I accidentally turned on the incognito briefly and after it I disconnected from all of my online accounts and some don't inin back Journal

I accidentally activated the incognito briefly and he turned his back. Everything worked well for this session. I left my computer in mode 'sleep'. The next time that I used it, I had been disconnected each web account that I have. Most of the accounts I want to log in, but on one of them I get a message that says "Cookies must be enabled to login.

I went to tools/options/life private and made sure that both tabs 'accept cookies' was clicked (they were)

I tried implementing history of custom to "firefox will remember the story", but that did not help either.

As far as I know, cookies are enabled, but I still get the message to turn them on.


In private browsing mode, you can use cookies as in normal mode.

PB mode means that nothing is saved to disk, you cannot create cookies that last longer than the current session.

No access is possible for cookies that have been created in normal mode mode PB and created in mode PB cookies are deleted if Firefox is closed or PB mode is completed.

PB mode all the cookies are session cookies and expire when Firefox is closed, but you can always block or allow specific cookies based on the default setting.

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