I am having major problems with my emails. I can send emails OK but I can't receive them. I use Outlook Express.

I am having major problems with my emails.  I can send emails OK but I can't receive them.  I use Outlook Express.  When I first turn on outlook express, emails start coming, but then outlook express crashes.  I disable outlook express and start again. My emails are stuck in the Orange webmail box until the last email is downloaded.  This means that I sometimes get the same time to send four or five. I called technical support Orange several times, but they say it's a problem of microsoft. I use Windows XP.

original title: I can't receive emails from outlook express.

Hi Mike,.

Make sure that you have not activated your antivirus software analysis of electronic mail.  See www.oehelp.com/OETips.aspx#3 which is often a problem with receiving and sending a message.

Then, try to go to file | Identities and setup a new identity.  This will give you a new message store and a new registry hive (where all the settings and account info is).  Add your email account and see if it works very well.  If it sticks sometimes, make sure that you are not setting to check messages too often (like every 3 minutes or somesuch).  You can also try to increase the timeout for the server where this is a problem (Tools |) Accounts | Mail | Properties | Advanced).  See if who deals with issues "" OE gel.  If Yes, then you can use the file | Import | Messages to bring them from the old identity.

I do not know that moving to Outlook might solve the problem, because they both use the same mechanism to retrieve messages.  If you still have problems, come on and generate a log file and when OE freezes, which could give some indication of what is the underlying problem.  Make sure that you disable the log file later, because this file grows enormously and can cause problems if it becomes too large.


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