I am running windows xp sp3, the volume icon disappears from the taskbar on each reboot or shutdown/startup.kindly, help any permanent solution known.

I am running windows xp sp3, the volume icon disappears from the taskbar on each reboot or shutdown/startup.kindly, help with any permanent solution known.i should go to the control panel and to recover it again whenever I turn my on.kindly advice, someone machine me a solution permanently this problem.i want to stay always on the taskbar the volume icon.
the honest answer is expected... Thank you!


Try this:

Control Panel - device - sounds Manager - note manufacturer device name and info on the graduating model.
Double click and get the date and version of the driver (if 06 are dates, you use the default windows driver). Now
Click the DRIVER UPDATE (this can not find anything because MS is far behind the certification of drivers). Now LAW
CLICK above and UNINSTALL - REBOOT - it will refresh the driver stack.

Now, go to the manufacturer of the system and recover the last pilot audio/Hi-Fi as a fall.

Download it - SAVE - go to where you put it - RIGHT CLICK top - RUN AS ADMIN - REBOOT

Now do the same for the manufacturer of the device (the one that made the device - if you were using the default windows
you might need to look in the Device Manager - his new driver).

Often, you will need to run the sound card drivers several times to get the latest version installed and will appear in
Manager - Sound. This is because they make back the drivers one at a time and then finally install the
most recent. Look in the Device Manager to be sure that you have installed the version of the driver is the one showing, if not
run the driver again (reset each time) until the shows a correct.

Look at the sites of the manufacturer for drivers - and the manufacturer of the device manually.

Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

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