I can't connect to internet via wifi

I use a laptop and a second laptop can connect but my office will not connect to any kind of work more after about one year.


Hello pjw7167,

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According to the description, it seems that you have problems with the wireless connection. As I understand it, that you can not access Internet via Wifi.

I need to ask you some questions to help you better.

1. do you get an error message when you try to connect?

2. the problem when you try to connect by cable?

3. were there any changes (hardware or software) to the computer before the show?

Perform the steps in the link and check.

How to troubleshoot wireless network connections in Windows XP Service Pack 2

Answer to us if you are experiencing problems with wireless networks or any other problem of Windows, and I'd be happy to help you.

Good day!

Hope this information helps.

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  • problem with express mini pci wireless lan card. I can't connect to internet via wifi but I can connect to the internet via cable.

    Hello! I have a problem with my card express 11 b/g/n wireless lan mini pci because I can't connect to internet via wifi but I can connect to the internet via cable. whenever I try to connect it repeat to myself that there is a problem with your wireless network card. I tried troubleshooting, uninstall and reinstall the program, but always the same result. I'm updating too but still the same thing. I use a windows 7 Professional on my Lenovo 412. can someone help me? Thank you!


    Method 1: I suggest you to follow the instructions of the link to solve the problem of network card:

    How can I troubleshoot network card?


    Method 2: Troubleshoot wired and wireless in Windows network connection problems


    Reference: http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/R-and-L-Series-ThinkPad-Laptops/L412-Wireless-Automatically-Disables/td-p/264447

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  • BlackBerry smartphones can not connect to internet via wifi


    Can someone help me why I can't connect to the internet using the wifi connection? Prior to that, I can use my internet via wifi with no problems. Should I reformat my device?

    Sorry for the late reply. Please check this article and let me know if this can help.

    "Unable to connect to the Internet, please try again later" is displayed on the BlackBerry smartphone


  • I can not conect to internet via wifi

    I can not conect to the internet using wifi ntl said it's a network adapter error something thing on a yellow triangle on the network 6-4 card, I tried to update the driver but nothing happens

    Help me I'm just a newbie to pc

    my pc is a hp touchsmart IQ772.uk thanks

    Hi paulbeasley,

    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft Community.

    I understand that you can not connect to Internet via wifi.

    Did you change to the computer?

    I suggest that you refer the links and check out them.

    Windows wireless and wired network connection problems


    Network connection problems


    Solve problems, find wireless networks


    The problems of Internet connection


    See also:

    You cannot connect to a wireless network on a Windows Vista-based computer


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  • Computer laptop ThinkPad X4F-not not connect to internet via wifi

    I only am not computer savvy so please keep answers dummied down if possible. I used this laptop last Friday and it starts today and cannot connect to internet via wifi. No problem whatsoever before that. Checked with other computers and devices in the home and the wireless network and internet are working properly.

    Checked this notebook and the wifi is enabled (airplane mode), says its connected to the router (in the connections) but the Scrolls right and said "identification" tray icon Using the LAN works fine. Looked at the wireless card and it says device is working properly and is fully updated.

    This computer is running windows 8, which I still have a problem navigate through the.

    FOR INFO. Lenovo has solved the problem. They refreshed / reset my computer to factory settings and then flashed the video card to install a firmware update.

    It seems that this should be done before they sent me this computer three weeks ago...

  • Laptop freezes when connected to internet via WiFi

    I use the laptop Dell inspiron 15r, with Windows 7 ultimate on it. Whenever I connect to the internet via WiFi, after a while, most of the programs I use freezes, and the internet connection is cut off. The same control panel functions do not occur. Also is not possible the normal closing, and I have to force close down at length by pressing the power button. This situation arises that if I use the WiFi. When I use a LAN cable, no problem. This situation is quite irritating, like many times I have no other choice than to use a wi - fi connection and whenever I use it after a few minutes, I have to restart with force, and the cycle repeats. Please suggest a solution. Thank you.

    Hello Brad,

    I tried the thing of diagnosis, but could not get anything out of it. The problem is now solved because I updated the drivers of network on the Dell site, but currently I am confronted with some problems, that I used to.

    Thank you much for the help.

    Kind regards


  • Laptop: unable to connect to Internet via WiFi

    I can't connect to the Internet when I'm on WiFi. What can I do?



    If your computer has problems connecting to a wireless network, problem of speed or connections dropped then try this simple walk through here: Troubleshooting Wireless.


  • BDP-S570 - does not connect to internet via wifi

    I just bought this today and it does not connect to the internet via wi - fi. I'm entering properly (my iphone, ipad and computers connect very well). I called tech support and they had no idea what either. I then connected with an ethernet cable, updated to the latest firmware and tried again with no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions? It shows that the wireless is OK, but Internet Access - failed. When I return to the guests and have it analyzed the available networks, it shows that I am connected... something is weird. I'm back if I can't make it work in the next day or so.

    Network problems can certainly be difficult to diagnose.
    Here are some useful steps to check where your problem is.

    Check the IP address: is it 192.168.x.xx? or 169.xxx.x.xx
    If you have an address 169 it is a fake connect.

    What kind of network do you have? It's a Modem/Router combo? This is a modem connected to a router and then your Blu - ray player.

    the router/Modem combos are more complicated, and you need to consult your provider of Internet services (ISP) to connect to help. (maybe a MAC filtering problem?)

    If you have a problem with your Modem/Router try get a router and connect to the modem, you can have the best success with a stand-alone router you will have with a handset as they are less complicated to use.
    If you already use a stand alone, try to temporarily disable your security and test it without warranty.

    is the firmware updated on your router (not the S70 but the router) the latest firmware is sometimes useful.

    Best regards

  • Keep the adapter 6 t. 04 you connect to internet via wifi when it is working properly?

    I amhaving the same question a lot of people are seen and think that this is the reason why I can't connect to the internet. I have wifi at my house


    1. don't you make changes to the computer until the problem occurred?

    2. you get any error message?

    I suggest you to try the steps below and check if it helps.

    Method 1: In the Windows wireless network connection problems:


    Additional information:

    The problems of Internet connection: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/Troubleshoot-Internet-connection-problems

    Hope this information is useful.

  • BlackBerry Q5 to connect to Internet via WiFi

    Hi sorry another question please. How to connect to the internet via my home Hub BT 3 WiFi on a Blackberry Q5 Please thank you so much Marianne

    You may also benefit from all that is available through this Portal:

  • When I connect to Internet via wifi adapter screen goes blue

    When I tried to connect internet via wi fi adapter, and when I put the security password to connect screen and wi fi, pops up an error dump becomes blue. In the blue screen appear recently uninstall the installed driver.

    You can solve this problem for me?

    and then I restart my pc the dialog box appears with the error below right.

    Signature of the problem:

    Problem event name: BlueScreen

    OS version: 6.1.7601.

    Locale ID: 1033

    More information about the problem:

    BCCode:                                               fe

    BCP1:                                                    00000006

    BCP2:                                                    85DC2CF8

    BCP3:                                                    43787254

    BCP4:                                                    00000000

    OS version: 6_1_7601

    Service Pack: 1_0

    Product:                                               256_1

    Files helping to describe the problem:



    Read our privacy statement online:


    If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our offline privacy statement:


    Please help me solve this problem


    I would be grateful if you could help me with more information.

    -What is the number of brand and model of the computer?

    This problem can be caused by corrupted network adapters. I suggest to visit the website of your computer manufacturer and install the latest drivers for network and check if that helps.

    Check out the link:'t-working-properly#update-driver-hardware-isn't-working-properly=windows-7 http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/update-driver-hardware-isn

    See also: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/fix-network-adapter-problems#1TC=windows-7

    Let us know the status of the issue. If you need help, please after return. We will be happy to help you.

  • BlackBerry smartphones, I can't connect to Internet with WIFI


    First of all, sorry for my so bad English but I am French ;-)

    I'm so desperate!

    I have a Blackberry Curve 8520. I bought it in July. It worked very well, but since 3 months ago, I can't connect the BB Internet (with WiFi or WAP).

    I tried a lot of Wi - Fi, I tried all the options and now I'm so desperate... Nothing works for me.

    Can someone help me please?

    How do you see that you are not connected...?

    Do you have a data Plan on your mobile account valid BlackBerry?

    Or are you ONLY using WiFi?

    Open your browser > Menu key > Options > Explorer and a game the browser to HotSpot and save.

    Now, go back to the browser and IF you are connected to a WiFi router, your browser will only work.

  • Reinstalled XP, now can't connect to internet via modem/router

    With regard to the discussion:



    I have the same problem as you did.  Did you find the drivers on the xp installation cd?  I have tried and may not consider the content of the cd, all is well in the list, allowing you to install.

    Any additional help by anyone would be appreciated.



    · You receive an error message or error code when you try to access the internet?

    · What is the number and the model of the computer?

    1. check the status of the device in Device Manager. Follow the steps for the same thing:

    a. click on start

    b. click Run, in the Run dialog box type devmgmt.msc

    (c) in the Device Manager window, search the map network drive and expand the drive, double-click the sub element to check if an error message or error code is listed.

    You can also check: how to troubleshoot possible causes of Internet connection problems in Windows XP: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314095

  • Satellite P100: How to connect to internet via WiFi?

    I read a post above that says that the sticker on the bottom of the laptop ' wireless network: no w/l ' means that there are no installed wireless.
    I'm fairly certain that my Satellite P100 has installed. I customized my phone, ensuring that I have added wireless for the school.

    I have an on-off switch for the wireless on the case. Also, when I entered a zone wireless for the first time, a program (Q-Connect) came.
    I reinstalled Windows XP and wonder if it is a software that is missing (which has been the case with other similar programs audio).

    This could be the operator error?
    I don't know anything wireless.
    How to connect to wireless internet?


    First, you must be sure that your laptop has WLan card to 100%. Go to the Device Manager and check the network adapters section. If you will see card WLan (intel or atheros) then you unit definitely has the Wlan card.
    To use the WiFi network, you must configure your Wlan router. Consult the manual.
    You must then activate the Wlan switch on the side of the laptop and use the combination FN + F8 to select the WiFi network.

    For the other steps, you can also check this forum wireless. Here you will find a lot of descriptions.

  • Unable to connect to internet via WiFi


    I am unable to connect WiFi with my laptop. It displays connected to the router but the Red (X) between the router and the network. In the system tray to allow brand yellow exclamatory sign wireless. I am able to connect using my cell phone & macbook pro with WiFi, so there is no problem with the router. When I try to solve the problem using the windows feature, and then he said gateway is not available. I can connect to the internet using the cable & I can connect to the Wi Fi on different router but not able to find out why it does not connect with this router Xfinity?

    Here are the details:

    Laptop computer: laptop Compaq Presario CQ58 155SA
    Serial number: [personal information]
    Product number: B6K01EA

    OS: Win 7 64 bit

    Router: Xfinity Comcast

    Please notify. Thanks in advance.

    Thanks & best regards,


    Say hello to new raj_sach.

    You have to call Comcast and ask another router.  This model is known to have many questions.

    If you take a look at the job for the router (click here), you can see that it supports up to Windows 7.  This means that all users on Windows 8 will have an update of the firmware (even if you have Windows 7, I wanted to report it).  ARRIS published an update that solves a number of problems with this router - but it will not work on the version you get from Comcast.  This means that Comcast will have to release their own update to solve problems.  You can see on this site on the site of Comcast that this router is known to have problems.

    You can see similar problems in this article and this thread.

    Contact Comcast immediately and ask for a new router.

    Have a great day!

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