I am facing a problem with the POWER of ODIN, my broker is Indiainfoline, my OS is Vista ultimate, when I login, everytime I get an error 'System Error (10055) (setsockopt)'.

I am facing a problem with the POWER of ODIN, my broker is Indiainfoline, my OS is Vista ultimate, when I login, everytime I get an error 'System Error (10055) (setsockopt)'.


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System (10055) error (setsockopt) Solution

ODIN request does not work Windows 7

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    A few more questions:

    Is there a USB device that you use with all three computers?

    This problem occurs with all kinds of USB devices?

    The is the problem with all the USB ports on each laptop?

    Have you tried to reinstall the USB drivers? As in, uninstall via the Device Manager, restart your PC and allowing Windows to reinstall?

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    Thank you



    The user option which is the origin of the problem is 'File Contains Data property'. You must make sure that this load option is enabled when you start loading in FDM process if the dataset that you present must contain data of shares.

    Kind regards


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    Original title: cannot close Microsoft Security databases

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    Try to start in safe mode with network, then scan with the free version of


    If no repost of joy for specific groups of viruses

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    ActionTek GT701 (Qwest 7.0Mbps)

    Linksys WRT54G

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    I started with an xbox connected to the linksys router and had the excellent signal (HD quality) for Netflix strength. I added the second xbox and was still five bars of signal strength. About three days ago for netflix on the xboxs signal strength is only cut up to two bars. The rest of the House working at full power, but I can't get Netflix on the xboxs back to what is a. I tried to reset the two routers, by disconnecting and then changing the port to the xboxs, upgrading the firmware for the router and finally tried just an xbox connected both. (not in that order)

    I contacted Netflix and thay make any change on the end there, no changes have been made by my ISP.

    Xbox live is running at full speed, I'm not able to get the strength of Netflix.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. We use no cable, and that's how my family watches TV

    Just a note speedtest .net - downstream - 6: 19 (average of 3 tests)

    Upstrem-. 69 (average of 3 tests)

    If the X - Box is connected by Ethernet, then, change the wireless channel wouldn't make any difference. I suggest to update the firmware on the router, reset the router and reconfigure go to zero and then check the signal strength.

  • Images - facing a problem with the alignment of captivate

    Hello world

    I am using captivate to create e-learning courses for my client. The course was in PPT and slides have been imported into captivate. The process was smooth until the customer asked me to change the size of the canvas. The course includes images as well as on the slides.

    The problem comes here

    1. I can chamge the size of the canvas of 1024 * 768 and 1280 * 800 in the same file? If so, how?

    2. I tried another way of doing this thing. I created the canvas with 1280 * 800 itself. Then, I went back to the old captivate file and copied all the slides and paste it into the new file. But the blades with images have problem (eg. alignment issues produced.). Is it possible to modify these images here himself in captivate so that I can move with arrow keys and mouse to solve the problems of alignment?

    Thank you and best regards


    Please, this is a forum for users and expect to get an answer right away? Myself and other users to be able to spend more than one hour a day, trying to answer questions, but we do that in addition to our normal work and all this for free.

    You can resize a project with changes, the project of the scale. You have the choice of high end everything, which will always lead to a loss of quality. Best result is given when you can keep the aspect ratio, but this isn't the case for you, since you spend report 4/3 16/10 rather unusual.

    Problem is, imported, Powerpoint slides are converted into film slides. This means that you don't have the items separately in Captivate and will not be able to reallocate the as you request your second question.

    Even resizing in Powerpoint will give you a lot of headaches, because of this change the aspect ratio. And that would be the way to go, if you use Captivate as a converter for PPT, that is not the best use of a creative tool at all. A plug-in for PPT is much better suited for this cause (Adobe Presenter, Adobe articulate, iSpring).

    Is to embed the slides present in a Knockout Master slide a possible workaround?



  • Urgent: Facing serious problems with the installation of BEEP

    Hi all

    This was a pain for me now,

    I installed the BEEPER and his works fine. Its set up on my desk and I connect to the databases locally. But when I restart my system, OC4J would not get initialized and so I'm not able to launch published BEEP. Among the various warning messages following me:

    * WARNING: Source Code C:\OracleBI\oc4j_bi\j2ee\home\applications\xmlpserver\xmlps
    erver\WEB-INF\lib\ldapjclnt10.jar (from WEB-INF/lib/directory in C:\OracleBI\oc
    4j_bi\j2ee\home\applications\xmlpserver\xmlpserver\WEB - INF\lib) has the same thread
    Ename but is not identical to the /C:/OracleBI/oc4j_bi/jlib/ldapjclnt10.jar (of < c)
    Ode-source > in META-INF/boot.xml to C:\OracleBI\oc4j_bi\j2ee\home\oc4j.jar). If
    There are different versions of the same classes, he's going to be hidden like the lat
    TER is already visible in the search path for the xmlpserver.web.xmlpserver:0 charger.
    0.0 *

    Now I tried to copy the file on to a device at the chance of another, but still no. I reinstalled the JDK and BEEP twice but still no luck... I mean, is there a way to solve this problem. Can any body please help me with this as to why I get this warning message. When I try to reinstall the BEEP it asks me to fix it... is it possible that I can reinstall my system completely and not repair.

    Need for emergency assistance (if any body wants the screenshots, I can predict that too)

    Thank you


    the warning you have posted is just a warning and normally BI Publisher (OC4J) works even with this warning. There must be something else wrong.


    P.S.: If it's an urgent question it might be a good idea to open a SR

  • Facing a problem with the system, please analyze the dump files and indicate us the action.

    So, like many others, I was punished by Bill Gates and co.. With a BSOD.

    Just need help analyzing dump files to determine which driver I should change, updated or what not.

    The dump files are located in...

    https://onedrive.live.com/redir?RESID=3D2BA1E313ACF8DA! 2592 & authkey =! AH4PFrNFacnAfvw & ithint = the file % 2crar

    BTW, still stuck in windows 7 hehe

    Thank you

    Had to go to the dentist - ZigZag3143 is reliable using BSOD.

    Your Atheros is an AR5007G Wireless Network Adapter.

    Visit this link:


    Find AR5007G, click:

    Scroll down until you find AR5007G for Windows 7 64 bit and you want to:

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    I try to install PowerPoint Viewer on my laptop (Win 7 64 bit), but the installer says it cannot install the program because it lacks oart.dll. I tried to copy this file from my desktop to the laptop computer, making sure that I copied it to the same location as on my desktop, but I still got the same message.

    Helps to solve this problem would be appreciated.

    Thank you and best regards,

    I have re downloaded the installer from the Microsoft Download Center and installed without any problems.

    Kind regards


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    My 7535 laptop has always (from the initial installation) had a tenuous when plugging in the adapter.  Most of the time I had to move the entry or causing some kind of tension to keep it connected.  Now it doesn't connect at all... I even ordered a new adapter, but it's certainly the computer.  Is there a way to fix this?  I was not able to use my computer for more than a week now waiting for the new card but still not be able to connect and the battery is almost gone.

    I appreciate any help or suggestions.

    the repair is service call

  • Problem with the event

    I am facing a problem with the events. Please Ref. Event.zip the attachment.

    AEv.vi is a LV2G used for the reading/Generate/Init/destroy the event. Test2.VI is a main vi (we must run this vi)

    The AEv.vi Init action must be done in the other vi (other than the Test2.vi:- but for the objective test I've initialized in Test2.vi only).

    Test2.VI is used for genetate event.

    I could have called statically AEv.vi inside the Test2.vi to generate an event... but the path that comes is decided when running... (I have many live similar to AEv.vi...) .. who decided at run time...)

    The problem:

    When I run Test2.vi, it gives me the error code 1 (try running test2.VI... it gives the dialogue on the occurrence of the error)...

    Can someone fix this?

    Thank you!

    I modified your screws to do what I think you want.  The way you did the user events will not work.  I added a line to send orders to Ev.vi

Maybe you are looking for

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