I am trying to install Windows XP Home Edition on Xp Pro. How do I?

I am trying to install Windows XP Home Edition on XP Pro. How do I? I load it in the drive, reboot and it won't work.


Without going into why you might want to do this, you may access your computer's BIOS and change the order of boot devices so that it looks first at the CD player.  When you start the computer, watch the screen carefully.  There will be a message that says something like, "to change the system settings, press F1.  The exact text, as well as the key, may be different.

Restart the computer and press the key as soon as you see the message (you'll probably just a few seconds).  Once you are in the BIOS configuration utility, navigate using the arrow keys, the tab and button.  Navigation instructions usually appear at the bottom of each screen.

Here's a 'how to' with screenshots.  Your computer may not be identical, but this should help you in the right direction: http://pcsupport.about.com/od/fixtheproblem/ss/bootorderchange.htm

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  • Stop error: 0x0000007b while trying to install Windows XP Home Edition on SATA hard drive.

    Original title: new hard drive Blues.

    got sata disk hard western digital 500 GB installed, I have tried to download winxp home, got a blue screen

    stop: 0x0000007b (0xF78D663c, 0xc0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000

    I need help

    Hi aqm0207,

    How you try to install Windows XP Home Edition?

    You may receive an error message "Stop 0x0000007B" in the following scenarios:

    (a) a device driver that your computer boot controller needs is not configured to start during the startup process.

    (b) a device driver that needs your computer startup controller is damaged.

    (c) It can also occur if the hard drive in the BIOS configuration is bad.

    You can check if the SATA hard drive is correctly configured in the BIOS (Basic Input Output System) & can also update the BIOS. If you are not comfortable to do, you can contact the manufacturer of your computer for help.

    Note: Changing the BIOS / chipset can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the configuration of the BIOS/chipset can be solved. Changes to settings are at your own risk.

    You can also check this link:Advanced troubleshooting of errors "Stop 0x0000007B" in Windows XP

    Hope the helps of information. Please post back and we do know.

    Joel S
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Error - "product ID you entered is invalid" when trying to install Windows XP Home edition computer.

    Original title: with regard to the installation of windows xP home edition

    Mr President, I am reinstalling windows xp home edition in my acer laptop and its not to take my key and rejecting IE - the product id you entered is not valid. my product key is [deleted txt]. proof of license - x 12-53761 please send a new product to this email id - * E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.

    Hi Renon,

    You can follow this link & check if the problem persists:

    You receive an error message after you enter the product key when you try to install Windows XP

    Hope the helps of information.
    Please post back and we do know.

  • I am trying to install Windows XP Home Edition on a Mac running Virtual PC for Mac 7.0

    I installed Virtual PC for Mac version 7.03 on a Mac G5 running Mac OS 10.5.8. I have created a virtual disk. The instructions indicate to insert the Windows XP installation disc into the CD-ROM drive, and then select "PC/restart" in the menu. The "Operating system not found" message appears in the command shell window, but the virtual machine will not start up my Win XP installation disc. I am able to start a real PC from disk, I tried several, without difficulty. How to install Windows XP on the virtual disk on the Mac?

    Virtual PC for Mac version 7.03 is no longer supported.  Take a look at Parallels Desktop for Mac.

    See also: Windows on G5 Power PC with OS 10.5.8?  and Microsoft will not support Virtual PC in Leopard; VPC cannot see Mac CD/DVD drive

    Carey Frisch

  • Satellite A200 - 1 GB - trying to install Windows XP Home edition but without HARD drive?

    Hello world!

    Recently, I bought a new laptop, Satellite A200 - 1 GB, and after two weeks of fighting against windows Vista I decided to uninstall it and install WXP whose permit, I bought a long time ago.

    I restarted my computer with the Windows XP cd to the inside and I start the system with it, but when it loads all the controllers and I proceed with the installation of windows xp, it says that there is no disk (probably) in my laptop.

    I hope someone can help me. Someone at - it windows XP installation experience in this laptop model?


    The species has been described several times here in the forum of Toshiba.
    Recommend studying a little ;) would use the advanced search option Forum!

    But because you're a beginner, that I'll try to give some useful advice.
    The HARD drive is not visible because you need to first install the Intel Matrix storage controller.
    This controller can be downloaded form or another page Toshiba or Intel page.

    During the installation of XP, you will need to press the F6 key to include this iMSM in the XP installation. You will need an external USB HDD drive to do this.

    But if you want, you can build an own XP CD using nLite software and could understand this iMSM in the XP CD again.

    Please also check these discussions:

  • I tried to install Windows 8.1 on my MAcBook Pro mid2010 running that el Capitan - failed

    I tried to install Windows 8.1 on my MacBook Pro mid2010 running El - Capitan

    Boot camp could locate the iso file or CD the I burnt out of it.

    Any idea? should I try with Win 7?

    On a 2010 model, ISO (or installer USB) is not supported. Can you burn W8.1 to a physical DVD, and try to install using Wizard of BC?

    Please also see using 8.1 for Windows on your Mac with Boot Camp - Apple Support , and check to see if your specific model is listed.

  • I installed Windows XP Home Edition. Can not find the wireless network drive

    I installed Windows XP Home Edition on my spare PC.  Now I have wireless network card in the computer and problems to find the drivers for it, and I don't know what brand it is, so I know it's kind of makes it harder too.  Then I also have to start the computer, but if I press F1, the computer starts well

    I was just wondering how can I get rid of this?

    Disable all devices that can connect to your router (wired or wireless)...

    • PCs
    • Laptops
    • Tablets
    • Smartphones
    • Smart TV
    • Printers
    • Networked storage
    • Another thing that I have not mentioned above!

    Put on your router and wait for the normal light distribution. Then turn on all devices.

    I hope that your ip address conflict went away. Generally ip conflicts can happen when the router is running again without doing the same with all devices later.

    If you have even an ip address conflict, it is possible that you forgot something above or can someone use your router without your knowledge.

    Your router's wireless network is secure? Ideally with WPA2 encryption?


  • Why try to install Windows XP Home edition, I get a message that I need to use the full version. It is the full version.

    XP Professional - Full Version installation problem

    I have an old laptop - been putting up with my old XP Professional - Full Version software so my children can use for games and I get a message that I need to install Windows XP Home Edition - full Version.

    What is the screen, you see? If Yes, are you pressing enter as you should?

  • Newly installed Windows XP Home Edition SP1a Version 2002 works not properly.

    I have a Dell Dimension 4300 S and I recently installed Windows XP Home Edition SP1a Version 2002 from the disc I have. When I try to download the SP2 and SP3 from Microsoft I get this box that says "extraction error." I can't download anything and sometimes, when I'm on the internet on this computer, it says "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close" and I send error report and, sometimes gives me the blue screen and starts dumping memory. Also, it wont let me on the Windows Update page and the computer won't auto updates.

    Does anyone know what is the problem? I reinstalled Windows XP Home Edition SP1a Version 2002 two or three times now and linked the repair disk, and I always get the same problems.
    Let me know if I have to give any specs or whatever it is.

    Love the help I'm getting here. :)

    Sorry for the delay but this is a public forum, the vast majority of us here are simply users of Microsoft products (even those with MVP behine their names which is just an honorary title) as help you others when we can. We have no affiliation with Microsoft, nor do we receive any advantage whatsoever, we are just volunteers. Occasionally, a Microsoft employee can post but it's pretty rare. On your workstation.

    After having reinstalled Windows XP Home Edition SP1a have you installed the necessary drivers? This includes drivers for the motherboard (chipset), audio, video, LAN (network adapter), and so on.  If this is not the case, check the page linked below:

    Drivers & downloads for Dimension 4300 S 

    If you are not quite familiar with the Setup pages both driver below should help:

    Dell - drivers & downloads help
     http://support.Dell.com/support/topics/global.aspx/support/downloads/en/drivers_help?c=us&CS=19&l=en&s=DHS& ~ CK = anavml

    How to download and install drivers in the correct order

    Since SP1a was part of the reinstallation, you will only need to install SP3. The page below the States 'in order to install SP3, you must first have Windows XP Service Pack 1a (SP1a) or Service Pack 2 (SP2) "installed.".

    Learn how to install Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3)
    (see manually install SP3 using the Microsoft Download Center or a CD)

    IMO, it's better to download SP3 for:

    Windows XP Service Pack 3 network installation Package for IT professionals and developers

    I know that the above download is 316 MB and will take time to download, but from my experience, I had much better luck with that route. In addition, you can then save SP3 on a CD if you need to reinstall again.

    Finally, the following page should help you in the process of installing SP3:

    Steps to take before you install Windows XP Service Pack 3

    Please post back should you need more help and good luck!

  • You will need to re - install windows xp home edition after hardware failure.


    I have an old e-machines computer desk (T1842) I bought nine years ago. It comes preinstalled with microsoft windows xp home edition, there is little time, we had a power surge in our House because of an act of God. I didn't throw this computer, so I bought a new power supply and a new motherboard for my computer running again. This is where my problem occurs, the hard drive on this computer became corrupt, and I have to re - install the operating system on it. The only software that has been arranged for me at time of purchase was a two disc set of what e machines calls "recovery disc". I tried to use these disk to get my computer running again, but there seems to be a hardware conflict now because I had to replace the motherboard, etc... What can I do to get my computer working again, of course, I still have the certificate of authenticity of microsoft / label the product key provided on the back of my computer at the time of the purchase, but the product key does not seem to help me solve this problem. I do not want to get my computer working again, it would be nice if I could get a new disk of software that would be compatible with this new motherboard, etc.. Can someone help me please?

    Thank you


    FWIW... The motherboard came with a driver disk? If you use the recovery disk, I don't think you will be able to re - install windows from scratch. Even if you could you would have problems with the product key code, since the code you have is registered to the old mobo. You can click on the link below and follow the instructions to create a Utlity Cd, allowing you to recover your data on the hard drive. It is also full other little tools that will be useful.


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  • How to save with pre-installed Windows XP Home edition SP3 but no install disc?

    I want to save data files on desktop with preinstalled Windows XP Home Edition SP3.  I don't have access to an installation disc.   How can I get a?

    You don't need a Windows installation CD in order to backup data files.  What makes you think do you?

    [The light bulb turns]: you're probably trying to install NTBackup.  My advice to you is to forget NTBackup and get a disk imaging or cloning application.  I propose the following actions:

    Acronis True Image Home 
    Paragon backup and recovery home
    Casper 6.0
    Norton Ghost (used to be the standard for imaging applications, but I haven't used recent editions; if you really want to use a Symantec product, read the reviews on Amazon)

    If you really want to use NTBackup (worth what you pay for it), see http://www.ihatedroz.com/windows-backup-utility-without-cd

  • Blue screen when you try to install Windows XP Home Edition on Satellite L350D-11 has

    When I try to install Windows XP Home (including SP3) on my new L350D-11 has a blue screen after loading the drivers.
    When booting with Kubuntu Live CD (8.x) appears an error message: / sbin/modprobe out anomalous.

    At least I need Windows XP because of some programs that do not work under Vista. Is it possible to install XP?


    Hmm I think the BSOD appears because you didn t add SATA drivers in the Win XP operating system.

    However, you can try to install Win XP on your laptop without the use of the SATA driver, but you can change the SATA AHCI in the BIOS in compatible mode.

    Check it out!

  • Lost the disk to install windows xp home edition

    Two computers: Windows XP Home edition installation disc was lost for computer #1 and I need to reinstall windows on this computer, I have the product key number and the number of OEM for this computer(#1). The question is can I use the installation disc for computer #2 in the #1 computer and use the product number of the #1?

    You * may * be able to get away with it - but you'll probably need to install using the disc and the key to #2 (it is almost certainly integrated in the drive), and then change the key of the injector appropriate using the product key update tool


  • Install Windows XP Home Edition, the lack of CD

    I want to use window xp home edition key given with my laptop for install xp widow, while the CD is missing

    Please see: How to replace Microsoft software

  • Re-installed Windows XP Home Edition...

    I recently reinstalled Windows XP Home Edition, because my computer is slow and someoen suggested you do this. I did it and now everything is gone, which I knew it would be, but when I go to network connection, there is no icons. I tried to add a new network connection, but when I did, it would not connect. Any suggestions on what to do?

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