I bought adobe acrobat, but every time I try to open it I get a message saying that the trial has expired

I bought adobe acrobat, but every time I try to open it I get a message saying that the trial has expired.

Acrobat successfully downloaded.  no problem.  but it does not open.  don't give me the error message that trial has expired and I want to buy it.  I already bought so... I'm stuck.  I tried closing everything down and start again (twice) always the same error.  tried to re - download. no help.  any ideas?


It gives you an option to connect or upgrade this software under license. If yes click identify you / license of this software to go further and turn it on. If it's a perpetual license activate by entering your serial key and connecting and if it is a subscription then just sign in with your Adobe it will activate a said.

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