I am suddenly unable to print a page then through firefox. Still capable of if I go through IE.

I went to print a bill payment confirmation and it would not print, he asked me to send documents,... which he did not no more. Last week it worked fine and if I go through IE it works fine.


My guess is that the printer is not selected in the printer - name box when you start printing, but rather something like the XPS "printer" is selected and that's why he wants to be saved as a "document."

If this isn't the problem, try of the reset described here:


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  • I get an error message, "unable to print Test page. You want to discover the convenience of printing support? Cannot create a file when that file already exists"while trying to print.


    I could connect network printer and also to view its properties, but when I try to print it shows error.

    Example: when I try to print a test page using the network printer, error

    "Test page cannot print. You want to discover the convenience of printing support? Cannot create a file when that file already exists ".

    I already try to remove the printer and installed again, again, has not worked for me. Someone has an idea for this?


    Original title: unable to print using network printer

    Hi chungb,

    Thank you for keeping us posted.

    I would have you post your query in the Forums of Windows Server , as it is addressed to an audience of it professionals.

    Check out the link-


    We know if you need help.

  • Need help as soon as POSSIBLE! Unable to print all pages in PDF format!

    I am trying to print to PDF a 44 page document for client proofing in Indesign CS4. The selection of the print range I always click 'All' and 'Spreads '.

    Week unannounced last he printed only on page 16, with the above parameters. I have all the sections or page numbers or anything that would cause it to not print certain pages.

    There is no errors when it generates the PDF, in fact, it goes through the whole print dialog box very well; except the PDF "finished" appears in place early on with only 16 pages, while the printing dialog box is still ongoing. I have to go back later and print range "17-44" so that it can print the rest and even then, it will only print on page 41 and I'll have to go again and print "42-44", so I find myself with 3 documents. "

    He does it with several documents. It seems to be random, too, like today, I was able to print another document in its entirety because I couldn't earlier.

    What on earth could happen? I have changed all settings as the problem appeared. Thanks for your help.

    I think that if there is a problem in the driver, it would be obvious. You might want to try trashing preferences before you do anything more drastic. See replace your preferences

    There are scripts to impose, but print booklet is the built-in choices.  That said, unless your printer specifiacally told you to make pasta spread, or if you yourself are the printer, DO NOT. It is the printer to impose your file to fit its equipment and you'll just make more work for everyone, or even make your job cannot print, if you try to do his work for him.

  • HP cp1518ni: print a page then error message - paper jam


    Hoping someone can help please:

    I tried to print a 10 page document and my HP Laserjet Cp1518Ni prints one page at a time, each time with a message "paper jam tray 2, clear Jam then press OK". I have remove the tray and there is sometimes a piece of paper that has begun to pick up and sometimes not at all jammed paper. Once the tray is replaced then initializes it before printing a page more.

    Is there something I can do to remedy to this please?

    Thank you, Shaz.

    Problem on this model.  The drive tray 2 roller is probably worn out and must be replaced. Just do a search on google for the maintenance manual as instructions are in the manual. Rollers can be purchased online:


  • My printer will only print one page, then I have to restart the computer to print another

    The printer was fine since purchase, but recently, it will print a page after be on, then if I try to print a different document, he goes as far as the document taking up and looks like it's ready to print, then stops.  I tried to cancel the print job, but he will not - delete it then repeat "delete" in the print queue (but never removes it).  UN-plugging the printer is not clearly the print job.  The only way I can get to print the next thing is completely restart my computer.

    I tried to uninstall and reinstall the printer.  I put on all the latest updates for the printer... I am at a loss :(

    Does anyone have a suggestion?

    In the latest batch of updates to Windows, Microsoft has installed Internet Explorer 11. IE11 caused printer problems.

    Open Internet Explorer, click on help, then click about words of Internet Explorer. It should show the version here. If you IE11, then go to control panel, Windows Update, updates installed, look for Internet Explorer 11. Click Internet Explorer 11, uninstall.

    Restart the computer when you are prompted. Then see if your printer works.


  • I'm unable to print a page, it is not right to print what I see

    I made adjustments to the page I want to print. I increased the font size for me to be able to read my page after printing. However, when I increase the size of the page via the preview print information gets resized and some of the data that is needed is pushed out of sight. How can I increase the font size and keep all the information I want to see preserved on the pages that will print?

    Use of landscape to print that?

    Have you of the shrink fit selected in print preview mode?

  • Suddenly unable to print: Vista, Canon MP460

    We can now print from our PC's X 3200 Acer Vista for our Canon MP460 printer/scanner.  The PC is around the age of 2 months and feel initially worked well.  However, for these last days any function related to the impression siezes up as unresponsive, leading to having to use the Task Manager to close it.  This applies not only to send a doc to print (the doc is displayed as "printing" print queue, but nothing happens), but also try to display Ports in the printer - properties.  We also have problems of suppression is not the queue documents - even if we can force by restarting the PC.  The USB connection between the PC and the printer looks OK - we are able to scan the docs who then normally save on PC, and the copy is too thin.
    So far, we tried:
    (i) uninstall/reinstall print two drivers CD supplied and the Canon Web site.  Some attempts have been frozen, others said that they were unable to completely uninstall.
    (ii) if stop/restart the spooler via a command prompt CMD.  Tried this because some discussion forums referring to known issues with Vista and printers: http://www.vistax64.com/vista-print-fax-scan/75468-printer-always-offline.html

    Don't know what else to try, any suggestions welcome!
    Thank you

    I'm stuck,
    Here are a couple more things to try.  First of all, try to plug the USB cable into another USB port.  If it is connected to a USB hub, try plugging directly on the computer.

    Go to services: click Start > Control Panel > administrative tools > Services and check to see if the service "mpservice" is running.  Make sure it is set to automatic and is started.

    If you have not already, see this download:

    Let us know if this is helpful.

    Thank you
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  • Suddenly unable to print from ms office or internet explore

    all printer drivers current ran windows troubleshooting printing and no problem not detected, allows to print only from mobile phones - until recently print of all without problem

    Hi agaby81,

    ·        What happens when you try to print?

    ·        You receive an error message or error code?

    ·        What is the number and model of the printer?

    You can run the fix it tool and check if it helps: solve printer problems:http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/Troubleshoot-printer-problems

    You can also try the steps listed in the link below:

    You cannot print or print preview Web pages in Internet Explorer on Windows Vista or Windows 7:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/973479

    With regard to:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

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  • I'm unable to print web pages using Firefox. Can I print using IE. Any ideas?

    I have a 2 week old hp laptop - Windows 7 premium home 64 bit - I3 - 370 M - Norton Internet Security - Reloaded Firefox once.
    When I try to print a small window indicates that she prepares and after a few minutes, indicates a failure to print or remains to prepare for so long that I give up and close it.

    See this:


  • MacBook is unable to load the pages, then load suddenly shortly after

    It's hard to explain, but basically, if I try to load a page, it will take too long to respond and doesn't expire, or will say there is an internet connection. It produces about 80% of the time and the other 20%, the page I am trying to load works perfectly and without any delay. I know the problem is not with my internet connection, as the browser on my phone works fine and I tried to use other browsers like chrome, and they always give me the same answer. I also tried first aid in disk utility, disabling the extensions and erase the search history and caches. I had this problem before, and I remember to restart my mac in a mode where it finds problems and rectify them. I thought it was called 'Discovery' mode, but apparently it does not exist. I also tried to play with the DNS settings without a bit of luck. I think that this is where the problem lies, but I can't find anywhere on the internet for help.

    Go step by step by step and test.

    1. turn off the power to the router. Unplug it from the wall. Wait a while.

    Plug it in, back to the wall. Turn on the router. Wait for all lights are light up properly. It will take a while.

    Restart the computer.

    Boot mode safe.


    2 remove Caches.db

    Close all windows and close all applications.

    Hold down the 'option' key, then click on the "Go" menu in the Finder menu bar.

    Select 'Library' in the menu dropdown.

    Library > Caches > com.apple.Safari > Caches.db

    Right-click on the Caches.db file and select "move to trash".

    Close the windows.

    Restart and restart Safari.

    3 remove the test and com.apple.Safari.plist file.

    Empty the trash.

    Quit all applications.

    Hold down the option key and click on the "Go" menu in the Finder menu bar.

    Select 'Library' in the menu dropdown.

    Library > Preferences > com.apple.Safari.plist

    Right-click on it and select "place it in the trash.

    Close the Finder window.

    Turn it back on.    Restart Safari.

    If this does not help, "put back" the com.apple.Safari.plist

    Right click on the trash icon in the Dock, then select 'open '.

    Right-click on the com.apple.Safari.plist and select 'Put Back'.

    4 uncheck if selected Proxies.

    System Preferences > network > advanced > proxies tab

    Unlock the lock if you have to.

    Under "Select the Protocol", uncheck all box if marked cheque.

    Click 'OK' and then 'apply '.

  • Why am I unable to print from the web with Firefox (my favorite browser) and it market with IE?

    Hi, thanks for your time! I have problems printing from FireFox. I use PayPal for print shipping label (I sell on Ebay) and he's a few weeks that I have to use IE to print from the Internet. Nothing is printing from Firefox. And since it is my browser FAVORITE, it's boring. I have the latest Java, reinstalled my drivers (uninstall and install fees). I've tried everything I can think of, but nothing seems to work. Update Java, reinstalled drivers for my Epson Styllus NX215, change USB port, cleared cookies and all things... It works with Internet Explorer. I have to use Internet explorer to print from the Internet... Can you help me to not use IE anymore?

    (o) thank you.

    I use a computer MDG with an Intel CoreI7, with Windows 7 Home premium (64-bit) SP1, 8 GB of ram

    Thank you very much, I already did. It didn't work... the problem is solved by uni at a standstill and re-install Firefox. (the update does not work).

    Thanks anyway

  • Send directions (all) the printer to print a page, then print some sort of page of job description - all pages (sometimes after the document of several pages)!

    How can I stop this?

    The most important things about the 'description' are Document 1 / model: C:\Users\hp-intel\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Normal.dot

    It uses my book and drives me crazy. Can someone tell me - a computer - what to do dumbo?

    Thank you.

    Hello Gordon,.

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    I understand that you have trouble printing to the printer in Windows. We are happy to help you to fix the problem.

    But before proceeding to further troubleshooting, I would like to know some information to help you better.

    (1) you remember recent changes before this problem?

    (2) the printer didn't earlier work with this computer?

    (3) the specific question is all in, print a particular document?

    (4) you are able to print from any other printer?

    (5) what is the brand and model of the printer and the computer?

    In the meantime, please follow the following suggestions to solve the problem.

    Everything first, try to follow the link below and run the troubleshooter, see if that helps.

    Open the printer tro ubleshooter


    If this does not help, try to follow the steps mentioned in the link below to solve some common problems in the printer.

    Solve printer problems


    I hope this helps. Otherwise, feel free to write us again for more assistance, and we will be happy to help you come.

  • Unable to print the web page - want to save the file instead!

    I'm unable to print a page of web... pop box appears, asking you to save the file. When cancelled, unknown error message appears. Other browsers ok.

    This has happened

    Don't know how many times

    is in the last week

    Make sure that your printer is selected at the top of this dialog box, and who print to file is not selected in the middle of this box.


  • HP 8600: Printer suddenly unable to be detected by computor

    Suddenly unable to print more computer wireless.  Message "unable to communicate with the printer.

    Printer prints correctly in its own Help menu

    Many other components of wireless connection (for example: wireless speakers)

    In Device Manager - general tab, get "no drivers are installed for this device."

    Power off the printer and the router. Turn on the router and wait 3 minutes. Turn on the printer and see if it connects to your router with a valid IP address.



    After using the cartrage of the color provided wih the printer, I never had the new fixed color cartrage, I used only black cartrage for my work. last week, I set a new color cartrage is the date of their importation, printed in the coverage of July 2013. Even after trying evrything like allignment, cleaning etc, I am unable to print color page prints always in black and white. Earlier maybe I did something to stop the impression that, even if not necessary it used to print in color if the document is in color. Help, please. its urgent for my son's school assignments

    Kind regards

    Hi Mihsra,

    I see that you can not print in color of the Deskjet 1050. From your description, I suspect that the problem may be in the settings of the computer.

    If you have a Windows operating system, review the steps below;

    Check the print settings

    Follow these steps to check the print settings to ensure that they are appropriate for your print job.

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