I ask a question 2.1 update

where are we at on the update? is it done? It is beta and only the devs try it? why it takes so long? I don't think its too much to ask for a reason why its taking so long.

There are pictures of the new bike "Hi, I look like the nokia twist" thing going around and his rumor running 2.1.

all I want is answers to defeat the rage I feel like having to potentially wait a month more for my update of the operating system.

you will be better off buying a new htc device before getting a response from motorola, because honestly, I don't think that they care...

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    1. looks that you sometimes select art or thename of the link and choose "Edit original" and sometimes you just need to open art and make changes. If you say that the ID to change original it updates to the Save.

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    If you ask the question and then choose a solution, the thread will be closed or still can you ask more details?
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    If you still experience this issue, you can return to this thread.
    But, you must clear the flag solved .

  • I don't want to ask a question; I want to register to participate in a current position!

    What a weird way to manage records. I will try to remove this once my registration is confirmed.

    Just to help someone else who finds this question.
    It is a long process and could be better.
    If you wish to register as a volunteer, but not to ask a question.

    through Thunderbird:
    Help > Help content
    currently takes you here:

    at the bottom, click on the button 'Volunteer Mozilla Support'
    which takes you here:

    Under "choose a way to get involved.
    Click on the link "reply to questions in the support forum.
    which takes you here:

    Click on the button "register".
    brings you here.

  • Why do I ask a question in order to register? It seems that this prevents Firefox users to be more involved. I am just wanting to answer a question

    It was much easier to get questions from Mozilla. I'm guessing that you were getting overwhelmed by the number of questions and you just want to stop the false issues. In my case, I wanted to just respond to a post on the "expired Document" message users get the arrow to the left. So I had to ask a question just to do this.

    Thanks for joining in.

    The typical use case is that users have a question. Registration has been moved in the middle of the process because some users could not even start when the inscription was the first step in the process.

    If you start with the support home page (https://support.mozilla.org/), there is a big button "Volunteer for Mozilla Support" under the product buttons, but if you came by a result of Google or another link, you have probably never seen that...

    If you want to participate in the redesign and improvement of the forum, there is a forum separate for it here: https://support.mozilla.org/forums/contributors

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    I never had so many bad register to create an account (I have apparently finally got), or didn't have so much to find a place to ask a question. Whenever I try to connect using Mozilla asks me a password; Ok! I put in the SAME password I created to set up my Firefox Sync account. Obviously, it's not good, it doesn't work! I ask to have a password reset sent to my email address, but I get NO ANSWER - NEVER after multiple attempts. It is one of the most frustrating, aggravating, annoying sites (and I don't really write the real words, by that I expressed to my computer, my wife and anyone else who could almost!).

    Therefore, since apparently I have finally connected, (but I don't know how I did it), can you please answer two questions for me: 1) how can I publish one or the other answer, (since I can almost never connect), or post a new question? (2) do you have plans to support Mozilla like 99.99% of all websites on the web EASY for USERS to access to?

    Sign me up: frustrated!

    Yes, it's not even close to being of Mozilla. Looks like a third company, offering technical support and the price isn't bad either, for me at least.

    You can safely remove this email since it is even remotely related to Mozilla.

    You have any other question or I answered your questions?

  • Why do I ask a question in order to create an account here?

    I wanted to respond to an existing question, but I couldn't do it without another question.

    I tried to ask a new question, but not finishing, which allowed me to write an answer to the question, in fact, I was interested in. But when I tried to submit this response, the system informed me that my account has been inactive because I had not confirmed a question and proceeded to destroy the answer I spent 45 MINUTES writing.

    Registration here seems to assume that everyone is a disabled user, ask for help and not someone trying to provide assistance or additional details about a problem. Maybe my experience just now has me jaded, but when you think of ways to describe it, I find the term "profoundly stupid because it deters the technically sophisticated users to actually answer the questions" inexorably comes to mind.

    Use this link to register as a contributor and not a question (AAQ):

    • Bug 972269 - tell people to ask a question, when they try to register
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    I know I'm bad place talk about Thunderbird, but Mozilla is a name that I trust.
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    Because of this kind of fraud and fake everything, I started using the security of Mozilla products, but it seems I was mistaken.

    Just clarify why two accounts are required to ask a question?

    Thank you

    Currently support.mozilla.org is not a Thunderbird help section. Firefox, Firefox for Android, OS of Firefox and Webmaker are under the banner of support.mozilla.org .

    It has support for Thunderbird, as 2007 or 2008 Web site.


    I don't use Thunderbird myself and I never did support in his favor, so I can't answer your question on GetSatisfaction. But I know that Mozilla has used GetSatifaction for the Firefox support in the past and is currently using "social media" for the support to the army of the great campaign.

    As far as having to register at MozillaMessaging, none of the areas Mozilla share registration information. Addons.Mozilla.Org, the Addons Support forum, Bugzilla, SUMOand quality all require a separate registration and login. Mozilla Persona will unify this process in the near future.

    Another Thunderbird support forum is here.
    MozillaZine for a date back to the time where the Mozilla Foundation was founded and served the semi - "official support" for one for all Mozilla programs until this current SUMO forum started.

    Many users of Firefox, SeaMonkey and Thunderbird long still use MozillaZine for any help or assistance there.

  • First of all, much too darn hard to actually get to a zone forum or contact actually ask a question. Not everyone using FF is a programmer

    How should a user like me (been using ff for 7 years and more) 4 different pages to actually get one to ask a question? Seriously, IE has a better access to the support forums. Now on my real problem. I have a lot of seize up / crashing related to flash player 11, and even the latest version of flash (and yes I have uninstalled all older versions) read like a stale version. Not there at - there no way to get ff to actually work simultaneous flashing or am I just doomed to run chrome instead? Wouldn't a hardware problem because it is just ff (same IE works better at this point), but Acer Aspire 7741z with W7 (and yes I know it's an archaic system but specs are still up to current).

    Rather a longshot but if you think of the Flash problems can cause this

Maybe you are looking for

  • I put a home page for the start, works very well. But when I click on "Home", an old start page loads.

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