I am not able to connect Stor-E for the other computers on my home network

I just bought a Stor-E but I can't connect to other computers on my home network which I think is a Netgear router which is connected to my BT home hub.

I can access the stor-e of my laptop and pc, but cannot access the Stor-E when I go to the working groups then on my PC it calls for a Net User ID and password have tried my user id and password for my pc but this doesn t seem to work.

Someone has an idea what I am doing wrong?

But in general your Stor-E works correctly when you connect it directly on different computers, right?

Tags: Toshiba

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  • Tried everything: 1 address, but not able to connect via HTTPS to the server:


    I am trying to connect to the third of the OSB business service web service.

    objective WS is protected with SHA1 base 64 encoded password.

    I am able to connect to the service target of SOAP UI. I am also able to Telnet to my server for dev to the URL of the WS.

    But when connecting from OSB BS I'm tried them all: 1 address, but not able to connect via HTTPS to the server: error.

    Can you please help me solve the problem.

    I tried different policies, but still does not work.

    Kind regards.

    Problem solved. We need to use the proxy server.

  • Not able to connect to Windows 7-"the remote procedure call failed."


    Windows never lets an opportunity to prevent the user. I have problems on my lappy staff & problem appeared all of a sudden.

    When I got the system starts, it of not connection & throws the error message "the remote procedure call failed." What ever I do it is not the same error.

    I tried logging in safe mode but is not connect in SafeMode survey the same error.

    Tried to restore to the last successful boot. Same mistake.

    Really frustrating.

    Looks like only option I have is to format the lappy however I have a lot of data in C:\ which are not saved.

    Any help will be much appreciated.

    Kind regards


    I have a lot of data in C:\ which are not saved.

    Unfortunately, it seems that you belong to the large class of PC users who choose not to back up important data, until disaster strikes. Your data is not lost, but the recovery is much more painful than to use an external backup drive. Here are a few options:

    • If it is a desktop PC: connect the hard drive to some other desktop PC, then recover your data.
    • If it is a laptop: remove the hard drive, then put it in a box for disk 2.5 "USB. You can now connect this case for some other PC and recover your data.
    • Start the computer with a bootable Ubuntu CD and its graphic interface allows you to save your files on an external storage device.

    When you are finished, you get a HDD 2.5 "USB and use it for your regular backups (e.g. weekly). You can also store an image of your new installation, you save the trouble of the reconstruction of Windows where you have another accident.

  • Not able to start agent cache for the requested data store


    This is my first attempt in TimesTen. I am running TimesTen on the same host Linux (RHES 5.2) running Oracle 11 g R2. TimesTen version is:

    TimesTen Release

    Trying to create a simple cache.

    The DSN entry section for ttdemo1 to. odbc.ini is as follows:

    + [ttdemo1] +.
    Data store = / work/oracle/TimesTen_store/ttdemo1
    PermSize = 128
    TempSize = 128
    UID = hr
    OracleId = MYDB
    DatabaseCharacterSet = WE8MSWIN1252
    ConnectionCharacterSet = WE8MSWIN1252

    With the help of ttisql I connect

    Command > Connect "dsn = ttdemo1; pwd = oracle; oraclepwd = oracle;
    Successful login: DSN = ttdemo1; UID = hr; DataStore = / work/oracle/TimesTen_store/ttdemo1; DatabaseCharacterSet = WE8MSWIN1252; ConnectionCharacterSet=WE8MSWIN1252;DRIVER=/home/oracle/TimesTen/timesten/lib/libtten.so;OracleId=MYDB; PermSize = 128; TempSize = 128; TypeMode = 0; OracleNetServiceName = MYDB;
    (Default AutoCommit = 1).
    Command > call ttcacheuidpwdset ('ttsys', 'oracle');
    Command > call ttcachestart;
    * 10024: could not start agent cache for the requested data store. Could not initialize Handle.* Oracle environment
    The command failed.

    The following text appears in the tterrors.log:

    15:41:21.82 Err: ORA: 9143: ora-9143 - 1252549744-xxagent03356: database: TTDEMO1 OCIEnvCreate failed. Return - 1 code
    15:41:21.82 Err: 7140: oraagent says it failed to start: could not initialize manage Oracle environment.
    15:41:22.36 Err: 7140: TT14004: failed to create the demon TimesTen: couldn't reproduce oraagent for "/ work/oracle/TimesTen_store/ttdemo1 ': has not been initialized Handl Oracle environment

    What are the reasons that the demon cannot happen again to another agent? FYI, the environment variables are defined as:

    ANT_HOME = / home/oracle/TimesTen/ttdemo1/3rdparty/ant
    [email protected]:/Home/Oracle/TimesTen/ttdemo1/info% echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH

    See you soon

    I see no problem here. The ENOENTs are superfluous because it locates libtten here:

    23302 open ("/ home/oracle/TimesTen/", O_RDONLY) = 3

    without doubt, it does the same thing trying to find the libttco.so?

    23302 open ("/ home/oracle/TimesTen/", O_RDONLY) =-1 ENOENT (no such file or directory)

    Thank you for taking the trace. I really want to have a look at the complete file if you can send it to me?

  • NOTE If ordering: could not able to find a source for the article ATPable

    Hi all

    I'm working on test cases where I need to activate the GOP if ATO model element. This model element is also seen point class option as well as a few a mandatory element and some optional component. Based on the selection of this option, * item will be created. I activated this CD in org1 to org2 and. I do SO the entry of the business unit belongs to the Org1.  Now, I have defined a global sourcing (enabled for all the org) for this model where transfer of org1 and transfer between org2 and is mentioned. In addition, I have created local sourcing rule in org1 than 'doing to org1' and sourcing rule in org2 and as "do to and org2. ATP is enabled for the item required org1 to org2 and. With this completed CAWC full refresh and then I tried to plan without mentioning the shipping warehouse. Here I'm note - 'couldn't be able to find a source; mention warehouse on line SO or set a sourcing rule.  Now if I quote warehouse on SO line, then planning will work perfectly.

    Believe that the GOP is not able to see overall supply rule IE 'org1 transfer' or ' transfer between org2 and. But I can work with local sourcing rule is to say 'make org1' or ' do to org2 and "if I mention warehouse on so.  so I did failed to make any other installation program in order to GOP advise me warehouse and corresponding available date?

    Please notify.

    Thank you / Dipak

    I got this answer to my own question. As we allow the GOP first, we must define certain profile options. as MRP: together for the assignment of ATP and MSC: ATP assignment together. This was missing. After you set this option to profile, it works fine.


  • Not able to connect remotely by using the oracle db client.


    I am trying to connect to the database remotely. I installed the Oracle client on my local machine (Windows 7) and try to connect to db.

    I am able to do tnsping.  Here is the log.

    But when I try to connect I get ORA-12504: TNS:listener was not the SERVICE_NAME mistakenly CONNECT_DATA.

    Here is the full changelog.

    C:\Windows\System32 > tnsping DEVDB

    AMT Ping Utility for 32-bit Windows: Version - Production on 20-AUG-2

    013 14:18:42

    Copyright (c) 1997, 2010, Oracle.  All rights reserved.

    Use settings files:


    EZCONNECT adapter used to resolve the alias


    (COL = TCP)(HOST= (PORT = 1521)))

    OK (560 msec)

    C:\Windows\System32 > sqlplus test1/***@devdb

    SQL * more: Production release on Tue Aug 20 14:18:47 2013

    Copyright (c) 1982, 2010, Oracle.  All rights reserved.


    ORA-12504: TNS:listener did not have the SERVICE_NAME in CONNECT_DATA

    Try this EZconnect channel,

    sqlplus test1/***@Oracle1:1521/devdb


    John Watson

    Oracle DBA master HOMOLOGUEES


  • Unable to connect an epson printer all in one to this computer, even if the printer is connected to other computers on my home network

    I get an error when the installation disc connects who says that my computer is not compatible with the program, however, I have another computer running the same operating system on the local network


    What is the printer model number?

    In the error message, the driver is not compatible with the computer.

    I suggest you contact the manufacturer support for drivers that are compatible to run on Windows XP computer.

    Epson support


    As a solution I suggest you read the following article.

    Printer in Windows problems


  • Renamed user AD not able to connect

    Hi guys

    I have a problem with a user with access to vFoglight through LDAP authentication. The user was renamed to AD. (name changed)

    After the name change, the user is not able to connect.

    In the audit trail, the user is first OK authenticated, and then in the same second there is a connection FAILURE.

    I tried to remove the user from the vFoglight, wait for a while and then try to connect again.

    I checked on the AD domain controller, and the user is authenticated OK

    What is a SQL question?

    Any ideas?

    Hi, Lars

    I hope you get a solution to your problem, but someone else might have the same problem,.

    I will be the top my solution to the problem that just had.

    We are in a process to rename all connections of users I have AD...

    And once a connection of users has been renamed to AD, the user could not log on.

    With no errors in the journal errror FMS or on our advertising servers.

    New users was created in correct Foglight, but when the user tried to log on, but still had a connection error.

    I found a solution that works for us.

    I found that when I turned on debugging on FMS, I got this error message in the error log:

    Cannot insert duplicate in the "dbo.sec_user_alias" object key The duplicate key value is (Michael dry).

    We run the Foglight database on a Microsoft SQL Server, so I looked in the sec_user_alias of the table,

    and even that I had deleted the former user in Foglight, the login name and the username was still in this table:

    userAlias username isdeleted

    str_xxx Michael dry F

    So I just update the table of user with this name:

    UPDATE sec_user_alias

    SET username = 'Michael dry - old'

    WHERE useralias = "str_xxx."

    and then I could connect with the new login user name,

    but all the settings for this user and config disappeared...

    And as I have not talked with Quest/Dell about this, I don't know if this is allowed to do.

    and I don't take any responsibility that it will work in your configuration.

    Best regards.


    Update: I found this: Knowledge Article 85132 - 'LDAP user cannot connect after LDAP name changed"- https://support.quest.com/SolutionDetail.aspx?id=SOL85132

    Post edited by: Michael dry

  • Impossible to launch the store "we were not able to connect to the store.this could not have due server problem or the network connection has expired.


    Hi, I'm a first year student at IIT MADRAS. I just got a new laptop (W8, 4 GB RAM, 320 to drive HARD, I3). I had problems to open the store. He said: "we were not able to connect to the store.this could not have come because of problem with the server or the network connection timed out." My connection to the local network requires the proxy settings. PLEASE HELP ME.


    Yes, the speed and connectivity of the internet must be consistent for the applications to work properly.

    I suggest you create a new user account and checkif the problem persists.

    Create a new user account.

    Setting up a new user account is a very easy process in Windows 8. There are two types of user accounts, a Microsoft user account and a Local user account. See this link for more information on the two types of user accounts and how to create them.


    Try to connect with the user account that is having right of the administrator and check if the problem persists.

    I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, please get back to us and we would be happy to help you.

  • not able to connect to the game of google on mobile data store

    I bought gold x 2 lenovo 32 GB vibe.

    in this unit, I am not able to connect to the playstore in mobile data, it says check your connection. But Internet is active n I can navigate can open FB also.

    Yet one thing I'm not receving messages instantly in whatsapp, fb, viber. Once I open the app and then receive only the mesaages.

    and after the last firmware update whatsapp contacts are not synchronized, integrated Lenovo Security app is diabling syning whatsapp contact.

    Please give the solution.

  • Not able to connect to openfiler (web console)

    Hi all

    I have to install VM test lab for my desktop test environment.

    For the test of VMotion, I installed openfiler for a shared data store. Installation has been completed successfully. But when I try to log in to openfiler with openfiler (user name) and the password I had set during the installation of openfiler, I am not able to connect. Error-> user name password incorrect.

    However, when I login root (user name) and password, I am connected, but do not see the full option. There are very few options available.

    Appricate your help.

    Thanks in advance.



    Good. Can mark you as correct, so that it becomes useful for other users.



  • HP Color LaserJet Pro M177 MFP: HP Color LaserJet not able to connect to connected HP


    I try to activate my printer (HP Color LaserJet M177fw MFP Pro) ePrint and much more, but I'm not able to do it cause connection problem, I guess.

    When I'm trying to 'print the information sheet', for example, the printer is not able to connect (stay on 'Sign in' loop indefinitely).

    My printer is less than a Vodafone EasyBox router, with firewall disabled and no specific barriers defined by me.

    Should I set some port forwarding (even if they should apply to ignore the firewall, when turned on) or any other specific configuration in the router?

    the same connection problem, of course, it happens when I do touch printer and console web administration, of course.

    In addition, I'll let you know that my router is not blocking access, for example, to-from the web (i.e. I am able to manage my NAS from the outside, since he admitted to a DDNS) and other local devices

    I alreay set and as DNS pri/sec and had an output of cycle after the series of DNS.

    My printer also has a static IP address (defined by the DHCP protocol, based on the MAC address), so not a problem, I think.

    Thanks in advance for your help,


    Hi Lorenzo,.

    To enable Web Services fumctionality, you'll need to install the latest firmware on your printer (version 20160525)

    You can locate the current version of your printer by selecting configuration > reports > Page of Configuration, the firmware version is listed under the information section on the printer.

    Updated the firmware on Linux by following these steps, but I don't know if the latest firmware is available for Linux or not, try:


    If the latest firmware is not available for linux, temporarily install the printer on a Windows PC or a my and install the latest firmware:


    Kind regards


  • I am not able to connect to my facebook account and the error message reads "this website does not provide information on property." Help, please

    I am not able to connect to my facebook account and the error message reads "this website does not provide information on property." Help, please

    only title bar opens and nothing else... Please help

    Clear the cache and cookies from sites that cause problems.

    "Clear the Cache":

    • Tools > Options > advanced > network > storage (Cache) offline: 'clear now '.

    'Delete Cookies' sites causing problems:

    • Tools > Options > privacy > Cookies: "show the Cookies".

    Also check the cookie exceptions.

  • 2000-2314TU HP: not able to connect to the LAN and Wireless network


    I have a HP laptop and it had Windows 8 is installed. It was very slow so I installed windows 7. After the downgrade, I am not able to connect to LAn or wireless n/w. I think that there are some missing drivers. Can anyone please suggest what drivers should I use?

    You are the very welcome.

  • Satellite L650-11R - not able to connect to public networks


    Although I am very satisfied with my laptop, I have a problem. I am not able to connect to public networks using ethernet cable to some location (not everywhere) with different laptops users have no problem connecting to networks of same that I can't, so I think that the problem is my laptop.

    I always get the error 'unidentified network '. I tried to replace the cable but the problem still remains.

    Any suggestions?

    It is not easy to tell what the problem may be, but it is certainly related to the firewall and network settings. Try to disable the firewall and check the connectivity.

    Try to compare the LAN settings with others who use the same operating system.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I changed from XP to 7 and I can't find my disk for my A495. Can I download or get a replacement drive. Thank you, Dennis

  • Then the Windows Calendar running Countinously?

    Can I get the Windows calendar to run constantly to remind me of things?

  • Speech recognition has problem with speech engine

    When I click on speech recognition, a "speech recognition is not supported in the colloquial" error. A "your current engine by default does not support this measure at the moment" error when I try to set microphone or one of the other options, like t

  • WebWorks doubt

    Hello I'm new to the Blackberry development. I need to develop an application using jquerymobile (webworks). In my application, I need to constantly update the map using gps although exits app., it is therefore possible to run the application in the