I called the driver robot that comes up constantly with required updates and it asks me to download this for my epson printer and dell touchpad.

What is the driver robot, and how did get on my computor. Is it safe to download updates and will be charged. Not sure how this me on my computor. If not necessary and it is a scam, so how do I get off this icon my computor. Please help because it's driving crazy me!

Hello gabby6,

driver robot is a control software from your PC for outdated drivers. It is a commercial software similar to "Driver Detective" or similar. You can use it to scan your PC for updates of pilot. It shows where to find the latest updates and if you pay the cost, you can update all of your drivers. You must have downloaded by yourself once without realizing it.

You don't need this! You can use the 'Device Manager' of windows to search for updates of driver by yourself.

You can remove this program in "Start-online Control Panel-online programs". Search for "driver robot", mark it and select "Uninstall".

Regards Dirk

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