HSDIO - deterministic written submission during the generation


I use a card HSDIO (PXI-6542) to control a device (DUT) with a predefined fixed length, waveform continuously running.

That maybe had TO actually benefit from the dynamic changes in digital signals according to the measurements on the INSTRUMENT itself.

At the moment I just pass off the coast of the ASE and map HSDIO, write the new waveform on the map, turn to ESA and the generation of digital signals.

Of course, this is not optimal and I would like to change the way signal 'live', while the DUT is running.

Just crush a waveform, whereas it is generated should not be working smoothly due to a condition of race as explained here: http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/14CE41C9CB9F10A88625766A005CEE47

I think that I've found a workaround, but need a confirmation about this.

Instead of just a waveform, I could use 2 and select which is generated using a trigger.

The corresponding script might look like this:

script myScript
Repeat forever
If scriptTrigger0
generate a waveform1
on the other
generate a waveform2
end if
end repeat

For example, the idea is to generate a waveform1.

Then according to that CSA should I calculates waveform2 and transfer it to the HSDIO map.

I think here is overwrite waveform2 with the data of the same size will not create any small problem because it is not currently used to generate signals.

After this using the trigger, I could start using waveform2. If I need additional adjustment of wave shape I could do this by editing waveform1, so it is not used for the generation and thus now alternating serves really what waveform.

Am I correct in that a waveform in memory but are not currently used can be replaced without causing glitch on an another waveform that is currently?

Kind regards


Hello, Baptist,.

Yes, you are right. It is a method to dynamically change the waveforms on the fly that was already used in the past. If you waveform1 to generate and download waveform2 then it is idle, it will not affect the generation of waveform1. Then, triggering via scripttrigger to waveform2, then you can download the next waveform, you want to use for waveform1 without affecting the production of waveform2.

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    Try searching for "Advanced: incarceration strategy property attribute ' and ' voltage levels: data voltage range property" in aid of generator/analyzer of signals for the digital waveform installed with your driver. This should allow you to change the levels of tension on the fly. To use this attribute, you must have the latest driver HSDIO (2.0).

    Is that what you are looking for? It is an advanced attribute, and most of the use cases should not dictate it you have been warned. I hope this helps!

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    Unzip weblogic.jar-l | grep WsdlcTask - does not result

    I am looking WsdlcTask class in all the jars under BEA_HOME directory using below command but not found in class WsdlcTask.

    To find. -*.jar name-exec unzip {}-l------. grep WsdlcTask - also returned no results

    Some required classes does not appear in my weblogic.jar/jar file or there is something wrong with my build.xml file?

    Help, please.


    Hi Kuldeep,

    WSDLC you use in WLS8.1 ehich is not correct... "weblogic.wsee.tools.anttasks.WsdlcTask" the above taskDef is present WLS9.x leave.

    Please use the next task for WLS8.1 (http://download-llnw.oracle.com/docs/cd/E11035_01/wls100/webserv_ref/anttasks.html#wp1075710)

    WSDL = "WSDLs/MyService.wsdl"
    destDir = "myService/implementation.
    packageName="example.ws2j.service"/ >

    Thank you
    Jay Sensharma
    http://jaysensharma.WordPress.com/webservices/ (WebLogic wonders are here)

    Published by: Jay SenSharma on February 16, 2010 13:30

  • Can I do compare material using hsdio during the generation and clock speed of CQI are different


    my application needs to generate a digital stream to A clock frequency with width of bus (number of bits) very from 1 to 4 bits

    IAE response will always be on the bit but with a B clock frequency.

    1. can I use the advice hsdio hardware comparison mechanism.

    2 If the answer is YES, there is any sample that can help me to get started.

    Thanks in advance

    Daniel Gabel


    Yes, you can compare material with different rates of acquisition and generation.  There are several examples that are provided with the NOR-HSDIO driver.  There are some examples of physical comparison you would like to check.

    Jon S

  • Still CS3 crashes during the generation that has 4 1 and video slideshows

    I have Encore CS3 on 3 machines and Encore CS4 on one. A project that I created has a video of 12 minutes and four slideshows with random pan and zoom, timed to the music. Each slideshow has about 60 JPEG images from a digital camera. On each of the CS3 Windows XP, 32-bit machines) the build fails during slide show generation. Sometimes on the slideshow 01, sometimes on the slideshow 02 and once he did the extent of the slide show 03. The project will be not yet open on CS4 (Windows 7, 64-bit) machine. Anyone had a similar experience? Any ideas to fix it?

    John and Jeff gave some good advice. If you go John road and have large images, this ARTICLE will give you some tips on automating the resizing in Photoshop.

    Good luck


  • NOR-488: The non-existent GPIB interface. During the generation of the Application in LV8.5

    Joined a vi that I'm building in an exe file.  It contains a single CONDUIT, but whenever I try to build it I get the following error...

    Error 7 is is produced to invoke the node in AB_EXE.lvclass:Build.vi-> AB_Build.lvclass:Build_from_Wizard.vi-> AB_UI_FRAMEWORK.vi-> AB_Item_OnDoProperties.vi-> AB_Item_OnDoProperties.vi.ProxyCaller

    Possible reasons:

    LabVIEW: File not found. The file may have been moved or deleted, or the path to the file would be incorrectly formatted for the operating system. For example, use- as Windows path separators: on Mac OS, and Linux. Check that the path is correct using the command prompt or file Explorer.
    NOR-488: The non-existent GPIB interface.

    Name of the method: Build: Application

    I saw other people with this problem, and I tried their solutions.  I have quit labview, created a new project, new vi... no luck.  I can build on another box, but not mine.  He points to a configuration problem, but I can't.  Any suggestions?

    I just thought of it... While trying to think of everything that was different from when he worked in now... I realized that I turned off my firewall during installation!  I checked off and now the application will build.

    Thanks for the help of the crows Fan and I gave a congratulations for your post on the builder application error codes.

  • Error during the generation of session bean

    Hi all


    I created the entities JPA through the Assistant of "JPA entities from Tables" for employees and departments.
    Now, I want to create the bean in session using the Wizard "Session Bean of JPA entities.
    I give it a name and select all of the available features and click on "Finish". Then I got the following error:
    Error running the session bean generation task.
    In the console error log, I see the following:
         at oracle.eclipse.tools.webtier.ui.wizards.existing.EJBProjectFromExistingDataModelOperation.execute(EJBProjectFromExistingDataModelOperation.java:67)
         at oracle.eclipse.tools.adf.view.ui.internal.wizard.datamodel.NewSessionBeanFromEntitiesWizard.addEJBFacetOperation(NewSessionBeanFromEntitiesWizard.java:249)
         at oracle.eclipse.tools.adf.view.ui.internal.wizard.datamodel.NewSessionBeanFromEntitiesWizard.createNewServiceDefnAndGenBeans(NewSessionBeanFromEntitiesWizard.java:219)
         at oracle.eclipse.tools.adf.view.ui.internal.wizard.datamodel.NewSessionBeanFromEntitiesWizard.doFinish(NewSessionBeanFromEntitiesWizard.java:169)
         at oracle.eclipse.tools.adf.view.ui.internal.wizard.datamodel.NewSessionBeanFromEntitiesWizard.access$0(NewSessionBeanFromEntitiesWizard.java:160)
         at oracle.eclipse.tools.adf.view.ui.internal.wizard.datamodel.NewSessionBeanFromEntitiesWizard$1.run(NewSessionBeanFromEntitiesWizard.java:133)
         at org.eclipse.jface.operation.ModalContext$ModalContextThread.run(ModalContext.java:121)
    Caused by: org.eclipse.core.runtime.CoreException: 
         at oracle.eclipse.tools.webtier.ui.wizards.existing.EJBProjectConverter.convert(EJBProjectConverter.java:281)
         at oracle.eclipse.tools.webtier.ui.wizards.existing.EJBProjectFromExistingDataModelOperation.execute(EJBProjectFromExistingDataModelOperation.java:61)
         ... 6 more
    Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
         at org.eclipse.jst.j2ee.project.facet.J2EEModuleFacetInstallDataModelProvider.hasValidRuntime(J2EEModuleFacetInstallDataModelProvider.java:213)
         at org.eclipse.jst.j2ee.project.facet.J2EEModuleFacetInstallDataModelProvider.propertySet(J2EEModuleFacetInstallDataModelProvider.java:162)
         at org.eclipse.jst.j2ee.internal.ejb.project.operations.EjbFacetInstallDataModelProvider.propertySet(EjbFacetInstallDataModelProvider.java:137)
         at org.eclipse.wst.common.frameworks.internal.datamodel.DataModelImpl.internalSetProperty(DataModelImpl.java:182)
         at org.eclipse.wst.common.frameworks.internal.datamodel.DataModelImpl.setProperty(DataModelImpl.java:172)
         at org.eclipse.wst.common.frameworks.internal.datamodel.DataModelImpl.setStringProperty(DataModelImpl.java:201)
         at oracle.eclipse.tools.webtier.ui.wizards.existing.EJBProjectConverter.convert(EJBProjectConverter.java:126)
         at oracle.eclipse.tools.webtier.ui.wizards.existing.EJBProjectConverter.convert(EJBProjectConverter.java:273)
         ... 7 more
    Anyone has any idea what happened and how can I fix?

    Thank you in advance.

    Filip Huysmans.

    To work around this problem, follow these steps:
    -On the model JPA project
    RT - click on, and then select Properties
    -Select project facets
    -Unlock and deselect the facet utility Module
    -Select the facet of the EJB Module and Oracle WebLogic EJB Extensions

    Your project must be ready to perform the given operation.

  • Errors during the generation of the simple PDA mobile ADF application


    I created a very simple table used and tried to generate the ADF mobile PDA with jheadstart
    but I got these errors of generations

    [EmployeesTable.jspx, default/item/table/tableTextInput.vm] No model corresponding to templateidentifier: help TABLE_ITEM_FOOTER for VACUUM model
    [EmployeesTable.jspx, default/item/table/tableTextInput.vm] No model corresponding to templateidentifier: help TABLE_ITEM_FOOTER for VACUUM model
    [EmployeesTable.jspx, default/item/table/tableTextInput.vm] No model corresponding to templateidentifier: help TABLE_ITEM_FOOTER for VACUUM model
    [EmployeesTable.jspx, default/item/table/tableTextInput.vm] No model corresponding to templateidentifier: help TABLE_ITEM_FOOTER for VACUUM model
    [EmployeesTable.jspx, default/item/table/tableTextInput.vm] No model corresponding to templateidentifier: help TABLE_ITEM_FOOTER for VACUUM model
    [EmployeesTable.jspx, default/item/table/tableDateField.vm] No model corresponding to templateidentifier: help TABLE_ITEM_FOOTER for VACUUM model
    [EmployeesTable.jspx, default/item/table/tableDropDownList.vm, nesting level: 5] no match for the templateidentifier model: rescue TABLE_ITEM_FOOTER for VACUUM model
    [EmployeesTable.jspx, default/item/table/tableTextInput.vm] No model corresponding to templateidentifier: help TABLE_ITEM_FOOTER for VACUUM model

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    Is it a failed model or what?
    Note that, when I generate this simple app as the common ADF faces it works very well.

    What is missing? Help, please...

    Published by: samy omar on December 8, 2009 02:11


    To resolve this problem, you must add the missing entry in the PDATemplateBindings.jtp file:


    If you get similar errors on other template names, and then copy it on this model and the value of defaultTemplateBindings.jtp to PDATemplateBindings.jtp name

    Steven Davelaar,
    JHeadstart team.

  • Analysis during the generation of deployment errors


    I was rrting to understand this for hours... but I just don't understand.

    I'm trying to created a build of my project of TestStand. However, I get the following warnings when you perform the analysis. This also happens when I try to use the parallel workpiece too.

    Any thoughts to what is the cause and how to fix?

    Thank you


    Based on the analysis
    Transformation of workspace...
    Workspace treated
    Analysis completed
    ATTENTION: You may need to add any file (s) sequence referenced by the following expressions:
    "reportgen_" + RunState.Root.Parameters.ModelData.ReportOptions.Format + ".seq' in step 'Process step outcome', 'SequenceFilePostResultListEntry' sequence, sequence the file"C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\TestStand 4.2.1\Components\Models\TestStandModels\PROG_ParallelModel.seq ".
    "reportgen_" + RunState.Root.Parameters.ModelData.ReportOptions.Format + ".seq' in step 'Process step outcome', 'ProcessModelPostResultListEntry' sequence, sequence the file"C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\TestStand 4.2.1\Components\Models\TestStandModels\PROG_ParallelModel.seq ".
    'ReportGen_"+ Parameters.ReportOptions.ReportStyle +".seq"to step 'Set from the ReportStyle ReportOptions', 'get the report Options' sequences, sequence file"C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\TestStand 4.2.1\Components\Models\TestStandModels\PROG_ParallelModel.seq ".
    'ReportGen_"+ Parameters.ReportOptions.Format +".seq' in step 'get footer' sequence 'Test report', file "C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\TestStand 4.2.1\Components\Models\TestStandModels\PROG_ParallelModel.seq" sequence
    'ReportGen_' + Parameters.ReportOptions.Format + '.seq' in step 'do report head' sequence 'Test report', file "C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\TestStand 4.2.1\Components\Models\TestStandModels\PROG_ParallelModel.seq" sequence
    "ReportGen_" + Parameters.ReportOptions.Format + ".seq" to step "get report body (sequence)" sequence "Test report", folder "C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\TestStand 4.2.1\Components\Models\TestStandModels\PROG_ParallelModel.seq" sequence
    "ReportGen_" + Parameters.ReportOptions.ReportStyle + ".seq" to step "get the ReportStyle report", "Test report" sequences, sequence file "C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\TestStand 4.2.1\Components\Models\TestStandModels\PROG_ParallelModel.seq".
    "ReportGen_" + Parameters.ReportOptions.Format + ".seq" in step "With disabilities Report Message Set" sequence "Test report", folder "C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\TestStand 4.2.1\Components\Models\TestStandModels\PROG_ParallelModel.seq" sequence
    RunState.ProcessModelClient to step "MainSequence reminder' sequence 'Single Pass - Test taken entry point," movie file "C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\TestStand 4.2.1\Components\Models\TestStandModels\PROG_ParallelModel.seq".
    RunState.ProcessModelClient to step "MainSequence reminder", "DUT Test - Test taking Entry Point", file "C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\TestStand 4.2.1\Components\Models\TestStandModels\PROG_ParallelModel.seq" the sequence of sequences
    Step ' call asked Sequence ","ProcessDialogRequests"sequence, sequence file"C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\TestStand 4.2.1\Components\Models\TestStandModels\PROG_ParallelModel.seq ".
    RunState.ProcessModelClient to "Create Socket run tests" step, "Initialize TestSocket" sequence, sequence file "C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\TestStand 4.2.1\Components\Models\TestStandModels\PROG_ParallelModel.seq".

    This is just a warning informing you that a file of sequence is called by expression.  The deployment utility is unable to determine which sequence file will be called, so it warns you so that you know to make sure you include it.  In this case, all the files in reportgen_xxx.seq must be included.  You can't have this message go far without Hardcoding the file sequence names.  There is nothing wrong with getting this warning as long as you make sure you include all that she could call.

  • This issue is still pending. My PhotoSmart 5510 continues to go offline during the generation of printed documents.

    I have a PhotoSmart 5510 and a Toshiba i7 Quad 4 laptop running Windows7 with a Trendnet Wireless router.

    My PhotoSmart 5510 disconnects when printing is generated.    All systems are go: online wirelessly connected wireless, does not not offline, set as the default printer, checkmark, etc..  Sometimes it will make an impression and disconnect and sometimes it will disconnect the first time and will not be printed.

    If I run the diagnostic utility I can usually get it online.  But the said diagnostic utility it is disconnected and the problem is not "resolved".

    It also has a problem with the USB.  If I've set up as a USB printer will crash the entire operating system and laptop computer will not restart unless the USB is disconnected or if the printer is turned off.  This does not happen with my laptop computer on the same Lexmark printer.


    This article should help to keep the Wi - Fi connection (including things like setting a static IP address for your printer to avoid the crash between you OS/router/printer):

    Give the steps described a try and tell us if it helps.

    Good luck!

  • Error during the generation of shared library for OSX


    I am trying to build a shared library (.framework) using LabVIEW 2011 as Mac.

    My Version of OSX is 10.7.3.

    When I run the build process, TI allways give up showing the error message:

    There is 1 error in DLL - C compile Source File.vi Possible reason (s): you must have the Apple Developer tools installed to build a shared library. Install the Apple Developer tools and attempts to reconstruct the shared library.

    I don't know what developer tool is missing or if there is another problem with my environment.

    Thank you


    Hi Gschwert,

    in the meantime, I received a response from our developers in Austin.

    Developer Tools Apple which refers to should be X-Code.

    They work with X-Code Version 3.0 and have no problem. They will try to work with your versions (4.2 and 4.3) too and take a look, if there is something special to look for.

    Have you tried using X-Code 3.0? Then you get the same problems?

    Good day

  • 200560 error during the generation of the two signals of AO


    I am trying to send out two signals and I get error 200560 to "wait until done" vi.

    I was wondering if there is no solution for this problem.

    BTW, the vi is attached.

    Thank you


    You have your clock set to continuous samples. I don't know if you can use 'Wait until what' If you the task will never happen. Set your click on over and see what happens.

  • ERROR during the generation of Proxy for BWS and Service Web BWSUtil files

    I'm trying to configure web service for BlackBery 10 infrastructure.

    I followed the steps in http://docs.blackberry.com/en/admin/deliverables/49270/dme1348595223038.jsp

    When I run the command as shown in the doc, I got the below error. Let me know, what went wrong. Thank you.


    WSDLToJava error: org.apache.cxf.wsdl11.WSDLRuntimeException: unable to create the wsdl definition of: https://bes101.blrresearch.com:38443 / business/admin/ws? wsdl
    Caused by: WSDLException: faultCode = PARSER_ERROR: the analysis of problem 'https://bes101.blrresearch.com:38443 / business/admin/ws? wsdl ".: javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeE"
    Xception: sun.security.validator.ValidatorException: building way PKIX failed:
    sun.security.provider.certpath.SunCertPathBuilderException: could not find valid
    path to certification for target asked

    Thank you

    It was instead of update of wsdl2java.bat, I've updated wadl2Java.bat.

  • Duplicate definition - error during the generation of project

    Hi eveybody,.

    I met a problem when I am developing. I copy the source from a computer code and put it in the new computer, build a new workspace and a new project, and then compile the code.

    It can pass all the verification code, but it built like this:

    Sorry to answer that for myself...

    I think it's because I add a few files such as *.rapc and * .debug. that is causing the problem.

    I remove and build well.

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