I added a theme, but it does appear in the toolbar, not the whole screen (the new tab page). How can I get the whole theme to show (fullecreen)?

My theme is only show behind the toolbar (tabs, search bars, etc.) when I go to the "Mozilla Firefox start page", my theme is still in the toolbar, and the rest of the page is white. My theme is also only show these small pieces of the theme chosen as most of the time you can't even say it's a Fox in the corner. Is it possible for me to make my theme on the full screen?


Light themes (formerly a Personas) are used exclusively to provide a background image for the areas of the toolbar from Firefox (called the UI), not the content area of the window where the web content.

If you want to see more of the image of the theme, add some empty toolbars with empty spaces in the Palette to customize.


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