I agree with the CC. But I also have APS CS6. I get the message that the updates are available. But whenever I try to 'install', I get the message that it failed and the error code is U44M1P7. What is the problem with obtaining this update?

Whenever I try to install I get message that he had failed. The error code is U44M1P7. What is the problem with this update?

U44... Update error http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1289956 can help

At some point in the past (I don't know the exact date) Adobe "merged" the original update manager in cloud Update Manager, which means that you no longer use your original update manager

I read a lot of posts that the updater latetest (cloud) sometimes does not work with old programs... Try to install your updates manually

Beginning of the updates here and product selection, read to see if you need to install updates in the order of the numbers, or if updates are cumulative for the product http://www.adobe.com/downloads/updates/

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