I can create a new folder, but it does not appear under my "Inbox".

I made sure that under 'View', my ball is then to display files "All". I do see the new folder as a subfolder of my Inbox, but it does not appear. I try to do it again, and he says that there are already?

I can't understand what is wrong!



It's a Pop or Imap e-mail account?

If the IMAP, you need to register to see the folders created.

If Pop, it should appear.
If it is a subfolder of the Inbox, the Inbox folder tree is reduced or developed?
If the Inbox contains subfolders, then a small arrow appears to the left of the "Inbox".
When collapsed this arrow is just a triangular outline.
When it is developed to display subfolders, the arrow turns black Uni.
You can expand/collapse the subtree by clicking the arrow.

Tags: Thunderbird

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