I can run dual gtx 260 s in my hpe-170f?

This pc comes with a 1.7 GB gtx 260 card. The mobo is IMPTB-TK pegatron. What I ve read this Board supports the sli or crossfire, but when I asked hp tech, it told me that it was not recommended that they suggested & I could only change to a video card higher performance and would have get better food (watt 460 oem). The only problem I see w / install a 2nd video card is the wireless card is too close to my open pci 16 to adapt to another 260. Also the two cards must be the same or any 2 260 work in sli?

OK, had my response, no sli or x - fire support... time to start looking for a 5xxx ati series I think.

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  • Anyone with a GTX 260 HP graphics card

    My HP Elite 090a is not new and I just realized that the GTX 260 card is running under nVidia card Core @ 576 Mhz Shader 1242 Mhz @ and @ 999 Mhz memory.

    Mine are 518, 1080 & 1008, that I wonder if it is because HP had so many complaints of noise that they strangled the card.

    If you have this card of HP could you tell me your readings

    Thank you


    I would say that I have solved the problem! and for those who descend from the same track here is what I found.

    The card isn't nVidia has designed! the card goes down when not to complete task, if you use a single monitor, then it will tell about 300 Mhz (2D by default) when using a dual monitor default is the minimium 3D which is 518 Mhz.

    As the times mentioned previous, well I think that could have me mucking around with Rivatuner. the reality is that I played COD4 MW and Crysis Warhead maxed out entirely (1920 x 1080) and temperatures did not exceed 73, in fact the map has not sufficiently taxed from its default of 518 Mhz increases the speed of the fan to cool the card and it seems that my i7 CPU is a lot of work, but not enough to cause any concern.

    My HP is a HPE - 090A right now I can say that I am a very happy owner.

    Thanks for all your comments and help


  • 4870/GTX 260 in a m9600t. Will it work? (Worried about power supply)

    What I did the research, the PSU is 460W with 18 amps on each of the two 12V rails, but I have no idea about the brand or the quality of the PSU. That would be enough to run one of two video cards? I am mixes answers ask around.

    The power supply will also run:


    8 GB RAM

    I7 920

    HD 4870 or GTX 260

    Sorry... I was wrong.  There will be at least a 6 pin on OEM POWER supply connector. It would be probably easier if you open your PC case and take a look. There is no document, accessible to the public, I can find that show how many connectors 6 pins are on the block of power SUPPLY OEM.

  • HP Pavilion Elite HPE-035sc: msi iona 1.0 ms-7613 can handle a gtx 750ti?

    Hi I have a

    HP Pavilion Elite HPE-035sc desktop PC i7 870 2.9 ghz 8 GB ram

    Serial number: [personal information]

    Product number: VS311AA

    BIOS: american megatrends Inc. 5.13, 03/03/2010

    BIOS mode: legacy

    OEM power 460w

    I would like to know if the motherboard can support the gpu or not

    Please answer as soon as possible

    Thank you < 3


    750ti GTX requires BIOS version 8.xx.

    This card to initialize not due to lack of UEFI support in the BIOS.

    Discover the Nvidia 600 series graphics cards as they will run on a legacy PC BIOS. The 600 series cards can run on a PCIex16 Gen1 slot. I have not checked this.

    I've seen information indicating that some AMD manufacturers ship AMD cards with the ability to switch between legacy and UEFI BIOS.

    Check out it at Sapphire Tech.

    So these four cards do not work when it is combined with adequate food on a legacy BIOS PC with a PCIE x 16 Gen2 slot.

    The PC can have only one slot PCIex16 Gen1. The cards are not compatible in this case.

    You will need to check the prospective: graphics card power and the dimensions of upgrade to check both will fit your turn.  We must also find a graphics card that runs on a slot PCIex16 Gen1.

    See you soon!

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    Hello Stevebreezer,

    I understand that you want to update your graphic card, but you need to know the specifications of the current motherboard of the computer, is that correct?  I will do everything I can to help with this information.

    Here is a link for the motherboard plug.  I hope this helps.

    If I was helpful, or if you want to say thanks to me trying to help, click on the White Star under my name to give me congratulations. I really appreciate it.

    Please answer as soon as possible.

    Thank you

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    Hi Paul,.

    No, you can not install the 32-bit version of Windows to the sides of the 64-bit version. However, you can have a configuration dual boot (32-bit on a partition and 64-bit on another). In this case you will need two licenses, a license being dedicated to a facility only.

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  • The upgrade of the GTX 260 on my pc a6455d

    Hi all, I want to ask if my PC can receive the size of the GTX 260 video card.

    I have it will modernize as a replacement for my old GF 8400 128 MB

    I asked BFGTech along its length, but I don't yet have an answer.

    Thank you

    The world is just AMAZING!

    Of course there is no overload w/600W, as long as the motherboard conforms to the specifications that it should be designed to (PCIe, etc.). The type of support that said that he need a course in fundamental physics. The motherboard is powered PSU, not the PSU of pushing power to the motherboard. I could spend my old system 145W 2000W, and it wouldn't hurt. Of course, a decent graphics card will probably require an auxiliary connector, be sure to connect only.

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    I reinstalled PPCC2015 yesterday and it still loads but never opens and gives me the same error.  I feel like even if I bought a new MacPro and reloaded all software CC, I'd still have the same result. Very depressed of not being able to run the software I pay for every month.

    In the finder menu, click and hold down the menu REACH. That hold the option key and the library user will appear. Click on the user's library.

    In this folder, go to preferences and find the adobe folder.

    Right-click on the adobe folder and click get info.

    In the permissions section, & sharing, there are three names.

    Everyone should say read & write beside them.

    Open the lock, turn all to read and write.

    Then click on the little train directly under the names or to the left of the lock and the menu drop down click on 'apply to the included items.

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  • What power supply should I get for a dell xps 8700 to run a gtx 970

    With the update of the BIOS A10 xps 8700 can now run the 970 gtx, but in my case, I have the same power supply provided with the xps 8700, I was wondering what psu be will need to run the gtx 970.

    It has been reported that it is better to buy a PSU with a depth of approximately 5.9 "
    Power supply ATX Corsair AX760 760w

    SEASONIC X-650 (650 KM Active PFC F3)

  • Is there a difference between fx. the FX3800 and GTX 260 Nvidia?

    Does someone understand why I got frustrated and confused about all the discussions of this video card?

    Some said that the FX3800 is a stabillity of card - more pro - etc better than the cheap cards - as the GTX 260/285/295 - and some told me that GTX 260 = FX3800. I read on other pages about how people have problems with their GTX 260, recognized as a FX 3800 (not in the body, but by the Nvidia software). Other places recounts how softmod GTX 260 for a FX 3800. Some told me that there is a big difference between these cards - others they look almost - same GPU etc. I read that the difference between the GTX 260 and FX 3800 is just the look of it from the outside - inside, they are confused - and that apart from that only drivers are different.

    I ordered the FX 3800 - believing that he will be more powerful and more stable and give me really good read made domestic PPro CS5 compared to my GTX 260. If I get the same performance and stability by changing just two lines in a text file with my old GTX 260, I feel betrayed... I hope that this does not occur.

    A person from Adobe or Nvidida - please tell us - than there is a differnece between fx. the GTX 260 and the FX 3800 outside appearance and some drivers? If there is no difference between them - I see no other reason to support only the FX cards only $$$... If there is a difference in favour of Quadra/FX - and I hope sincerely - I understand why you choose cards Quadro - but if they are just as good inside - I just feel we have all been misled. I could have saved my money... time will tell - I get the FX 3800 in a few days... can´t send it (rules Danish when you buy as a company) - so I m $ 1000 this month...:)

    I would feel much more comfortable in having ordered the FX 3800 if someone from Adobe could me excactly how much better FX 3800 comes from the GTX 260 - outside to be supported and is not the GTX. And if there is more in it just to change a simple text file? Are there several things happening inside the body - deep inside - that is affecting the performance with FX cards in addition to two lines in a text file? Who can help to answer this question - and I mean, really, to respond in a serious way - not just say - of course the FX is better - because her expenssive more.

    Haven´t we all have experience in other situations? Like buying a car? FX. inside the SKODA FABIA is a VW engine like those used in the much more expensive VW cars. Only difference is the name and appearance - and some comfort. The engine is the same - and in a way, we could say that a motor-point-of-view - the cars are similar. But you pay for the convenience.

    The same thing is happening here? I pay more for FX 3800 for some software drivers, which makes it more stable - and the look of it from the outside, but inside, it's just like the GTX 260? If a graphic-performance-GPU-point-of-view fact, I have two cards that look alike, and I reaaly payroll software and non-material?

    / Morten

    I lie in my bed - think of the nice new bicycle I could buy

    Like this one:

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    I tried to install it on my old pc windows 7, it shows me the same error message.

    I made sure to download the 64-bit version

    I tried to download the 32-bit version, it is recognized by my pc and try to install, but watch the message that my pc is 64-bit. What is quite normal.

    Thank you for your help

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