I am running Windows XP. My Media Player will not work with the .flv extensions. I downloaded many of them and would like to play them.

Someone suggest a solution (i.e. Download Media Player update, patch,... etc.)?

My recommendation is to download/install the free 'VLC Media Player"software.  My experience is that it will play everything will not be Windows Media Player and much more.  It manages files .flv without problem and there is no file to mess with.

VLC Media Player: <> http://www.videolan.org/ >


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  • Windows Media Player will not sync with my iPod

    I have Windows Media Player 11 on my laptop, and when I try to sync my library with my iPod, windows does not show even my iPod is connected. I made my drive by default, but I don't know what else to do.  Other programs such as iTunes and Bearshare see my camera very well, is there something else I need to download or what? I've tried everything I can think of, and I am at a loss.  Can someone help me please?

    Hi VicVicVictoria,

    Windows Media Player are not compatible with the iPod. You may need to purchase a plug-in to sync the iPod to your windows media player.

    Otherwise, you will get assistance from Apple to download and use iTunes from the IPod website.

    For more information, you can check the post from Rami - Support Engineer at the link:


    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Windows xp oem product key will not work with a generic copy of xp family. How can I make it work?

    This HP model is: Pavilion a530e.  It crashed and the original CD is not on this earth.  I installed a generic copy of Windows XP Edition family (the same as the original OS, but different SP level).  I left the empty product key because it would not of him who is on the side of the CPU!  How to fix this?  I have access to the internet and to do automatic updates, but the Microsoft Authentication in Windows Update Web site has not been made.  Help, please!

    The OEM key on the side of your Tower will not work with the XP cd to retail. You need a manufacturer OEM copy such as comes with some Dell, gateway machines.

    You can get the recovery disks that don't require any key to activate it. HP can carry is no longer, but they are available here. Just put your model number in the search:


  • Windows media player will not sync with my device rises the error in the status of the synchronization

    I ripped a cd to my windows media player - I then entered in the sync tab and dragged the album I had just torn off sync - it comes then a full synchronization, please click here for details when I click this, it displays error - I clicked on the Red 'x' and read the following it is not possible to get the certificate to the device. Contact the device manufacturer for a firmware update or other measures to address this problem. My camera is a Sony Walkman - I have previously synced


    Thanks for posting the question to Microsoft Community.

    Let us try the following and see if that helps:

    Method 1: To resolve the problem, try to disconnect and reset.

    See your device manual for specific instructions on performing this procedure.

    Method 2: Check on the Sony Web site for any solution on this, also try to update the drivers for the Sony Walkman device firmware.

    For more information: Understanding sync errors and warnings:


    Note: The article above also applies to Windows 7.

    Windows Media Player sync: frequently asked questions:


    Hope this information helps. Response to help you further.

  • Media Player will not work "Windows Media Player cannot play the file because the required video codec is not installed on your computer."

    I currently have Windows 8.  However, when I try to play a seminar online on the internet, I get the following message is displayed:

    Windows Media Player can not play the file because the required video codec is not installed on your computer.

    Can someone point me in the right direction to solve this problem?

    Please and thank you!


    Welcome to the Microsoft Community forums.

    I understand that you are not able to play a Webinar on the windows computer using Windows Media Player 8.

    I would be grateful if you can provide us with the following information to help us better understand the issue.

    1 you get an error code or the name of the codec to install?

    2. are you able to play other files with Windows media player?

    3. What are the file format of the multimedia files that you are not able to play using Windows media player?

    4. are you referring to the video file saved using Webinar?

    This problem is caused if the file format is not supported by windows media player.

    Codec compresses or decompresses media files. Windows media player uses codecs to play and create media files.

    See the link below for the types of files supported by windows media player.


    You can also refer to a link to find out what codecs are installed on your computer.


    Additional information:

    See the link below if you receive a playback audio codec error but video does not play when you play files multimedia in Windows Media player 11, as shown in the link also applies to Windows Media player 12.


    I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, we will be happy to help you.

  • Satellite L30: CD player does not work with the new HARD drive


    Just bought a new drive to HARD drive of 250 GB to transform my L30-115 has a home server.

    My problem is when both the new HARD disk drive DVD/CD-RW drive of origin are inserted into L30, the computer crashes and I can not even get into the BIOS (I have the latest edition).

    However, when I disconnect the CD player, system boots fine in a system of operating "plain" (command-line only) - BIOS recognizes very well and everything is fine. Idem: as I disconnect the HARD drive and connect the CD player, I am able to work (for example with a live linux system).

    The question is: * how to install a Windows operating system to a new HARD disk drive *? There is no option to boot from USB. What else can we do? I'm not going to invest more money into this old machine. I would like to install the Windows Home Server in there. There is no need to use the CD player later (all other operations will be performed by the network).

    Person not answering, so I'll do it.

    I was able to boot from USB external floppy drive, so the solution is to boot from external CD drive and install the system.

    It is not an exact solution, because the internal optical drive must be removed, so I'm looking forward to see updates to the BIOS level or other solutions for Toshiba.

  • Windows Media Player will not work.

    I clicked and nothing comes up. The plugin windows media does not either on the web.


    Have you recently installed another player?

    Right-click on taskbar - Task Manager - processes and see if WMPlayer.exe is already hidden.
    If the end then on her process.


    Follow these steps to remove corruption and missing/damaged file system repair or replacement.

    Run DiskCleanup - start - all programs - Accessories - System Tools - Disk Cleanup

    Start - type in the search box - find command top - RIGHT CLICK – RUN AS ADMIN


    How to analyze the log file entries that the Microsoft Windows Resource Checker (SFC.exe) program
    generates in Windows Vista cbs.log

    Then, run checkdisk - schedule it to run at next boot, then apply OK your way out, then restart.

    How to run the check disk at startup in Vista


    Have you recently added stores or ANY application from Stardock?

    Using 64-bit Vista?

    Can you think of recent things you did in WMP which could be the cause? Have you added
    recently another player or an add-on for WMP?

    When I try to use Windows Media Player 11, the program does not start, or some UI elements
    are empty - a Mr Fixit

    FixIt - Windows Media Player and other

    Maybe something here
    and here

    Check here the news of WMP11

    Do this to reregister the Jscript.dll and Vbscript.dll files.

    Start - type in the search box - find command top - RIGHT CLICK – RUN AS ADMIN

    type or copy and paste-> regsvr32 jscript.dll
    Press enter

    type or copy and paste-> regsvr32 vbscript.dll
    Press enter

    Restart and if all goes well, it will run now.

    Support for technical problems of Windows Media Player

    Solve problems in Windows Media Player


    Have you recently installed another player?

    Reset your associations:

    How to set default Associations for a program under Vista
    How to associate a file Type of Extension to a program under Vista

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Media Player will not move forward, the picture freezes while the sound continues. Sometimes the image will catch up with the sound, most of the time not. How to fix this?

    After launching a video in Windows Media Player, I tried to jump forward or backward using the "line of play or progress line" at the bottom of the display area. The sound will be either go forward or backward, but the image freezes. Most of the time the image is not catching up with the sound.

    How can I fix that if when I jump the two sound and image to be at the same time?


    You can run the fix of the article and then check.

    Solve the problems of Windows Media Player video and other media or library


    See also:

    Play an audio or video file


    Play an audio or video file: frequently asked questions


  • Flash Player will not work on the Sony Google TV

    Please help me... I got my Sony Google TV for about 2 weeks and I often! difficulties of playing flash videos. It's very painful. I was told that he had built in flash player, but I can't read the ubiquitous flash video. It's practically useless. I just a few days before I can return it.

    Is it a bad unit or has other problems too?

    Where can I call someone who could answer this question with Sony? or Google? Please help me.

    Thanks in advance...
    Bob Lake

    Sorry to see that you have problems with the flash player - if you still have questions after update (ogm_2.1_2010121503ON) support Sony a call and they will be happy to help you:

    http://eSupport.Sony.com/us/Perl/suppor... type_id = 36

  • Windows activation - new hard drive and reinstalled Windows, but will not work with the product key

    Hi all

    My hard drive died so I put a new in and installed Windows on a drive, but when I have just activated and put my product key does not work. In fact, I get this day by putting in and then it says character not aloud.

    Please can someone help? All I've done is put a new hard drive in but guess that Windows detects that the product key has been used on the old, which explains why it won't work on the new. What should I do to activate the key?

    Thank you


    Thanks a lot for your useful replies. I've got in contact with Microsoft and they gave me a key and it worked!

    Thank you


  • The permissions of folder/drive Windows 8 will not work with the Administrators group?

    I read through some of the other questions on the etc folder permissions, but don't really know the answer to this question, or I do not understand what has been the response.

    I did a new install of Windows 8 and have a few records that I stored stuff I now want to use it as well with Windows 8.  As with the other threads, I was getting access denied error etc and have not defined administrators group/full control permissions, but I still couldn't access readers, and my connection is type administrators.

    When I take the disk permissions with my local user rather than to the Administrators group, but, it works very well, even if no one else can access the drives.

    I am confused on how I can make this work for administrators rather than my specific user account, thank you very much!

    If you know that you are a member of the ADMINISTRATORS group, then just browse the classic desktop and open Windows EXPLORER (WINDOWS KEY + E). Right CLICK on the C DRIVE, and then choose PROPERTIES. Click the SECURITY TAB, and then click the entry of ADMINISTRATORS (computername\administrators). Verify that the checkbox under ALLOW checked for each entry. If it not to hit EDIT and tick all the boxes ALLOW. Then click OK and OK. Check the settings for the SYSTEM account.

    If the first step does not work, try this step only. If it does not, click ADVANCED on the SECURITY tab. In the PERMISSIONS tab highlight of ADMINISTRATORS, choose CHANGE PERMISSIONS. Ensure that all are checked in the BASIC PERMISSIONS area. The menu is APPLIES to drop down, make sure it is set on this FOLDER, subfolders and FILES. Click OK, OK, and then APPLY.
  • A few arcade games will not work with the latest version of Flash Player

    I played a lot of arcade games to my hobby

    site and some games display the sign, I did not

    have the latest version installed and a link to some games here.and

    appears with black screen and with the humble mouse click

    text "movie not loaded" on the flash about text of player.

    It makes me very frustrated. I need help! Please, I beg you!

    Thank you, doctor, if you mark your thread as answered, this will help other people who might have the same problem

    a much easier solution. They are unable to play arcade games, but many play other games on the internet.

    Thanks again,


  • Flash player will not work with any browser on any Web site

    Brand new windows 7 Professional 32-bit laptop

    Flash version

    Impossible to read a video flash on any Web site using IE 9.0.5, firefox or chrome

    I get a black and white square. If I right click, I get a box to watch 'movie not loaded' grayed out and "about adobe flash player"

    I have tried all the suggestions on the site... uninstalled and reinstalled flash player troubleshooting, deleted the cache, disabled hardware acceleration...

    also tried installing previous versions of flash player 9 and 10, same symptoms


    It was my CA INTERNET SECURITY suite software. don't know what parameters prevented loading Flash, but when I uninstalled the whole product, flash works fine. Re-install and try to find the conflicting setting with flash.

  • Windows updates will not be installed. Windows media player will not play. Latest updates failed, error notice: 800703EE, 800b0100, 80070026. AVG says security "update server failed" help!

    Help! Last year, Internet Explore kept closing (Data Execution Prevention) so I switched to Firefox, which is great, but since then Windows media Player will not work. Moved this year on the campus of the University and since then (using the University proxy server) install windows updates is no longer. It's a new laptop me issued by the University last year, is come pre-programmed with Vista and Office, Media Direct and other programs, most of which I didn't use.  Technical support here at uni cant/wont help... can you?

    Try the following and let us know the results.
    Run these tools:

    System File Checker

    The system update tool

    Take note of the results of the System File Checker.  Then after you run the two, run Windows Update.

    You are able to update of AVG?
    Any other antivirus (i.e. Norton, McAfee, etc.) has already been installed on this computer?
    When you say 'Nothing' that you tried to install?
    If you disable AVG and then run Windows Update you get a different outcome\error?

    Mike - Engineer Support Microsoft Answers
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  • Media Player Windows Media Player does not work. no error message. nothing at all

    Windows media player will not work. no error messages have nothing at all. its like iff, it does not exsist


    1 did you changes to the computer before the show?

    2. what version of Windows you use?

    3. what version of Windows media player you are using?

    4 when was the last time you were able to access the drive Windows media?

    Provide more information about the issue so that we can better help you.

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