I can't burn CDs on my Satellite A 100-455


My problem is that I can't burn the files to CD with my Satellite A 100-455. I tried different types of CD, but the driver does not see anyone of them!
The driver is reading CD correctly either CD or DVD. Any idea?

Thank you



What program you´re with the help of burn your files? Are you trying to burn the files with windows Explorer? Maybe you should try another program, such as Nero or cdburnerXP (which is free for download).

Another option would be to go on the toshiba driver download site and download the latest driver DVD-RAM of your machine if it is not already done.

Would be nice if you give some information you give some information on your problem.

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  • HP 15 Notebook PC: iTunes error 4450 - can't burn CDs

    I bought this laptop 2 months ago. It has all the latest updates installed. I bought the laptop computer mainly to house all my files itunes, images and videos. I managed to transfer all the data to the laptop, but my first attempt to burn a CD from itunes, I got an "unknown error 4450.  I then tried burning the files manually on a drive using the Cyberlink burning software which is installed on the laptop and it also did not work.  It starts as it will burn the disc, runs for 30 seconds and then stops and opens drive poster "Audio CD - #0xEB020BED - an unknown error has been found.

    Because I could not manually burn a cd, I suppose that the problem is in the laptop and is not iTunes.  It seems that something is wrong, but I don't know how to solve this problem.  Because the laptop is new, a system restore probably will not solve anything, especially if it's a failure of construction plant.  If I can't burn CDs on this unit, he was buying at all.

    Please notify.

    For those seeking the resolution of a similar error, it was a setting in the default programs in the laptop. The WIndows Disk Image burner is by default to read mp4 files. Once I changed that, it works great now in iTunes and Power2Go.

  • Satellite L655-12 q - CD/DVD-rom can't burn CDs


    I use a Satellite L655-12 q, model number short PSK1EE.
    It has a tsstcorp CD/DVGW, type ts-L633c. My rom reads and burns DVDs fine, but can not read or burn CDs, especially when the size of the files involved is small.

    Can someone please help?

    On this virtual path, it is not easy to say what is wrong, but if there is problem with playback too, it may be a malfunction of the equipment. Perhaps more calibration doesn t the goal and objective cannot be placed in the right position to read/write CD.

    Warranty is still valid?

  • Satellite A20-S103: can't burn CDs

    I use satellite A20-S103.
    my laptop won't burn CD more!
    This laptop uses a combo CDRw-DVD-ROM
    It reads, but he's not burn CDs?
    I looked in the tools and utilities cdrom. I saw a driver called DVDRAM. also I searched toshiba.com drivers latest. She also wrote driver DVDRAM here.

    What is the true driver?
    What can I do to fix this?


    As far as I know, DVD player is automatically recognized by the operating system and you n t need to install any driver. Driver DVD-RAM is something else and it is not only the driver but the little tool too and must be installed if the unit has DVD - RAM drive.

    If you can't burn CD the only thing you can do is to do some tests.
    Try to remove the drive from Device Manager, and then restart the device. The reader will be recognized and installed automatically
    Check if you have any success with the media from different manufacturers
    Try to clean the lens

    If this does not help, I guess that your drive should be replaced.

    Good luck!

  • Can't burn CDs with Windows Media Player


    I have problems with CD burning on my computer satellite phone. Had the laptop for a few months and have had no problems. However only found an extra software with the DVD drivers CD so downloaded it - big mistake!

    I had to restore in settings a few weeks that I could not delete the programs. That s all is well now, but since I was unable to burn CDs in Windows Media Player. I click on "burn" and nothing happens, and the right side says CD has nothing on the subject (it s a blank CD).
    All tried and checked my settings, etc, can't think of what it could be.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I would be grateful for any help.
    Thank you


    I guess that's because other applications have disabled the function of registration of Windows operating system.
    Go into the my computer and right click on the CD/DVD drive. Here, please select the properties.
    Click the recording tab and enable the option enable the writing of CD on this drive

  • How to burn CDs & DVDs on Satellite M60?

    Could someone advise me how to burn a CD or a DVD on my laptop Satellite M60-164. I can't find any software CD/DVD burning on my PC.
    Thank you


    If you use an operating system preinstalled Toshiba then the Sonic Record Now! Basic application must be installed on the laptop.
    This software is capable of burning CDs and DVDS.

    But maybe you want to use another application of part 3? Been to Nero?
    This is a very nice program, and it allows you to burn different types of media.
    For example it allows you to burn and create video or audio CDs.

    It s my favorite.

  • I can't burn CDs of music with windows media player

    I always burned CDs of music in media player, but now when I drag the music to the right area, it does not say how much space is taken. Example: 58 minutes to 80 minutes.  It still reads 79 80 minutes. When I hit the button burn, it crosses the movements as the fire up to 99% complete, and he throws the disc, I get an error message. "Windows media Player encountered an error when burning. Check the burner is properly connected and that the disc is clean and not damaged. "How can the engraver not be properly connected when it is integrated into the computer? My husband thinks I got a virus on the computer, but I do not. The fact that media player is internal, it doesn't have a driver of t - he? Any help is welcome. Sue

    I thought about it finally. I had not ripped the cd for windows in real player, so I guess he has not identified? them. After that I ripped them, they burned fine at the Conference on disarmament

  • error 4450? 4251 error? Can't burn CDs problems even under 76minutes? Why?

    before I could easily burn CD UNTIL I did the series of updates. lately have sporadic success if my playlist is less than 74minutes. I have 10 windows and you want to know if it's the fault of APPLE or windows 10 or my computer? passed verbatim to memorex with the last semblance of be a little more luck, but this process should not be sporadic as he apparently came to be now. I used to be able to burn CDs with 80 minutes even & had no problems until a few weeks ago! Help, please


    I'm surprised that you were never able to burn an 80 minute audio CD using iTunes.  But whatever it is, it's usually a good idea to keep the playlists to burn an audio CD for several minutes under the indicated maximum.  Less than 70 minutes would be a good idea.

  • HP 15-r218nv Notebook PC: the DVD SuperMulti burner can also burn CDs?

    Hello everyone.

    So, I wanted to burn songs to a CD, but it is said: insert a writable disc. I tried Digital Audio and recordable CDs, but still I'm getting the same problem. So my question is this: can the DVD SuperMulti burner also burn DVDs and CDs?

    Thank you if you read this and inform me on my question. Good day!

    Once again:

    The solution is to replace the optical drive.

    Not sure what more to say. If you don't want the hassle to send it you can buy one on eBay and replace it yourself.

    After the back if you need some help with that.

  • because I used my i - pod on my computer, I can't burn CDs more. What has changed?

    I was able to burn the cd before as I used the i - pod, now I can still rip the cd but it does not burn. Is it because I welcomed the songs to mp3, convert status (microsoft i-tunes) and do I change back? How can I change this back?

    To burn a CD, you have basically two options:

    -Turn your mp3 into 16-bit wav files (Google 'free mp3 to wav file converter' - without the ""). Be aware that your files will not be hi fi quality.
    -with the help of a program like CDBurnerXP (Google it) you can burn on the fly - who is transform the mp3 to wav files that you burn. Quality will suffer again.
    To be honest, you would be better, from a point of view quality, re-rip the files directly in wav format - WMP can do this (see Optios, extraction) or software like AudioGrabber (freeware, Google it).
    See you soon,.
  • Can I burn CDs on Mac without disconnecting the files?

    I read the documentation of the product for PES 10 and it says you can not insert a CD and burn a backup on a Mac CD. I can create a file to burn and drop and drag files and folders to it, but this does mean that in doing this I'd get disconntected files and will need to use the reconnect? Is there anyway that I can burn a CD of backup on a Mac without moving the files?

    Open the photos in the editor and go to share > more Options. This allow you to save photos, just not to make a backup of the PSE organizer can use to restore.

  • Can't burn DVDs with my Satellite U500 (PSU9ME)

    When I try to burn a DVD, I get this message:

    The disc is not burned properly, make sure that you have installed the latest firmware for your CD / DVD and try again


    This happens when you use all known DVD formats?
    Have you tried using different brands of DVD?

    What burning software do you use?

  • Satellite A200 cannot burn CDs

    I have an A200 - 1 GB and I can not burn CDs and DVDs only. I tried different programs, but it was the same thing.
    What can be the problem? I want to update my driver, but I don't know which driver is from the download page. So, please help.
    Thank you.

    Have you used the CD s mentioned in the user manual?
    As far as I know Toshiba recommends to use the CD manufacturers listed in the user manual

    However, the problem of material is possible in this case that replace the CD/DVD drive

    Good luck

  • Can't burn my CD using player USB superDrive

    Hai, I just buy my USB Apple SuperDrive - MD564ZM/A and I discovered that I can't burn my CD at all.

    He did not show the black n yellow logo color to my Mac Book Pro, what should I do?

    I have been using Youtube, Google, but I can't find a solution.

    Hi Brenda,

    Thank you for your participation in the communities of Support from Apple.

    I see you have a new SuperDrive USB, but you can't burn CDs at all. What applications are you using to burn your discs?

    If you burn the data files on a CD, you can use the method in OS X El Capitan: If you have problems burning discs:

    If your Mac has a built-in optical drive, or if you connect an external DVD drive (for example, a SuperDrive Apple USB drive), you can burn files on CD and DVD to share your files with friends, move files between computers or create backup files. The disc burn you on your Mac is usable also on Windows and other types of computers.

    1. Insert a blank disc into the optical drive.

      If you see a dialog box, click on the context menu, then choose open Finder. Select "Perform this action by default" If you want to open the Finder, whenever you insert a blank disc.

      The disc appears on your desktop.

    2. Double-click the disc to open its window, and then drag the files and folders you want to burn on the window.

      Alias , the files are placed in the window of the disk. The original files are not moved or deleted.

      Note: If you want to burn the same files on multiple disks, using a burn folder.

    3. Organize and rename the files.

      When the disc is burned, the items on the disc have the same names and places they have in the disc window. After the disc is burned, you can not change the items.

    4. Choose file > burn [disc], then follow the instructions.

      The files that the aliases point to are burned on the disc. In addition, if the records that you add to the disc contains aliases, files those aliases point are also engraved on the disc.

    You can also find some suggestions in OS X El Capitan: If you have problems burning discs.


  • 4251 error trying to burn CDs of the itunes library.

    * - Original title - itunes error 4251

    I can't burn CDs from my itune library. I get error 4251. Help please.

    Hey, Joe M.

    I see that you get the 4251 error while trying to burn CD from itunes library. I'll help you with this problem.

    1. What is the brand and model of the computer?

    2. what application you use to burn the CD?

    3. what security software is installed on the computer?

    4. have you made changes on the computer recently?

    5 is the issue limited to burn CDs from itunes library?

    I suggest you to use Windows Media Player and check if that helps.

    Music, photos, & video: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/music-photos-video-help#music-photos-video-help=windows-vista&v1h=win8tab1&v2h=win7tab2&v3h=winvistatab1

    You can also report this issue in the apple support forum and check: http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/troubleshooting/

    Let us know if you need assistance with any windows problem. We will be happy to help you.

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