, I hope you enjoy your experience!

I see that you are experiencing printing problems. I would like to help!

I would like to start by running the following two uninstall process:

The problems that the programs cannot be installed or uninstalled

Uninstalling the printer software

Once it is uninstalled, I suggest you put your system in clean boot mode in the configuration of Microsoft.  You can do this by following this document: How to perform a clean boot in Windows.

Once the computer is in clean boot mode, I would suggest to reinstall the HP printer install wizard for Windows.

Good luck and please let me know the results of your troubleshooting operations. Thanks for posting on the HP Forums!

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    In other words, he didn't y not the lines * beginning * with "print" or "print_". However, the string of five characters 'print' is * very * many times buried deep in a line of characters, but never at the beginning of a line and rarely followed by underscore. So I have no idea what I'm actually planned to do to solve my problem.

    It seems to me that this is just a badly phrased statement that might be more appropriate for someone who is familiar with the codification and development of software, which I'm not. I don't have the time, experience or knowledge to understand. I need more literal/explicit/specific instructions.

    The printing problem I have is that I have to print via WiFi to a printer in another room wired to another computer, and Firefox seems to switch or possibly reverse scales fonts for information of margin and the text of the Web page. In other words, the title of the document, date, time, prints etc very wide and the content of the page text prints almost too small to read.

    If there is a lot of user set prefs involved that need to be reset, then it's much easier to delete related lines of the prefs.js is each of them with the button straight on the topic: config page and click Reset.
    This is the main reason (single) to edit the prefs.js file.

  • Print problems with the recent update to Version 10.11.5

    Print problems with the recent update to the Version of El Capitan 10.11.5.  Cannot print to my Epson and Samsung printers after update to new IOS.  Print jobs get hooked on my Mac Pro.

    Roger 510 wrote:

    Print problems with the recent update to the Version of El Capitan 10.11.5.  Cannot print to my Epson and Samsung printers after update to new IOS.  Print jobs get hooked on my Mac Pro.

    Have you checked with Epson for an updated printer driver?

  • From updateing to 8.1 WIndows printer problems

    Until I updated to Windows 8.1 other months everything was going well on my new laptop, then I went to something of my HP Photosmart B109n scan and it did not work because the pilot was now missing and the application that replace the HP printer driver HP is useless.

    On the advice of the HP site, I tried to download the new driver, but it wouldn't go, he said I had to remove the exsisting installation but when I try it just reboots the computer, but is still there afterwards. It turns out the uninstall has disappeared from the current and installation does not appear in the installer I downloaded.

    As a last resort, I used the system restore but has not only the printer has not changed but now some pre-loaded apps will not work and ask to renew the license of developers.

    I'm a lost what to do next - please help!

    Your laptop is not known to me, but in the case of update 8.1 Win, you should check this update from Toshiba to win 8.1 page: http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/gen...ws8_1-message/

    There you can check if the Win 8.1 is supported on your laptop and how to perform the Update step by step for Windows 8.1
    Some drivers must be uninstalled and updated after installation of update 8.1 to win!

    Regarding your printer problem:
    Each manufacturer of the printer contains own drivers for the Windows System.
    We don't know me if HP released Win 8.1 compatible drivers for the printer Photosmart B109n clean, but to be honest, this problem is not related to the Toshiba laptop. If you have problems using HP printer under 8.1 to win, you should visit the support page of the printer manufacturer for troubleshooting tips and workaround solutions.

  • Eny HP 4520: Printing problems in word Document with photo

    I just purcahsed a HP Envy and I use the function print via the wireless option. I have a word document that I was able to print in the past which has an image inserted into the document. All in the words fine printing copies only the upper left photo f. When I show preview before printing, it shows that if the whole of the document will print correctly and the image should print very well... I have attached what print preview looks like and what actually prints

    Hi @dmanyeah,

    Thank you for reaching out to the forums! I understand that you encounter printing problems in Word, the full image is not printing. Thanks for providing the screenshots. I'd love to help you.

    Try to print a picture from another application to see if you have the same problem.

    To exclude the driver, install a generic driver to see if you have the same results.

    • On the computer, go to start, devices and printers, right-click on your printer and select printer properties.
    • Click the Advanced tab and click new driver, and then click Next.
    • HP Deskjet 9800 by selecting in the list or the Deskjet 990c printer, click Next, Finish, and apply the settings. (you can always go back and revert to the original printer driver)

    What version of Word are you using?

    If the problem is resolved and you appreciate my help, please click on the "accept as Solution" and the buttons 'Thumbs Up'. Let me know how make you out. See you soon!

  • Printing problem on deskjet 4510 with windows 8.1

    I bought a new deskjet 4510 and have installed via usb on my desktop running windows 8.1. This isn't the impression through products of ms office word, excel etc. and either through wordpad. I can print Notepad files and pdf via adobe reader software.

    I tried HP print and scan doctor who did not find any problem with the printer and print a test page.

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, setting the printer wireless to the top but could not do print.

    I looked at the help on this forum and also tried selective installation, disabling all services except when starting microsoft services, but the problem remains.

    Help, please.

    Hey @rshri7869.

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I understand that you meet your HP Deskjet printing problems in advantage 4510 series e-all-in-one printer to your computer Windows 8.1. You have included a large number of useful information in your post, so thank you. After reviewing the troubleshooting you have already finished, I came to the conclusion that what you feel is a conflict of driver on your computer Windows 8.1. To fix this please follow the steps below.

    How to add another driver:

    1. Open the Start screen (by selecting the windows start button in the lower left corner or by selecting the "Windows" button at the bottom left of your keyboard to the left of the 'Ctrl' key
    2. In the start screen, type "Devices and printers"
    3. If the option devices and printers automatically fills, click settings at the top right and then click on devices and printers.
    4. In the devices and printers folder right click on your series Deskjet 4510 and left click on printer properties
    5. Left click on the Advanced tab
    6. Left-click on new driver
    7. When the new window driver opens just hit 'next' until you see a list of manufacturers on the left and a list of printers on the right.
    8. Select HP as the manufacturer on the left
    9. DeskJet 9800 select the printer on the right. If Deskjet 9800 is only select "Windows Update" at the bottom left and once the update has been completed, you will be able to select Deskjet 9800.
    10. After selecting Deskjet 9800 hit next complete the new driver Wizard
    11. Under the printer properties window, select 'Apply' but do not hit OK
    12. Select the general tab
    13. Rename your printer in HP Deskjet 4510
    14. Click OK
    15. Finally, right-click on your Deskjet 4510 series once more and click on Printing Preferences
    16. Left click on the paper/quality tab
    17. Left click on the dropdown 'Normal' for the print quality down to the right and change its normal fast
    18. Press apply and OK
    19. Try to print!

    Please let me know if the steps I have provided to resolve your problem. Good luck!

  • HP Color Laserjet CP2025 print: color printing problem

    Had the printer listed above for several years and love it.  Have just started having problems with the printer does not print not not in color.  Have a recorded document that needs to be printed every month and have had no problems with it, until yesterday when it is printed in black only.  Another document word also printed in black only.  I printed a test page printed correctly.

    Don't know if there is a definition in the document, or is it a printer problem.  Help!

    Welcome to the community @mwillis HP

    I came across your post about the color printing problem and wanted to answer to help with my suggestions. Please see the guide below to resolve this issue.

    HP Color LaserJet - cannot print in color or impossible to Auto-Duplex (two-sided printing fails) after the installation of the UPD

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Hit the "accept as Solution" if we reached a solution and the "thumbs up" to say thank you for my help.

  • How can I fix printing problems?

    IE prints OK but does not print Mozilla
    I'll have to delete Mozilla if I can't print.
    Please notify

    Operating system

    Win 7

    Hello Pitasi Marty,

    Many printing problems can be resolved by disabling print.* in all preferences: config. Here's how:

    1. In the text filter box, type print.
    2. Right click on each remaining parameter, and then select Reset.

    Try to print again and see if the problems still happen!

    Kind regards
    Firefox Support volunteer

  • C6180A: Network printing problem series C6100


    I pray that someone here can help with my network C6180A impression of questions, as I am at a loss to know what to do. I'm technical enough for a layman (not irritable) so able to fix my printer problems, I had to do several times in recent months. However, I am now in a complete deadlock as to what to do next.

    Implemented - laptop HP Pavilion (less than 1 year running Windows 8.1 64bits) connected by wired home network using Netgear HomePlugs, on which my C6180A All in One Photosmart printer is also connected by a Homeplug Netgear network around my house for others to use. The network software Netgear genius picks up the printer and it shows on the fine network. I can also access the IP address of the printer through my thin Firefox browser.

    Printer C6180A is (I think) about 8 years ago and has been well used with over 44 K printed pages! It worked well overall until recently. Minor problems have been solved in the past, which I was able to do very well.

    Until recently, the printer worked very well, so a few weeks ago (nothing has changed on it, or my laptop), it just started to stop printing and also started to enter spurious characters (always number 7) on the LED panel without doing me anything, as if someone was going to put in a fax number. It would show a string of 7 like this: '7777777777777777777' as a fax number alone.  Yet I did not or use the fax on it more. It's where I wondered about capacitors, as I mention below...


    It will not print many pages at once of all today - even if I get it print OK. It does not go offline (it used to do this), just print job gets stuck in the queue and must be deleted using HP Print & Scan doctor. Nothing else removes the queue now. And no other problems are reported with this utility. If they are, then I have Setup or the utility corrects.

    I did the following to get it fixed so far (with little success ongong):

    -updated and install printer via the HP website drivers (most recent is dated December 6, 2015)

    -uninstalled and reinstalled the driver software several times = sometimes a test page impressions, not always

    -restart the laptop and printer each time I do this to clear no matter what cache

    -Remove and add the device in Control Panel = got a few pages printed today this and nothing else then prints

    -check the IP address of the printer to make sure that his recognized on the network = all fine here (IP address added manually in the settings of the network on the printer a few months ago), although I can't make it here anymore as the "ok button" on the printer does not work now (minor in question not related to this in my opinion)

    -did a hard reset of the printer using the # and 6 to do this = it worked for a few pages then orders

    -printer is always / recognized by any software, driver or utility HP PSD when turned on to be detected to install

    -printer works fine when connected directly via a USB cable, but which is not what I want to do on a daily basis

    -have contacted Netgear in the recent past to make sure that my HomePlugs on my network worked very well, they were. If not, then the printer would not be detected by any software installation or fixing with HP PSD

    My last resort will be to check if the capacitors are down, I saw in other forums that this is a common problem after a while on these printers. Before making this "repair" I bought the capacitors, I wanted to check if there is anything else I missed that I can do to finally once and for all this problem of printing.

    Help on this would be so MUCH appreciated by any expert here, because I lost so much time, days in fact, try to resolve this issue as you can only imagine. I have to be able to print for my business. It is not an option to replace the printer currently.

    It worked fine until the last 3-4 weeks or more... Where my question detailed with what I did to fix it until now.

    Thanks in advance. ANIA

    Hello @AZS1,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP's Support. I understand that you have a problem with your C6180A. I would like to help.

    To be honest, you did some troubleshooting. To say that you are quite technical for a layman seems to be an understatement.

    I provided you with a link to solve network problems. If the problem persists then you might as well go ahead with the repair. The only other option would be to have fix the printer.

    "Printer not found" error message for printers all-in-one HP Photosmart C6100 C7100 and Officejet Pro L7700

    Please let me know how it works. I'm pulling for you.

  • Pro9000 canon printer problems

    For those who know Canon printer problems after upgrade to El Capitan, this is the site for you: https://goo.gl/Ga55aB specifically, I was getting crazy trying to reconfigure my Canon Pro9000 until I found this: https://goo.gl/naQKPl click on the box of pilots.  Voila!  He says there was no software available (and specified on the Apple site there is no solution), this driver worked perfectly.  Good luck everyone, hope this helps!  Deb

    Thank you thank you thank you for sharing the link!  So frustrating to hear nothing of Canon, when I asked him...

  • Mac Book Pro and HP Envy 110F wireless printing problems

    I got my Mac book Pro for Christmas 2013 and initially had no problem printing wireless to my HP Envy 110F, but for some reason, I keep getting problems with printing to the envy of 110. We don't have printing problems with our Ipad for this printer.

    I can connect the printer to my Mac book Pro by putting IP address in a web browser, but I get on the symbol bit offline when I print the urge. Last night I reinstalled the printer to print wireless on my mac pro book using a printer cable, which then worked well, but today the same problem reappeared.

    I'm starting to think that the problem may have started with the latest version of the update of the operating system to the Mavericks 10.9.4.

    All thoughts welcome.

    Hi @UKCheshire

    Since you are able to print from the iPad to the wireless printer, I suspect you have to something. I think that the question has something to do with the communication between the printer and the computer and not between the printer and the router. Please use the following document to solve the problem; "Printer is off-line" Message appears on the computer and the printer does not print: Mac OS X.

    If the problem persists, do not give up hope, let me know and we will work through it together.

  • HP OJ 8610: printing problem

    Instalation of HP JO 8610 pro network. I can print and scan from a pc without problem aney (windows 7)
    with the 2end pc: the connection is made, I can scan, but I can't print! scan and HP print test page printed to the icoudent doctor, but I could print internal test page? I did uninstall and installation softwahre fromcd and internet hp webside. Help, please

    Thank you

    Hello @firaskhalil,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I want to help you solve your printing problem you feel when trying to print from your Windows XP computer to your network connected HP Officejet Pro 8610 e-all-in-one printer. I understand that you are able to print correctly on your Windows 7 computer network. I see that you can run the HP printing and the doctor without any problem analysis tool and print a test page with success over there from the Windows XP computer. You are also able to scan without any problem. With all that being said, I think that what you experience on the Windows XP computer is a driver conflict. I think that your software and network connection are quite well. That being said I will guide you through the addition of an alternative HP Officejet generic print driver. You won't lose any functionality while using this replacement driver.

    Step 1: Clear the temporary files:

    1. Click on the Start menu
    2. Check the box run
    3. In the Temp folder, type folder , and then select OK
    4. When the Temp folder opens, click the first item in the list, and your shift key on your keyboard and scroll down a few lines and click another item in the temp folder. Everything between the two points that you click on will highlight now. Select the "delete" button on your keyboard.
    5. Continue these steps until all items in the Temp folder have been deleted. The Temp folder contains the temporary internet files. None of the actual files or folders on your computer are affected by your by deleting temporary files. A file should always be used in the Temp folder, you will get the pop up 'try again ' or 'Cancel' the point. Simply close the pop-up screen, ignore this file and proceed to remove the remaining files.
    6. Once the Temp files are deleted, close the folder
    7. Right click of your recycling bin on your desktop and select empty recycling bin

    Step 2: Download driver replacing:

    1. Please click here to download the appropriate driver
    2. When the site opens, select the download button at the top left
    3. Allow the download to run
    4. An extraction should take place once the download is complete
    5. If the installation window opens automatically, please close the window.

    Step 3: Adding a driver replacing:

    1. Click on the Start menu, then select box to run it
    2. Type %temp% , and then select OK
    3. When the Temp folder opens, find the file 7z
    4. Click the 7z folder to open it
    5. At the top of the window, you will see the path of the file bar. It may look like: Local C - users-AppData-Local - Temp-7z... drive Left click once on the right side of the bar. Everything in this bar will highlight now. Right-click on the highlighted file path and copy it. 
    6. Close the Temp folder
    7. Click on the Start menu
    8. Choose Printers and faxes (you may need to go to the control panel for this)
    9. In the Printers folder, right-click on your HP Officejet Pro 8610 and left click on Properties
    10. Left click on the Advanced tab
    11. Left-click on new driver
    12. When the new driver window just press 'Next' until you see a list of manufacturers on the left and a list of Printers on the right
    13. Click on disk at the bottom right
    14. In the window "install from disk", there will be a path bar. Right-click in this bar and Paste in the path to the file we copied previously.
    15. Click OK
    16. Choose the HP Officejet 8600 and click Next to complete the wizard of pilot.
    17. The title of the Properties window, select 'apply' but do not hit OK
    18. Select the general tab
    19. Rename your printer in HP Officejet Pro 8610
    20. Click OK

    Now that the new driver is added please try printing again.

    Please reply to this message with the result of your troubleshooting. I look forward to hear from you!

  • OfficeJet 6500 has MORE printing problem

    Y at - it a setting to load the paper? My print jobs is now too high on paper. I have recently updated my computer to Windows 8.1 but I do not know if this concern began before after I've changed computers. I printed the page diagnosis and the letters are about 1/3 cut top

    Welcome to the mike325 forums

    I saw your post on your Officejet 6500 more model cut your impressions. I suggest an alignment running on the printer to see if that helps. You can also run the HP print and Scan Doctor to solve printing problems and that the tool can help to clear up the problem.

    To help alignment, click here and scroll down until "step 5: align the print head": align print head

    I hope that these steps to do the trick, please let me know the results!

    Have a wonderful Thursday

  • 10 Windows compatible printers: printer problems after the upgrade to Windows 10

    If you're wondering what HP printers are compatible with Windows 10, see this HP support doc: Windows 10 compatible printers.

    If you re having a problem with your HP printer after the upgrade of your Windows 10 PC, printer problems after upgrade to Windows 10 could solve your problem. He treats all kinds of questions such as:

    • Cannot print after upgrading
    • Cannot parse after upgrade
    • Printer software installation & screen opens instead of HP printer Assistant
    • "HP solutions Center can not run" or "Scan is busy or in use" error with a network connected printer
    • Multiple display of printer in the HP printer Assistant names
    • Can not scan or fax with HP Solution Center after that disabling HP programs to improve performance
    • "Access denied" error change HP Solution Center print settings
    • Cannot print with a pilot integrated Windows (Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and Middle East only)
    • Fax device are not not in the devices and printers connected to a USB printer
    • HP Printer Wizard does not open with a USB connected printer
    • HP Smart printing does not open in Internet Explorer
    • "Error-2081883401' poster during the uninstall of the printer driver.

    In the compatibility Windows 10 doc, follow these steps to quickly locate your printer:

    Click and scroll down to the section for your printer, then hold down the CTRL and F keys. When appears in the search box, type the number of printer model to automatically find your printer. TIP: find the numberof the printer. For example, if you have a HP Officejet Pro 8600 Premium e-all-in-one printer, open the Officejet section and search for "8600" instead of "Officejet 8600.

  • Server 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Server printing problems...


    We have recently installed a Server 2008 r2 remote desktop server.  Everything works well except sometimes once a user has printed a large number of documents remotely a print job fails.  The only mistake he gives may not print.

    Once this problem starts they then won't even be able to print locally to a printer connected to the server.  The only way to solve the problem is to disconnect and turn it back on.

    We checked to see if the spooler is running, it is not a remote printing problem, that it does not start even local print will work for this user.  We also checked to make sure that the print queue is not an uptight work.

    How we solve this problem?


    Post your question in the TechNet Server Forums, as your question kindly is beyond the scope of these Forums.


    See you soon.

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