HP8620: Error in the printer

I went to my HP8620 yesterday to find a printer error duisplayed on the screen.  He said "Please stop printer, then press.  All the lights were flashing.  I turned the printer, then on and the printer has been its start-up phase.  Almost immediately, the screen went black, then blue, and finally the printer error appeared again on a white background.

I repeated this procedure several times them turn off the printer and unplug.  I disconnected and then reconnected the USB connection to my PC.  Whenever the printer error again.  While the screen is momentarily blue there is a code B840E9E2 displayed number.

Sometimes my PC goes to Flash a message if the device connected to the USB port is not recognized.



Please try the steps below...

  1. While the printer turned on, unplug the power cord from the back of the printer.
  2. Unplug the USB cable from the back of the printer, as appropriate.
  3. Turn off the wireless router.
  4. Wait 30 seconds.
  5. Connect the power cord to the printer.
  6. Check if an error appears.
  7. When the printer is ready, make a copy. Check to see if the error is.
  8. Turn on the wireless router.
  9. Check to see if the error is.

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    Hello bdoolen, please try to reset firefox and see if that can solve the problem...

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    Connection error! The printer could not connect to the server!

    Cannot set up eprint or update the driver. Ever been on the forums and do not understand what to do!

    I am successfully connected to my router and can print from my pc and my ipad with airprint.

    PC "will not find"the printer either for purposes of updating

    What I need to change the DNS. If so, I don't know what it is or how to do it!

    I went to the ip address but was unable to click on "wireless (802.11)", as recommended by a last response forum, as the next low 'status '.

    Can anyone help?

    Very frustrated customer :-(

    Hi @roopuk,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    Sometimes the manual DNS / won't work in some configurations of network users.  Try the same steps as described above, but this time use the following parameters:

    Manual preferred DNS Server:
    Auxiliary manual DNS server:

    If you encounter the error, as before, we take our proverbial gloves off to try a more intensive troubleshooting.

    What is happening, it is that your router allows your printer connection that to enable wireless, but not a secondary connection to Web services.  In order to get these devices to 'shake hands' a second time, you may need to enable DMZ mode on your network through the router's built-in Web server.  HP does usually not this configuration for its customers as errors can cause serious network problems, but I can certainly post the info you need on your router or the ISP of the staff support company so that they could help you directly.

    Here is the information that you need for your provider service to open ports on your router/modem...

    -Multicast must be enabled
    -Hello enabled for AirPrint (relevant for iOS and Mac OS users)
    -Mac filtering should be disabled
    -Also, make sure that your router's firmware to date if
    - The dmz on the router mode and turn it on to the printers IP address: _

    Ports to open are: Eprint and Apps

    Incoming Ports.

    Outbound ports

    Once they are open, you should have no problems connecting to services web eprint on your device.

    I would like to know how it works for you.

    Kind regards

  • C4780 - error in the printing system

    C4780 worked without incident for months until recently - now I find randomly in status 'offline '.  Today has been visited by "error in the printing system.  Any ideas?  I already deleted the printer and the software which then does a re - install using the downloaded software from the HP site (can't locate the original install CD).

    OK, I'll assume that this printer is connected wireless to your router.  I would like to know if it's USB to your PC.

    First of all, don't use WEP.  It is not safe and can cause connection problems.  Use WPA with a password of 13 + character that you create yourself!  Much easier and safer.

    From the front of the printer: [Scan] Setup > network > wireless network Test.  It will be radio of the printer self-test.

    When the printer is offline, run this utility.  It will tell you what is happening.

  • When you print it out paper HP PSC 1507 just repeat the error in the print job

    Hi im on MAx OS X 10.6.4 and I got it all in one HP PSC 1507 printer... I don't know why but I have intralled all the drivers n etc. but it keeps just coming with error in the print job just stay

    Any help would be appreciated

    Thanks George

    Good question.  Although it is listed as being supported under Snow Leopard, there is not another print and scan all drivers.

    We will restore the print system and just use the built-in support for your printer:

    -Sys Prefs, Print & Fax
    -Right (control) click inside the box that lists your printers and select Reset Printing System.
    WARNING - This will remove ALL your printers!
    -Select the sign + to add again. Search for the printer, select it, and wait until the button 'Add' becomes available. Until it clicks.

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    Have you tried the methods suggested in my previous post dated August 29?

    Response to help you further.

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    Linda, in addition to "stir" around with the paper-feeder(open the drawer, take out the paper, put it back in well aligned) and wiggleing everywhere elsewhere where it is possible, I'm ideas! Sorry! Don't forget: it's obviously a kind of jam: just so push, shake and 'free' the printer...

  • Error in the printer - Deskjet 6840

    My printer displays the message - "Not compatible with the printer ink cartridge" and will not print a document.

    I use HP 94 and 95 cartridges. They were new a month ago. The printer has been my reliable MAC since the purchase of this issue four or five years ago.

    What should I do to clear the message and continue printing?

    Thank you

    These new trucks never worked, or made the mistake of the printer on when you inserted the?  If the latter, one or several carts my be bad.

    You can try to remove the two wagons and close the cover

    Turn the printer off

    Remove the power to the printer for a few minutes

    Plug the print back, turn on.

    Once he tells you that the carts are missing, insert 1 and close the lid.

    Look for the error messages on this basket.  If it appears, and the error message on this basket, than using another basket if possible as it appears, it may be bad.  If there is none, pass the following, if it doesn't throw an error to try to printer.  If so, what this basket can be the problem.


  • Photosmart P6350 will not print, but the computer analysis. Have 'Error' on the print monitor

    The two HP1300 Photosmart inkjet machines and displays the same error message and print, however the Photosmart P6350 scans and copies. Scan indicates the all-in-one is online, but I send a print command and the print monitor responds with 'Error' and no other information. I'm puzzled. I tried all the remedies support hp; same result. iMac OS 10.6.8 recognizes two printers but simply shows them "idle".

    Download and install this: http://support.apple.com/kb/DL907

    Reset the printing system:

    -Go to System Preferences > print & Scan
    -Right (or control) click in the rectangle listing your printers and select Reset Printing System.
    WARNING - This will remove ALL your printers!
    -Select the sign more to add a printer. Select the default tab on the top of the window. Search for the printer, select it, and wait until the button 'Add' becomes available. Until it clicks.

  • How can I fix the following error message: The Print Shop 3.0 (or other program) has encountered a problem and needs to close.

    Print shop does not open. He was relocated several times.  Every attempt to open the following the error messge program appears: The Print Shop 3.0 has encountered a problem and needs to close.


    Check the event log information when you try to start printing 3.

    Procedure to view and manage event logs in Event Viewer in Windows XP



    I suggest that you start the computer in a clean boot with printing 3.0 active state.

    See the link below to perform the clean boot in Windows XP.

    How to configure Windows XP to start in a "clean boot" State



    How to configure Windows to use a Normal startup state

    After you have used the boot is a way to solve your problem, you can follow these steps to configure Windows XP to start normally.

    1. Click Startand then click run.
    2. Type msconfig and click OK.
      The System Configuration utility dialog box appears.
    3. Click the general tab, click Normal Startup - load all device drivers and services, and then click OK.
    4. When you are prompted, click restart to restart the computer.
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    All printer drivers that I had loaded do not work or have disappeared.  After you download the printer drivers, I got the error message: "operation could not be performed.  The print spooler service is not running. "I have Windows XP.  I need to print now!

    To start the print spooler service, click Start > all programs > Accessories > run. In the run box type in services.msc. In the Windows Services window right-click on print spooler and select open. You will then see the options "Start automatically", and then on the button 'Start Service'. Click on those and then click apply then OK. Who should start the print spooler service, however, if you get an error message, see the link below for more information.






    This could be a few things-

    First thing I would do, is try to turn the machine off and then remove the network cable from the machine.  Once extracted, try to turn the machine on and see if the error goes away. If so, there are probably a print job corrupted in the queue. Which you can remove by going in Printers and devices - the print driver for the HP - go to 'see what's printing' - right click and delete the tasks in there. If the drivers are not on a server or on your computer, you may wander and find the computer on which the print job is

  • Frequent errors in the printer - first part

    1, horizontal black stripes in:

    I use the printer is Canon D 6200. Recently, it has been a fairly deep horizontal black stripes, 3 cm repeated once. Please tell me I can fix it somehow? Thank you.

    Electric Tran Anh: As described, your printer is broken rubber neutralize the charge of the cartridge. You need to replace the neutral printer rubber to function normally again.

    2, not sharp, not "BOLD"

    My new ink printer, not much, the first impression is always good, but lately, I see the word more and more blurred, although I adjust the ink dark on your computer.

    Electric Tran Anh: cannot open word as you describe is very common and a large number of reasons. However, in your case, we would like to respond as follows:

    -First of all, you must clean the reflector system because it is maybe dirty.

    -Can your ink is not good, poor toner powder. Please contact provider level.

    -Excluded since the loss of elasticity and cause dangerous conditions.

    -Case of the tree that is worn, replace the axle.

    3, replace the ink cartridge but still fuzzy

    Why when I print on a laser printer, printing is blurry than usual, despite the ink?

    Electric Tran Anh: Little ink printer saving printing mode (ECONOMY), if you choose this mode, the printer will be lower than normal. You check on the machine, if there is the ECONOMY on the off button.

    Some printers allow the game into saving mode in the driver. You right click on the printer icon and select Print Options, and then select Advand, the EconoMode you select Disable.

    If after the toner save mode is disabled in the printed page still blurred, particularly irregular opacity faded by the optical lens, you must call the service center for the maintenance of the machine to.

    4, on the prints have a black along the mark

    Electric Tran Anh: in this case, your printer may be damaged in one of the following two items:

    -Out of the with the stick of condensed ink, cleaning wipers will be any phenomenon.

    -Excluded amount of recoveries of damaged, should be replaced by the new ink brushed.

    5, fuzzy printers

    My printer after a period of use, the ink smudges on the page seems very happy to know how to fix?

    Electric Tran Anh: Printer blurred the following possible causes:

    1 paper

    -Print: print paper you use problems such as humidity, or too thin.

    2 ink

    -If your cartridge is not the right way, the wrong type causes this phenomenon.

    3 vacuum

    -If you purchased your printer to empty less long.

    4. a lot of drying

    -If your oven is not hot enough can also cause the phenomenon.
    You can check the case to know the why of the difficulty of typographical errors.

    6, printer pull more paper

    My book of standard printer paper, it is not washed once a piece of this book of many pages at the same time always (for the two pad on it) made me know the cause and how to fix it?

    Electric Tran Anh: With this phenomenon, peach paper book you wear, you need to replace the printer works better.

    7, defective printing fonts

    I use the HP LaserJet 6 L printer, Word 2000 printer. While in some fonts VNI fonts are lost or overlap, though not seen this phenomenon in mode print preview, it does not happen in some programs and not any characters, when in when not.

    At that time, I have to change to a different type, but can be the next in this model also fails.

    I tried to reinstall the printer, the word, and the same fonts. Tried with disc of different fonts, this does not happen during the previous installation. Please tell me the cause and how to fix it?

    Electric Tran Anh: You also use the HP LaserJet III (including the HP1100 printers). However, there are easier ways is to open the printer before you start the computer, the mentioned error (if the computer to open again on the finished Word Editor open the printer is down).

    Including former open files before you open the printer (too always) an error only in some HP 5 L and 6 L belonging to the same production batch.

    If you buy previous versions or batch after this error.

    8, photo ink cartridge

    I use the printer / copier Ricoh, why can't ink to Toshiba?

    Electric Tran Anh:

    -On the principle of works, created and covered the same parent ink on paper printers and copiers

    -Squid ink printer or copier in general are: Special powder. The basic structure of the cartridge consists of two components: colorants and substance of viscosity, (as the candles burn).

    In addition, printer copier of ink because it is mixed with the powder of.

    -Due to the structure of these special inks so that each type of printer, copier must use ink in connection with merger powder can help the machine works well. Therefore, the machines of different manufacturers rarely shared with each level.

    Welcome to: may in canon . Can in hp | MUC in canon . MUC in hp

    Hi Joomny,

    You will need to contact Canon for issues with your Canon printer. Here is a link to the support Web site.

    Support for Canon

  • Error in the printer since MS updates no error found troubleshooting

    Night July 11, 2014 (hplaserjet 1010) printer works very well. Closing PC had 10 Windows 7 updates.

    Following the morning register replaces the updates. Tried printing the same document. Error.

    The printer prints its test data.

    Microsoft Fixit didn't find anything wrong.

    Should I just wait until another update puts it right?

    Most often when a device does not work, it is because the driver is damaged. Re-install a new copy should help

    http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows7/update-a-driver-for-hardware-that-isn ' t-work correctly? SignedIn = 1

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    I'm having a problem with my hp printer... changed both color and black cartridges and it still says error! I am at a loss what to do.

    Hello Terry,

    1. What is the number of the printer model?

    2. What is the brand and model of the computer?

    3. What is the error you get when trying to use the printer?

    4. don't you make changes to the computer or the printer prior to this problem?

    Please provide us with more information to continue troubleshooting as a result.

    You can read this article to learn more.

    Solve printer problems: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-in/windows/printer-problems-in-windows-help#fix-printer-problems=windows-7&v1h=win8tab1&v2h=win7tab1&v3h=winvistatab1&v4h=winxptab1

    Let us know if you need help with this question, we will be happy to offer you our help.

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