I accidentally deleted a volume in Windows 7! How can I recover the data?

I accidentally deleted a volume in Windows 7! How can I recover the data?

I created a retractable partion on "D" Drive and later to try to remove it and accidentally I clicked on "D" drive instead of the new partition! "."
Any ideas to recover data?
Thank you


You can try this free program; no warranty if.


See you soon.

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    Here are the usual methods to solve this problem:

    • Restart the computer with your Windows repair CD, then use system restore to set Windows in a few days (only works if you have recently changed the password).
    • Logging in as a different admin account and then reset the password for your existing account (works only if create you an alternative admin account).
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    Try Method 3 in the provided link (you have method 1 already tried without success):

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    See you soon.

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  • How can I recover my data from my hard drive? or continue to install my windows 8 with no loss of data?

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    Disk 0 Partition 1: Recovery, and

    Disk 0 Partition 2

    A single disk rest "Drive.
    I tried to install my windows 8 8.1, now I'm stuck with a Dell Inspiron that cannot load it is current windows and I can't afford to format because it locates all my data.

    Please help with possible recovery options, that I may have? The last thing I tried was buy an enclosure and place my 500 GB HD inside, how ever I saw the first two aforementioned HD

    Help, please

    Hi, I found the solution, I had to plug my hard drive in a case then:

    1. restart the machine with Windows 8.1
    2. determine the parition of "EFI system" with the disk management utility
    3. Run as administrator command prompt
    4. typediskpart
    5. type select disk 0 then select partition 2 thenassign
    6. He will appear in my computer that he did as a player
  • How can I recover the files deleted by Sync Center? I created files while offline connection, then when I am connected once again, they were deleted from my computer.

    I keep files synced between my laptop and our server using under Windows Sync Center.  Normally, this works very well.

    However, recently I did a lot of work so that offline and saved these files in the server folder synchronized (while offline).  I came back and unfortunately the entire folder that I had been synchronization had been moved and windows thought all my new files should be deleted and erased all!   How to make a comeback?

    They are not in my trash.  My guess is that they are locked in a temporary file.

    Help, please!

    Hi Olen Ronning,

    Thanks for posting on Microsoft Answers!

    Let us check if you have the folder (offline) is located here.
    1. open the control panel (all items view), and click the Sync Center icon.
    2. in the left pane, click Manage Offline files.
    3. on the general tab, click the view your offline files.
    4. you will now be in your offline files folder. Open the folder to the location you want to see these files available offline.
    5. for example, select the computers and a computer network available. You will now see the available offline folders and their files offline in them.


    If you work with offline files in different folders, you can see all the of them without having to open each file individually. Here's how to view all your files in one place offline:
    1. open offline files by clicking the Start button. In the search box, type and then offline files in the results list, click on manage offline files.
    2. on the general tab, click view your offline files.

    If you still can't find the brand of folder that you have enough disk space for offline files.
    And you can also view the folder on the server if it is updated with the latest files. because when you start windows updates the record with the most recent files.

    Manage disk space for offline files

    With the help of added see the articles below:

    You will not delete files when you sync unless Sync Center tries to sync with a file that has been deleted. If you have set up a partnership of synchronization for synchronizing files in two different places (for example, between a computer and a mobile device), Sync Center will keep the same set of files in both places. If you add or update a file in one location, Sync Center also will add or update it in the other location. Similarly, if you delete a file in one location, Sync Center will delete it from the other location.

    Please let us know if this helps you resolve the problem or if assistance is needed.
    It will be useful.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Shekhar S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • How can we change the date of the restoration (windows 7) beyond the last date indicated (as August 30, 2011)?

    I would like to change my date of restoration to August 30, 2011.  I tried to put the new date, but when I put the date of restoration, it came on today with my new date next to her.  I'm not savvy in computer, is if there is a step by step fix.


    I ask you to answer this question, so that we can better help you:

    You try to restore the system to August 30, 2011 or you try to create a restore point?

    If you try to run the system restore, then I suggest you follow this link:

    System restore

    If you want to create a system restore point, and then refer to this link:

    Create a restore point

    Important: System Restore will return all system files not as documents, email, music, etc., to a previous state. These files of types are completely affected by the restoration of the system. If it was your intention with this tool to recover a deleted file to non-system, try using a file instead of system restore recovery program.

    Note: it is recommended to backup your data to be on the safer side.

    Please get back to us with the State of the question.

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