HttpsConnection by BES


I am creating an application that uses httpsconnection but I want it to connect through BES, but I get an error on the device saying connection refused error I do not remember.

And it works fine on the Simulator.

The application is a MIDlet application.

is there something I need to do to make this work through BES?

Thank you

I suggest that mark you this issue as resolved, since this isn't a problem of BES, and the invalid URL is problem continue you on this thread: invalid url parameter

Depth of the problem must be on this Thread.

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  • Avoiding the HttpsConnection security prompt

    Hey guys,.

    I am writing an application that will run in the context and the needs to connect to a web server to download recently entered data in order to keep the server up-to-date. It seems that if I use HttpsConnection (and probably of HttpConnection too), the user should click Yes to allow the connection.

    This application is intended for very inexperienced users technically, so it's very important hide this message. What are my options? Will sign the application to get rid of this message?

    It would be acceptable for the user to perform this authorization during the installation of the software (using OTA), but ideally, this should be a single click (or less).

    Thank you very much


    a request for applicationpermissions could probably get rid of the popup "allow connection". You must take care of the certificate in addition to this.

    on a bes users have options ask your bes admin on the permissions of the application and how to manage https certificates.

    personally, I would opt for good documentation. even you can say very "technically-inexperienced users" to follow a few pictures.

    Apart from that, you will have to live with the concept of security of the blackberry.

  • Deploy an iOS of the app store in a secure workspace BES?

    My organization is developing an iOS app, currently published in the apple app store.

    We had a request from a customer who would like to package and deploy our application in a secure workspace managed by BES 12 on iOS devices they have. We do not have a system of BES.

    I looked in a number of forums, Internet blackberry sites and marketing material, and it seems that it is possible to package and deploy 'internal apps' in a secure workspace on iOS via BES, but I couldn't find anything about the app store apps.

    My questions are:

    1. is it possible for our client to take the app from the apple app store and publish it in a workspace secure via BES?

    2. If it is not possible by default, is there something we can do to allow future versions of our application to be put in work spaces secure (but always distributed through the apple app store)

    3. If it is not at all possible, which would need to send to our customers so that they to package our application as an application "internal" and deploy in the secure workspace? (for example we just send the same ipa file that we submitted to itunes connect, or does need to other settings for BES)

    Thank you


    Hi Orion,

    Thanks for the questions.

    There are two options to bring iOS apps on workspace secure through BES.

    Option 1. Partner wrap the iOS app and deploy via Secure Workspace/BES. The packed app can be deployed through the multiple BES (customers) in-app 'For the SECTOR' and can also be downloaded from the App Store. The application can also be distributed as part of Volumn purchase Program (VPP) for customers. You can find more information on VPP here:

    Option 2. Enterprise wrap the iOS app and deploy via Secure Workspace/BES. The wrapped app can be deployable via an instance of BES as an 'In House' application. This process also requires the customer to sign up for the iOS Enterprise Development Program signed the application as an application 'In House'.

    Please see our blog for more details on the above options:

    Kind regards

  • Push browser in BES 10

    I use BES 10 and you want to use the mechanism to push browser. I used this code for BES 5 where 7874 is port for listening e-mail push device browser. What should I do to use all pushing in BES 10 of e-mail? And what port should I use?

    Push browser and other types of special push, push and push message channel browser are not supported by BES10 and BlackBerry 10 devices. You can replace this with an app that has received normal growth and published a notice to the user.

  • BlackBerry BES Q10 but phone fixed wipe initiated with power offshore.

    Guys at work lost phone Q10 on BES 12 user lost about 500 contacts and really need for their return.

    I asked to wipe on March 4, but now have the phone that has not been erased, so as far as we know.

    I'm not turn on until I know, that it will not wipe it. SIM is removed and if possible I will get to a place where there is no WiFi to turn on.

    Device and removed from BES and protect the user was never activated.

    It comes

    It will always be to wipe once a week has elapsed?

    @TyW ?

    Contacts are not in outlook. This user has no idea where they are. I hope that I'll get home and try to save it with no wifi on. Already deleted SIM.

    I don't know if there is a local workspace contacts could be saved to

    Find out more tonight

  • With the help of BES Admin API to manage devices non - BB


    Anyone know if I can use the web of BES Admin API to write web pages of management that allows to manage IOS and Android devices that are registered with a BES?


    Hey John,

    Yes, in 10 BES with Blackberry Webservice for Universal Service device you can. Here is the link for the API reference

  • 10 BES database schema


    I see an answer in this thread - Details user earning PIN device, Config ID, phone number and Email ID. GetUsers() or getUserDetails() API are available for application on the device of BB? I'm developing a desktop Windows program. How can I get these modules?

    In my view, that any information is stored in the database of BES 10 configuration. But I don't know where because I don't have all the data in my development lab. Do you know if there is a configuration database data dictionary?

    Thank you


    There is no specific BWS SDK, but it is also not really necessary. If you follow provided docs that it should help to clarify everything.

    BWS is available for 10 BES.

  • Sending PUSH in a cluster of BES?


    I have an environment where there are 4 servers BES (using Lotus Notes), and 500 registered devices to each.

    Now I seem to be able to send PUSH messages to 2 devices registered to different servers, BES, using a SINGLE

    IP address of PUSH.

    Both devices have books of different services that identify the different PRS so I know that they are registered to different BES servers (the administrator also confirmed that independently)

    So my question is:-

    In a configuration where there are a lot of BES servers, can I send PUSH messages for all devices with a UNIQUE IP address?

    Thank you


    Yes, you see the behavior expected - only a single BES is configured as a server push using the BlackBerry Manager. It is the responsibility of the central server push BES can distribute the push messages BES home user for delivery to the target device. This is possible because all BES share a common configuration database. You need to use the IP address of the designated as the central push Server BES.

    A common when deployment one problem asks to push the deployment as it was only balanced society all users on BES servers also (it one of them 'pass' is the Server central push)-However, in application of pressure at high speed, the central push server should not be heavily loaded than the non-BES server push (or in extreme cases is not loaded at all) because it is also having to deal with all push connections http entering your application on top of its normal functions.

    Hope that clarifies things.


  • http connections fail after removing an application via the BES

    This is consistent - happened on three different phones.

    Measures taken since the BES

    1 deploy an application that uses an HTTP (definition of a custom policy of IT) through the BES connection. Everything works fine

    2 remove the app (by its configuration was rejected.)

    3. assign the policy to the default device

    4 configuration of the software place the device no

    5 deploy

    5. wait and check that app has been removed from the default value of advertising device it in place policy

    Now, the unit measures

    1. install the app even through Javaloader - now http connections fails

    On the curve (Rogers) Tunnel failed

    on Tour (Verizon) Protocol not found: "http. Protocol

    Any ideas?

    Turns out I had put extra quotes in my url string. It works fine now.

    This diagnostic network (DB-00684) tool was very useful.

  • Is it possiable to host a servlet which is accessible only by BB on BES devices


    I'm basically a new developer Java of BB (for devices).

    I would like to know is possiable to download a servlet on BES (server) so that only BB devices are able to connect it and it should not allow any other user to access...

    (In fact, my requirement is access to SQL Server and to make the Operations of BB that uses BES)

    Thanks in advance...

    Hi zac_mathews,

    You would be able to host servlet on the BES however, this usually isn't a recommended approach, you would be better for the servlet to another internal server able to be accessed by BlackBerry smartphones in your environment.

    To block all non-BlackBerry queries, you can again check the user agent, if it displays like FireFox or IE and then deny access.

    Regarding safety, all communications between the device and the BES is encrypted with AES or 3DES according to the settings of the administrator. This encryption is by default, nothing else to do from within your application. If you want to add a layer of security between your application server and the BES then you could always activate TLS and connect via HTTPS.

    Kind regards

  • BES API must be used for Blackberry Enterprise Activation with?

    Which BES API method should be used to do Blackberry Enterprise Activation with?  On this, I found an example of code.

    Thank you.


    Enterprise activation can be done through the BAA, it must take over the device. If you are looking for a code to set the EA password then please refer to the Interface of BAADispatcher the reference documents API BAA for the code examples:

  • Logging of BES Simulator


    Does anyone know if the DOS window that runs to the simulated BES writes to a log file?

    I am trying to display all the data written in the BACK window when I push the contents of a simulator of BB. But because of the size of the back window I lose old data before the end of the thrust.

    I set the logging to:

    Logging.Level = 4
    Logging.Console.log.Level = 4

    Thanks for your help


    I found the solution to the question.

    I used version BES 4.1.4

    The default logging in the BAT file setting - 4 = Logging.level is incorrect

    It must be changed in - Logging.file.log.level = 4

    Then it works

    See you soon


  • Push of BES.

    Hi all

    Can we push imagae or video through BES?

    I know that we can push through BES.

    If anyone has an idea about this, please share it with me.


    Hi Shekhar,

    This is not directly supported in the way that application deployment is. If you want to achieve this functionality, you must develop a device and application server to manage the push and the receipt of the data side.

    Kind regards

  • Is it true that RIM does not want the attention of implementers to use the BES/MDS bridge going forward?

    We are developing an application for the BB Storm and plan on the use of the BES for routing data traffic between the enterprise application and enforcement of the storm. We have sent a number of people on a BES installation course offered by RIM. During the course, we were informed by the instructor that RIM does not want the attention of implementers to use the BES for this purpose and that RIM recommends the BES be used only for purposes of e-mail, and that we should use the network providers IP gateway?

    Can anyone confirm or deny this assertion?

    See you soon



    Thank you Garrett who responded to the questionnaire.


  • "BOLD" does not meet the system requirements? -BES

    This is getting ridiculous.

    Tried to install my Orange BES "BOLD" - and I get this message on the WAP site:


    I'm sorry that your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support BlackBerry App World.

    Yes - I'm in the United Kingdom

    No - there is no policy of BES blocking apps

    Feature: "BOLD"

    OS: v4.6.0.162

    Carrier: Orange UK

    Plan: BES

    2 devices on different networks - and AppWorld does not work on either! is this an April fools joke?

    This question seems to have been resolved - try to access the same address now and it will work.

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