I am new to this. I do not understand what is meant by making Firefox my "default browser". I use gmail, and I have to open a session, each time I want to use the mail?

I don't even know if there is an interaction between Firefox and gmail. I know it's a pain every time that I want to use the mail, I have to open a session. I didn't connect with Internet Explorer. My goal here is to take advantage of Firefox are reached do not SPAM etc. Where and how can I set up Firefox as my default browser, and what are the other benefits? Keep it simple, guys, I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer.


The "default browser" is that Windows uses to open links from other applications or the desktop shortcuts. If a browser is designated as the default does not affect the operation of pages web in the browser.

Sites recognized generally that you are still connected by setting a cookie. When you install Firefox, it is configured to receive and fix these cookies. However, there are many ways for the cookies to be deleted, including:

  • Settings on the Privacy tab of the Options dialog box such as whether you want to accept cookies and how long they stay - privacy, and-not-track browsing history settings
  • Option erasure of history to the judgment (even if the function is called history of compensation, there are a few 10 or more categories of data, you can choose individually delete or keep)
  • Using the incognito feature - cookies last only as long as the camera
  • The modules focus on the protection of personal information that change the way are managed cookies - your system data does not display of these
  • External security, privacy or system cleanup software

In your case, your "more details of the system" shows that you have set Firefox automatically start in private browsing mode. In this configuration, Firefox does not keep cookies between sessions, as long as the sites Web is concerned, the next time you visit you are a foreigner. It could invoke is if you or someone else with access to your computer went in the Privacy Options and value Firefox "never remember history".

You should probably disable automatic private browsing, unless you can find an add-on to store cookies that you want to store between private sessions.

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