I can not access to sites such as Youtube or truckcam.tv it seems that the problem may be with the most recent Adobe flash and firefox as browsers further

I can't access to sites such as Youtube or truckcam.tv , seems, the problem may be with the last Adobe flash and firefox as other browsers work I reinstalled both, but without success, even on the two desktop using Vista and laptop on Windows 7



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    I can't access all of Yahoo Web site. I have no problem with other sites. I have the latest version of Firefox and Java. The problem is not just with the mail. I can't access any yahoo site although my connection is recognized. Each site to yahoo, I get the message "error encountered processing your last request. This site is currently not available. (Error code 603). Try again later. "I tried to restore the system to an earlier date, delete all cookies, empty cache and analysis of viruses and other malware." Nothing helps. Is there a conflict with the latest Firefox, version 31?

    Hello, please try to reset firefox and see if that can solve the problem...

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    Can not connect to my tablet PC.  When the powers of the Tablet, it ask for password and user name of ny, but when I get home it gives message to make sure that the name and the password are correct.  I was on the shelf and I tried to change the workgroup and domain, it askes restart once I did c Hanger, but now I can not open yet.  The PC is running XP and it is old, 15 years!  Help!


    Please see the below article mentioned on the Microsoft Policy on lost or forgotten the password.

    Microsoft's strategy concerning lost or forgotten passwords

    See also:

    Keep secure passwords - Microsoft strategy on move the passwords

  • I have a Mac and I downloaded the most recent Adobe Acrobat, but files will not open.  Any suggestions?

    I have a Mac and downloaded the latest version of Adobe Acrobat to open PDFs on a website that I use.  They have changed something recently and informed everyone stand up to this day, that I did, but nothing helped.  I get a message "pending." I used the menu "develop" Safari to simulate the Internet Explorer, but without success.

    Any suggestions?

    OK, that means that Safari does not Adobe Reader, even if you have a. It is a novelty with the last Safari.

    Just save the PDF file to your computer and open it from there in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat (whichever one you have).

  • Acrobat 8 Professional can not repair acrobat for El Capitan on mac. If I click Cancel the program repairs her self and work. Once I turned off the computer and restart the same problem persists.

    Acrobat 8 Professional does not work when trying to open .pdf documents. Repair instructions does not work. I use OS X El Captain on my mac. However, if I click on the tab to cancel the program request to make changes to the my computer and when I give permission to the program corrections and to open documents (also the work of program OK after the corrections are installed). However, when the computer is turned off, the corrections are not preserved and I have the same problems whenever I start. How can I get a download to make permanent fixes?

    Post edited by: Alvin Strickland - Acrobat 8 Pro initiates changes automatically once I give permission for changes to the computer and does so in a few seconds, the document opens.

    Hi alvins52918593 ,

    Would like to inform that Acrobat 8 Pro is not compatible with this version of MAC OS.

    Please see this KB article for version requirement older:- Tech specs | Adobe Acrobat Pro XI

    Kind regards


  • Can not get driver broadcom 440 x download. He always tells me that the installscript engine is too old

    I have a dell latitude d510.  and just downloaded windows xp turn it back on.  At all the drivers except this one updadted.  Unable to get online without him.

    Try this link and if it does still not properly download, use another browser or system:


    http://www.trademeters.com/ Point of sale software TradeMeters

  • I have the most recent version lines of firefox, but my gmail said I did not. Help, please!

    I have version 19.0, but when I try and open onto gmail, it keeps sayting we don't have browser lates and update it please. I HAVE the latest firefox. The same thing happens when you try and open our msn and e-mail

    You can check for problems with preferences and try to rename or delete the file prefs.js and possible prefs - numbered # .js and a user.js file possible to restore the values all default prefs.


  • Strange icon that will not allow the update to Adobe Flash Player 17 for mac

    When I download the most recent Adobe Flash update for mac I have a strange icon.

    Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 11.09.42 AM.png

    When I double click to launch the update file, I get an even weirder window full of gibberish.Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 11.11.00 AM.png

    If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I'm open. I went through each help file I can find for Adobe and nothing has helped so far.

    Hi Threigia,

    Remove the .mdlp of file name, so that it ends just .dmg.

    We are seeing this behavior with users who have installed of MathLab and we look at why this is happening.  FWIW, this happens to other software THAT DMG files as well, not only the installer of Flash Player.  For some reason when users have installed, MathLab when the DMG file is downloaded, it adds the extension .mdlp for her.  When users try to run it, rather than open with DiskImageMounter, which is what OS X uses to open DMG files, it opens using MATLAB and the result is what you posted.  In this case in the future, simply remove ".mdlp" from the file name and DiskImageMounter will open the DMG, instead of Matlab.



  • I uninstalled the old version of Adobe Reader and tried to download the most recent version; However, I get a message indicating that the new version is already installed.  Adobe is not listed as an Application on my computer.

    I was unable to update Adobe Reader in my computer; then I uninstalled the program.  When I tried to download the latest version of Adobe, I received a message stating that the most recent version of Adobe is already installed on my computer. I don't see Adobe on the list of applications on my computer, any suggestions on what to do? Thank you...

    Hi annac88455204,

    Could you please tell me which OS is running on your system?

    You must remove all traces of the previous versions of reader in order to download a new.

    On windows platform, you can try running the cleaning from the indicated link tool:Download Adobe Reader and Acrobat cleaning tool - Adobe Labs.

    Restart the computer and then try to download the new version from the links provided: https://get.adobe.com/reader/enterprise/

    Please let us know if this solves your problem.



  • I'm trying to upgrade a site from Muse and it keeps telling me that the site has been created with a different version of Muse. I have updated Muse and still can not access the site to make changes.

    I'm trying to upgrade a site from Muse and it keeps telling me that the site has been created with a different version of Muse. I have updated Muse and still can not access the site to make changes.

    Hi rgarden95,

    Can you please confirm the exact version of Muse, you open the file with?

    To check the version of Muse, please click Help-> on Adobe Muse CC.

    Kind regards


  • I can't access any site - this connection is not approved

    I could always access each sites I tried up to what Firefox Version 26.0. Starting then, I can't access any site. I can't even do research on google, I can't access facebook. I can't access the same Support of Mozilla. I had to install Firefox 25 to make this post. I'll post a screenshot with the error details:

    Hope you can help me,
    Thank you

    Problem solved.
    I've seen other people having the same problem and I ran the malware detector, and now I can use Firefox no problem.

    Thanks to you all

  • Satellite L350: Can not access the recovery partition by pressing 0


    I can not access the recovery on a Toshiba L350 Manager. I tried pressing 0 (zero, two of them) at first to access HD-recovery, but nothing happens. Is there something obvious that I'm missing?

    The reason why I want to access is:
    I have a l350 Toshiba with a partially installed windows here. For now, he gets the "starting Windows" and "instalation program's services began" (in Norwegian) which stops with a popupbox saying: "the computer unexpectedly inexplicable, or an unexpected error has occurred. The site amenities cannot procceed. To install Windows, you will need to click ok to restart the computer. Start the installation process. ».

    What started the problem was that during the last part of the installation (after Win7 becomes usable, but above all has been installed), escape was pressed, and the computer has been used normally.

    > I can not access the recovery on a Toshiba L350 Manager. I tried pressing 0 (zero, two of them) at first to access HD-recovery, but nothing happens. Is there something obvious that I'm missing?

    I assume you are using a European model for laptop and so you should try it;
    -Press on F8 laptop computer power on.
    -Then choose fix my computer
    -Then Toshiba HDD Recovery.

    This should allow you to start the Toshiba HDD recovery process.

  • can not access google, gmail, security certificate error

    Can not access google, gmail, some other sites. Security certificate error.

    You may need to update your root certificates.  Read the following article:

    "Members of the certificate program root Windows.
     <>http://support.Microsoft.com/kb/931125 >

    Find the paragraph titled "Root Update Package (intended for Windows XP only)" and click on the link in this paragraph to download a program that will update your certificates.


  • FTP problem.  How can I access my Site?

    I find it very strange.  I can access my website from my old Dell, but not the most recent.  I copied all the files from the old computer to the new Web site, but it cannot connect.  The parameters DW Problem.jpg for the site seem to be the same on both computers.

    On the old computer...

    1. open DW and choose Site > Manage Sites > click on the site in question > Export - this will create a site settings .ste file

    2 copy the .ste to the new computer

    3. on the new computer open DW and click Site > Manage Sites > Import to import the .ste file newly copied (which has nothing to do with the files of the site, just the site settings)

    4 all you 'should' do from here is to make sure that points to the folder root local to the right location (everywhere where you have copied the files from the original site on)

  • I need driver o lightroom, mas appears aviso dizendo that only through making cloud creative desktop. Appears nao ELE no meu computado. JA instalei several times, I can not access creative o mas para aturalizar o lightroon. 8.1 Windows 64 bit

    I need driver o lightroom, mas appears aviso dizendo that only through making cloud creative desktop. ELE nao appears no meu computador. JA instalei several times, I can not access creative o mas para o lightroon driver. Tenho o 8.1 Windows 64 bit. Creating funcionava direito e o icon not dele mill no canto e agora nao tem but Office. Acho a wave o programa Creative cloud, clico e la nada esta pasta. O programa não abre. Alguem pode me help?


    Lighrroom 6 is not a free upgrade from older versions of the software constantly, but rather can be purchased here: link to the purchase of Adobe products .

    Scroll to lightroom and click 'buy '. Click on the text selectable by "I want: 'and select 'upgrade'."

    However, since you have the CC photography plan, you should be able to download and install Lightroom CC 2015 on the site of creative cloud.

    Since Lightroom CC is a new product, it will not show as an update in Adobe Application Manager.

    Instead, press the button install next to Lightroom in the Application Manager.

    If you do not see 'install' by Lightroom in the application manager, please first try to log out and return to: connect and disconnect from the creative cloud desktop application

    If you still have questions, see option 2 in this link: Lightroom does not start or stops automatically after the splash screen


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