I can not move the files to a folder in windows XP, only to copy them, and I get the windows error. This happens on any file or folder.

I use XP Pro SP 3 and I'm having a problem with moving the files from one folder to another, no matter where the folder or files. If I try to move a file, it crashes and it cannot be opened or used. If I move a folder, then crashes all the contents of the folder, and I can't even open the folder, it tells me access is denied, this nothing else. If I try to delete the file, then I get a prompt to error telling me that the file or folder is not accessible, and that access is denied and "make sure that the disk is not full or write protected." If I try to move the files corrupt in another folder, this time I get the message "Unable to move or replace" the file in question and "make sure that the disk is not full or write protected." If it is a document as a text file, then I can open the file and there is a prompt indicating that access is denied. I can then use the text document and save something, but if I close the document and then try to reopen it, all the changes are lost.
It is not this problem if I move the files to an external device or disk drive.
I am running as an administrator.
Right now, if I need to move a file, I copy it to its destination, which is possible and then delete the original file. With the help of a release program was the only way I could delete these files, which could no longer be used.


Hello Closrapexa, welcome.

1. do you have this problem started recently?

I recommend trying the system restore to bring the system back to a State before the problem started. Try this:
1. click on START
2. click on "all programs".
3. click on "Accessories".
4. click on "system tools."
5. click on "system restore."
6 follow the prompts shown to restore your system to a date before the problem started. Although the system restore does not target the personal data, it is recommended that you back up all data such as music, photos and documents in case something is not bad.
Let us know what happens
Thank you!

Ryan Thieman
Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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