I can military reconfig PDF Viewer?

I only use firefox as pdf viewer by default (because its simple and perfect rendering of fonts).

Something special litle, I like that firefox 'j' and 'k' shortcut key up and down the document a few line (like vim I knew).

But in pdf viewer batim them become 'next page' and 'previous page', my hand forced to leave the keyboard and use the mouse scroll button.

Is there a way help me reconfig these shortcut?

Sorry for my English poorrr.


Thank you for reporting this issue. 2 shortcuts PDF Viewer is changed recently. You can see the new shortcuts to this article hotkeys - quickly perform common tasks of Firefox section "PDF Viewer".

If you want to customize your shortcut, you can add 'Customizable shortcuts' Add ons in your Firefox. You can add to your firefox by clicking on this link customizable shortcuts .

Hope this answer is useful. Please let us know if you are in need of more support. We are always happy to support our users.

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    As for now, it doesn't. I have a big book PDF and I want to pick it up where I finished the last time.
    And there is no function "mark page in PDF format.

    Hello r5ha, there is an icon to bookmark to the right of the toolbar to the pdf viewer - when you right click you can create a bookmark that will take you to the position in the document where you left...

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    If you want to use Adobe Acrobat, you can simply change the preference that has messed up:

    Go to Firefox > Preferences > Applications and search for "PDF file".

    Beside that, select use Adobe Acrobat (or use the preview) rather than Adobe Acrobat NPAPI 10.1.3

    Adobe NPAPI plug-in does not work on Firefox 64-bit... There's probably a bug where the Adobe Reader update puts this preference.

    (In: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/que.../925239.)

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    Not with Adobe/Acrobat Reader.  You have Acrobat Professional or Standard?

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    I want to stop FF pdf viewer and use my Tracker pdf viewer, as I did before the addition of FF look a pdf.
    I tried to go into options > applications, but it is not listed for pdf display line other than a single line for Tracker.
    I think I need a line that mentions PDFs in the left column, then a list in the right column, allowing me to use the Tracker (if all goes well as a plugin).

    I am lost at this point and would like to have the older FF with no look at pdf, built in.

    Help please.

    Files should always be downloaded if you want to open.

    Some are saved in the cache disk (Flash for example) and others in the temp folder (those passed to other external programs and plugins).

  • Unable to set the paper size at all when using Firefox built-in PDF Viewer

    I use the built-in Firefox pdf viewer and it's fab.

    But if I try to print, I go to the preview before print and go through the layout and it is useless, because it assumes that my book is almost SQUARE, and the only options I have are portrait and landscape. I use A4 paper, like most of the British and European.

    Of course, I can't work around the preview before printing or that it ends up in the wrong settings by default.

    Adjust (default), it is only based on the width (if I set the margins to zero - it's okay), but lacks the lower half of the page because Firefox think my paper is the PLACE for a reason any.

    The only thing that works is to set the zoom to print at 60% and have tiny everthing, which is ridiculous.

    Any ideas? Is it possible to manually set the width and height of the paper?

    Thanks if anyone can help with this - my alternative is to use the Toshiba reader of PDF files, and it prints terribly to be unreadable. The print quality on Firefox is fine, if I could get to fit on paper...

    Hmm, in your screenshots, why mention the title bar of the window Yahoo mail? Is it an attachment that is somehow embedded in the message? If so, can you find a way to see it in its own tab? Sometimes with the right button > setting > Open Frame in a new tab will do, but I did not open Yahoo Mail to experiment.

  • There are many versions I [changed an option] so that PDF files does not open in Firefox. v 42.0, now I have no pdf viewer by default/built-in at all.

    I don't know how long it was, but I decided that I didn't want to use the pdf viewer by default in Firefox at the time, and because things have been very slow in the browser, I disabled the default viewer and set options to ensure that all PDF files that are open outside of the browser and directly in Adobe. I have no memory of what I've done to get there in time.

    Now for c. 42.0 (and 41.0.2, front) when I go to Options > Applications and select one of the "Adobe Acrobat Document" s, my only options are always "ask," "Save the file", or «Use other...» "and there is certainly no option of Firefox Viewer in 'another use. »

    With Adobe Reader latest terms and the fact that they can now push updates when they want, I just * never * use again.

    How to bring back the integrated pdf viewer? I realize there are other pdf viewers and I'm picking through those, but I would still have a browser too.

    Oh, hang on, I missed something. When you go into Options > Application, the content type that you want to change is Portable Document Format (PDF) , which is the standard type application/pdf. (The others being obscure guys like Marlon who are not your problem). Does it work?

  • All of a sudden I can't open PDF files on emails and documents

    Using Firefox and BT Yahoo email on a PC with Vista. This week I was not able to open all documents including the files PDF come to me on email. This has never been a problem before. I tried to empty history as in a previous question, but that did not work.

    The current versions of Firefox have allowed a built-in PDF Viewer that has all of the features that other PDF as Adobe Reader readers have or can not work properly otherwise.

    You can change the action for Portable Document Format (PDF) to Preview in Firefox to use another application like Adobe Reader or define always ask in "Firefox > Options/Preferences > Applications.

    You can set the pref pdfjs.disabled true on the topic: config page to disable the build-in the PDF Viewer.

    You can check the value of pref plugin.disable_full_page_plugin_for_types on the topic: config page and delete the application/pdf if it is present or reset the pref via the context menu by default if you want to display PDF documents in Firefox with another application (i.e. not integrated PDF Viewer).

    See also:

  • I can't open pdf files in firefox, and I tried all the solutions proposed by others. How can I reactivate pdf in firefox?

    I have recently switched to Firefox to Google Chrome, and I find that I can't open all PDFs from the web in some way in Firefox. I can't download them and open them in Adobe Reader and I can't preview them in Firefox, or I can use the plugin from Adobe. I tried to use the solutions posed by users on this site, but none of them have worked. Whenever I have an amendment to the settings to try to resolve this problem, change never allows me to view the pdf file, and the setting reverts to the previous setting after the browser is restarted. I don't like how to display the file, but I need to be be able to see a preview or I need to be able to download it.

    I use an adobe download add-on,, and I have disabled. Now, I can actually open pdf files in my browser shows a preview, or download them as I see fit. Thank you!

    But clearly, there is an error with the add-on.

  • Firefox PDF viewer (plugin) corrupts the files to download

    There is a bug report. We found that files opened in the integrated Viewer (plug-in) PDF can be damaged when downloading using the icon "Download" on the upper right corner of the Firefox screen. When attempting to open one of these damaged using Acrobat files, you receive this error message:

    "There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and cannot be repaired. »

    If we instead to download the file by clicking right into the plugin viewer and select "Save Page as..." ' the file is downloaded intact.

    Is an example where this problem occurred with the file marked: Document of Information Butterfish fishing
    on the page:


    Hello ClayH, a fix for this problem should happen in firefox 26. in the meantime, you could also install the current development version of the pdf viewer, which is available as addon from http://mozilla.github.io/pdf.js/extensions/firefox/pdf.js.xpi and that should already contain the fix.

  • the default PDF Viewer does not work

    I understand that Firefox has a default PDF Viewer, but it does not work on my Mac OS 10.6.8. When I click on a pdf document, nothing happens.

    When you click on a link to a PDF file, you get a blank page or a black background with an empty progress bar, or you get absolutely nothing?

    Can you try to change your setting as described in the following article to launch the PDF outside Firefox and see if that works? After this test, you can change it back and repeat the internal viewer. How to disable the built-in PDF Viewer and use another Viewer

    A little luck?

  • Set preferences to circumvent the new PDF Viewer

    My Firefox preferences for all types of PDF files are set to "always ask" which is what I want. What happens instead, is that they open automatically (very slowly) in the new Firefox PDF viewer. I want to have what I used to have: the ability to decide if you want to open or save, if I choose to open, taking place in Acrobat or Reader. I realize that I can (at least theoretically) set preferences will automatically open in Acrobat, but this isn't what I want. Is it possible to set preferences if I still get the functionality I had before the upgrade to Firefox 19? (I use Firefox on Mac 19.0.2). Thank you.

    Please also make sure that the default action for the entry named portable document (pdf) format in the preferences > applications tab is set to always ask. Then it should work as expected...

    (the screenshot is taken under windows but it will look on your system).

  • I want to disable firefox 19 pdf viewer and use foxit in the browser without downloading.

    I tried two methods that I have heard so far to disable the new firefox pdf 19 viewr:
    -in total: config pdfjs.disable set to true
    -options > Applications > set display pdf application

    The problem: when I'm on the Foxit pdf viewing application, firefox automatically downloads the pdf file to open it in the separate application. Until firefox 19, application of Foxit reader will open in the browser. How can Foxit not having an add-on firefox, I disable the pdf viewer 19 firefox and use Foxit Reader to open PDF files as a new tab in the browser?

    To display the content in a Firefox tab, it generally takes a plugin. If that's not come with the main installer, it seems that you can use one of them:

  • Issue of FF 19 and PDF Viewer

    Thus, the latest version of Firefox 19 comes with a built in PDF viewer.

    The problem I found is that this viewer at the moment does NOT fill the fields of ina PDF, or let the user type in these fields to fill out, or show buttons print and electronic instructions place us at the top of most of our PDF "forms".

    Ex: http://www.tmcc.edu/financialaid/downloads/forms/1213/FINAConsortiumAgree1213.pdf

    This form should display buttons at the top and let a user fill. He does it with the Player plugin. In FF 19 built in PDF viewer, I can't do anything.

    We are doing all our PDF forms to fill out, so if there is a problem, if all goes well a fix or update can be found.

    It is being developed.


    • bug 739043 - can't fill out forms PDF with PDF Viewer

    (please, do not comment in the bug reports: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/page.cgi?id=etiquette.html)

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