I backed up my drive with Idrive before it crashed, but after reinstalling my backup for firefox profiles, I can't return my saved usernames and passwords

I have backed up our hard drive on IDrive, replaced the failed hard drive, but I cannot reinstall my user name registered and saved passwords from saved files. I reinstalled my profile from the back to the top successfully, but the user/passwd news aren't there. I understand that this info is stored in two different places, and I tried to locate the missing files in my Idrive account, but nothing helped. I'm wasting my time or this info is salvageable? Thanks for any help.

SUCCESS! This is the solution I needed. Thank you very much. After resetting my preference signon.importedFromSqlite on the topic: config page by default, deleted the file logins.json in the current profile folder and then I drugs and dropped my old code of my saved files file and VOILA! All of our usernames and passwords reappears.

Thanks Cor - el. Thank you help and time to solve my problem!

Tags: Firefox

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