HP930c driver for Compaq Presario again with no parallel port but...

I have a HP 930C printer, which works very well with as a local printer on the Dell desktop computer. I just bought a new laptop Compaq Presario CQ57, running Windows 7 Edition Home Premium, which I have "networked" to the Dell. Everything works fine BUT I want to print on the Compaq 930c, 'through' the Dell printer.

In other words, using the 930c as a network for the Compaq printer, never as local Compaq printer.


to do this, I need a 930c on the Compaq driver: the original driver is on a DVD / CD that tells me that Win 7 is not up-to-date enough to Win 7 process, download the drivers from HP tells me the driver built into Windows 7 (!), but Win 7 can not finish installing the driver because the process requires that the 930C is connected to the device of Win 7 (Compaq). But the Compaq has no parallel port (only USB) so I can't plug it! And nor would I, I want to do all my printing via my network domestic (IE "by the Dell).

Useful thoughts or suggestions on how to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated - please!

Best regards



Hi dutchted,

Try following the steps below to manually add the shared printer:

First step: find the host name:

Since the Dell PC, right click on computer and select Properties.
Take note of the name of the computer.

Second step: find the share name:

Enter the control panel > devices and printers.

Right-click on the 930c printer, then select printer properties.

Enter the sharing tab, and take note of the share name.

Third step: define the shared printer on the client computer:

  1. Enter the control panel > printers and faxes.
  2. Click Add a printer.
  3. Select this option to Add a local printer.
  4. The bottom of the screen, create a new port by selecting the local railway.
  5. Set the port as \\COMPUTERNAME\SHARENAME name using the above values.
  6. Search for deskjet 930C nder H, if you do not find the driver, Windows Update, click wait several minutes until the list will reappear and select the printer Deskjet 930c, and then click OK.
  7. Follow the steps to complete the wizard, and try to print.


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    What you expect and that you end up with, are two different things.

    No HP PC consumer in the past 7 years has support for windows XP.

    When you use a PC for work that you can buy a PC company that normally support for other windows operating systems.

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    Hello Forums HP!

    I would really appreciate if someone can help me with this problem.

    I have a Compaq Presario CQ57-339WM

    Hard drive has failed and replaced. Installed Windows 7 64.

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    I also watched upward the processor and the graphic information on this page:


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    Intel HD Graphics Family


    You don't need the Intel chipset driver to install the smbus controller.  You may need to install it manually.

    Give this one a try... auto install.


    Manual installation if auto installation does not work...


    Download and unzip the file.

    Go to Device Manager and click the controller smbus needing drivers.

    Click the driver tab.  Click on set to update driver.

    Select her browse my computer for driver software option and navigate to the driver folder, that you unzipped.

    Make sure that the include subfolders is selected and see if the pilot goes like this.

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    Please download and install the driver of controller host Ricoh Media Card Reader from the following link:

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    The problem is this is an executable of Vista and there was problems with trying to flash executable under Windows 7 Vista if that's what you run. What problem do you think that will set a BIOS update?

    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as Solution' to help others find it.

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    PCI\VEN_10EC & DEV_8171 & SUBSYS_1467103C
    PCI\VEN_10EC & DEV_8171 & CC_028000
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    Compaq Presario cq56

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    Try: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?cc=us&lc=en&softwareitem=ob-102574-1

    Kind regards

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    Please make sure that MS - UAA has been installed correctly


    Go into the system so devices Device Manager MS UAA installed correctly.
    There should be a list of Bus Microsoft UAA for High Definition Audio driver.
    If not, you should have a PCI card with yellow!

    Right click it and update driver,
    Not to connect, not to search and last install automatically.

    Use the driver below and if it does not try to force install it

    Conexant High Definition SmartAudio 221 drivers (ModelC700, Vx5xx series and dvx5xx and ABOVE )

    Pilot modded by money here
    Unzip it to a folder... Use the device, right click "Audio Device on HD" Manager, choose Update driver,
    Not to connect, install from a list or specific location,
    Select don't search, I will choose the driver to install.
    For the hardware Type select 'show all devices '.
    Remove control "Show compatible hardware" and click on 'disk '.
    Next... Navigate to the unzipped folder and choose the "WiSVHe5.inf".
    Ignore XP when he complains, Reboot.

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    device type: bus controller USB (Microsoft, 21/06/2006, 6.1.7600.16385) "best device driver software".
    Impossible for the downloaded installed printer driver or transfer to computer XP driver.

    The HP Laserjet 4 printer driver installation (or 4 +).   Canon engine has been used in LJ4 series and the pilot pushes the LBP1260 perfectly and has since Windows 98 :) sure to allocate the (virtual) USB port to the printer, if you don't when you installed the driver.

  • Compatible hard drives for the Presario 6350US with XP operating system

    Hi all.  Great support so far!

    Replaced the motherboard with a purchased on eBay, and it works very well.

    In my quest continues for speed and "new and improved", and because it is now 11 years old, I am looking to replace my old hard drive.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again and I do,.


    Thank you wb2001,

    A note aside before my supplementary question: Pavlov studies were on classical conditioning.  He used the meat powder in the dogs mouth to stimulate salivation canine combined with the sound of a Bell when the dogs became finally conditioned.  Once conditioned, the dogs would salivate upon hearing the Bell.  What you describe with the reward for behavior is the conditioning operating.  So what you want to say in the future be more precise, it's "I believe in right to Skinner" like B.F. Skinner.

    Be-that-as-TI-may, stick to your reference to Pavlov for now wb2001, you're a good answer away from getting the meat powder.

    (1) I replace a HDD of 80 GB, 127 GB would be just peachy.

    (2) I know that XP is to be DX would be next year.  Being attached financial short term, I just need this machine to putter along until the end of this year.

    (3) so I'm looking for a refurbished drive EIDE/Ultra style on eBay or Amazon, etc.

    Is there something else that I would like to know to get an EIDE/Ultra player that will adapt, be compatible and the fastest runner of the old dinosaurs?

    Added 27/09/13:

    You are looking for on eBay, I find some potential hard disks.  Please answer the questions following multiple-choice question.  If you get it right, right of Skinner, your needs will be satisfied immediately:

    Looking at the following hard drives, which will be compatible and fast running in the Presario 6350US:

    (A) 120 GB 7200 RPM 8 MB Cache PATA (EIDE) ATA/100 internal desktop 3.5 "Hard Drive-new

    (B) new 80 GB 7200 RPM 8 MB Cache ATA/100 EIDE-3.5 "hard drive PATA


    (D) Maxtor Diamond Max 60 GB 3.5 "internal Ultra ATA / EIDE hard drive 7200

    (E) Seagate 160 GB EIDE ATA 7200 RPM hard drive refurbished

    (F) none of the above

    (G) one him above including (complete):

    Eternally grateful and hoping you have a good sense of humor, I.


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    In my opinion, it's too late to get a free version or price reduced from Windows 7. This offer was available about two or three years, if my memory is good.

    You can Contact HP and ask.

    Best regards


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    Thank you.



    See if this driver works...


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    Vista computer, but I chose to have XP. He was never good. I was told that the reason is they have installed a Vista driver and it does not work with XP. How can I find the correct xp driver. The audio device says it is bus audio conexant audio device onhigh definition. It has a yellow question mark next to him, saying: it does not work. I think good xp driver would do his job, but I don't know how to find.

    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.

    First, download and run:


    It can detect and solve your problem, but if not, try to contact Compaq support:


  • More large hard drive for Compaq Presario CQ56-103SA


    I have a Presario, model CQ56 (103SA), the hard drive that I want to upgrade. Is this possible?  As the laptop has Windows 7 preinstalled, how can I do to get re-installed?

    Thank you and best regards,


    The specifications indicate a hard drive of 250 GB. Yes that can be upgraded to a 1.5 to (6 times larger) or somewhere in between. 750 GB is the sweet spot right now or even 1 TB.

    Also, your drive is a model of slow 5400 RPM so I suggest at least upgrade to a 7200 RPM model. This is the model 750 GB 7200 rpm:


    This shows how to replace the hard drive physically:


    If your old drive still works, you can burn recovery DVD in the HP Recovery Manager. If the Windows installation is still OK (no viruses or anything like that) we can show you how it is enough to copy the old drive to the new so that you have all your programs and data. This operation may take some special software and hardware but not expensive. We can also provide a Windows 7 reinstall only disk image, you can recover Windows and then get the pilots and others from this site. There are several options, in other words.

    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as Solution' to help others find it.

  • Where I would get an update of the graphics for Compaq Presario 2000 XP driver?

    Where can I update the driver for compaq presario 2000 graphics card, windows xp?

    first of all, you must know the make and model of the card.

    If my suggestion is to download a program called "SIW".

    then in the section video, it will display the necessary information find its place of origin and download the updated driver and software.

Maybe you are looking for