I 200918 error when you try to save a task DAQmx

I have a Labview application 7.0 that creates and registers a task DAQmx (DAQmx version 8.0).  I can create a new task, but when I try to save the task I have Labview 200918 internal error. So far, this has worked very well on several machines but recently received this error message on a new Windows XP SP3 machine running.  I am able to create a backup task by using MAX (version 4.3).  Anyone know this kind of error before?

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This code corresponds to what is now an external error code.  The text of the error is:

"Global channel name specified is already used for a task in the area of data.  NOR-DAQmx does not support global channel names and overlapping tasks.  Select another name. "

I don't know why this code appears as an error internal to you, but the new text of the error, you should get going.

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    Kind regards

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    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    One recourse would be difficult to create for a bit as it for actions cannot use logic. It would be difficult for an action in the name of the output file.  However, an Action could use the name of the document as save 21 documents with the same document name in 21 different localities.

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    If you have Adobe Acrobat XI Pro then you could save it as a PDF Reader extended file that would allow saving form data in Adobe Reader 9.

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    I hope this is the correct community to post this question.

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    Wonderful. In fact, I have saved the file, made some changes and was able to record that I wanted to. Thank you

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    Make sure that you are connected to creative cloud correctly via the settings icon in the top right of the workspace project selection > my account. (It looks like a gear). One reason, this option is kablooey from time to time.

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    After cropping of a photo in the gallery app, it crashes when you try to save changes to the photo. It does not occur when recording other changes.

    It is an Alcatel One Touch light on 1.0.1. But oddly enough the problem is more product. I'm still not sure of what caused it. Then... I guess I can mark my question as answered. Thanks for the reply.

  • Error when you try to run an application that worked when built with 8.6

    I have a simple program that I wrote in the 8.6 version that I've never had a problem generation and execution of applications built with it to 8.6.  Two weeks ago, I got 2009 by mail because we had very recently purchased 8.6 and I get errors when you try to run an application built with the same code using 2009.  The error relates to the Mean.vi.  He claims that he can't find it.  The error I get is as follows:

    Error loading VI 'NI_AALBase.lvlib:Mean.vi '.  LabVIEW support 3 error code: could not load façade.  I don't have access to the front panel of this vi, so I wonder if there is a problem with the runtime and not my code.  Please answer as soon as possible because it will quickly start to the impact of my calendar.  Thank you.


    The same problem ?

    I talked with my local OR technical support team. The application now works without any problem.

    Rule of thumb: when creating a Setup program do not forget that the option "Run Time Engine xxxx" in the category "Other installers" is selected despite the fact that the runtime is already installed.

    Best regards.

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    This forum is for Microsoft Security Essentials.

    You question is with Oracle Java.

    It is recommended to go to www.oracle.com to get help.

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    I suggest you refer to the following msdn link for the fix for the problem.


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    Let me know your results.

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    Run the Chkdsk.exe tool to check the drive for errors

    If this does not help, then manually download the update you need and see if that fixes the problem.

    Description of 2007 Microsoft Office Suite Service Pack 2 (SP2) and of Microsoft Office Language Pack 2007 SP2
    http://support.Microsoft.com/kb/953195 TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2010 - Update Services

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