I am owner of a mini iPad (MD528LL/A, s/n F4LKQ4N7f193), that I use mainly for the practice of music (iRig); can I upgrade to 9.2.1 and use new apps music?... I read where there are a few problems with older devices!

I mainly use for music practi


There is nothing wrong with this update.

This update is designed to fill a long-standing security hole that took forever to connect Apple.

In addition, this update was tailored to address issues on older models of iDevice.

My advice on the conduct of iOS upgrades/updates.

Ideally, your iDevice should maintain a minimum amount of free storage for 4 to 6 GB or more on any iDevice (more free space, the better it is), plus, more 50%-60% state of the battery to ensure smooth operation, as well as, to ensure the possibility of an update/upgrade installation to update iOS successful.
In addition, it is better to upgrade an iDevice connected to a computer running iTunes with you sync iDevice had and backed up by iTunes rather than OTA Over The Air () using a wireless WiFi connection, if possible.

Doing a major or critical OS update/update may be risky to do in Wifi or cell due to the risk of interruption of data or forged data, causing problems with downloading the OS data and the subsequent installation of the unit.

Also, it is best to do the update/update via iTunes you will get the update/upgrade entire and not only a smaller WiFi download version/serving based on your iDevice to model that can or can not download everything that your particular iDevice needs.

If you have no other choice than to use the Wifi, then make sure that you have a solid and stable connection the will of the signal does not induce the possibility of dropout data.

I prefer the iTunes method because there is minimal risk, and I've never had PROBLEMS with ANY operating system, updates using this method.

Good luck!

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