I can't delete e-mail wiyhout opening of first aid

windiws xp... .i have to open email first before I can delete them please help

Simple. Click the view tab, click the button reading pane and select disabled.

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    We have received an email with the subject Zorpia - not-open and do not know how to delete it without opening it

    You can right click and select Remove from the context menu. But in truth, I wouldn't worry. Unless you download attachments and run or open, or actively follow the links, it is difficult to get Thunderbird to actually expose you to risks.

  • Hello, how can I delete the photos in "open a recently modified and if possible do more not write in it? Thank you

    Hello, how can I delete the photos in "open a recently modified and if possible do more not write in it? Thank you

    olivierm85470095 wrote:

    Hello, how can I delete the photos in "open a recently modified and if possible do more not write in it? Thank you

    In the editor, go to the Edition/Preferences menu, select the second line (Enregist.desFichiers); to zero the last option: "the list of recent files Contains...". »

  • How can I delete the Mail connection doctor accounts

    I have specific types of unwanted accounts listed in the physician Mail login screen.

    How can I remove them if Mail don't waste time looking for them when getting mail.

    Mac OS X 1.10.5

    Thank you

    You delete the mail, use the sign less below the list of accounts (no plus sign, this is for adding accounts)

  • Can not start up and the utility disk first aid failed

    I have an iMac 27 "retina 5K (end of 2015) El Capitan (10.11.2) and 10 Windows via Bootcamp.   This morning when I had finished work on the Windows of the machine side, I tried to start in El Capitan, but it failed silently and turned off the machine itself about the 2 minute point.  I tried new and same problem.  So I checked if I could go back to Windows and ran 10 Windows without problem.  Then I started in the Mac recovery partition to run disk utility and it revealed a considerable number of errors on the Macintosh partition such as:

    -Previous ID in a string of hard link is incorrect (ID =-1130612101)

    (it should be 3164355194 instead of 0)

    Several of the above errors appeared with different numbers

    -Volume bitmap minor meds of repair for orphans blocks

    -County of block free invalid volume

    -Volume header needs minor repairs

    -Lack of notice of thread (id =-1130634630)

    Several of the above errors appeared with different numbers

    Finally the process 'done' with the 'first aid process has failed.  If possible to backup the data on this volume.

    Then I started in an installed USB version of the El Capitan, and while it was successful, he launched a warning when he mounted the volume that I had the problem with: "OS X cannot repair the disk"Macintosh HD"" but I was able to copy the files from this volume and even run applications that have been stored on it.  Tried to run disk utility and first aid in vain as above.

    So here are the questions.

    1 should I guess that nothing can do otherwise erase that partition and reinstall El Capitan?

    2 delete the partition and reinstalled El Capitan will affect my Bootcamp partition or the ability to use Win 10?

    3. I have a Time Machine backup. restore it re - will present the same problem?

    4. I have never had such a massive and unrecoverable failure on a Mac drive and I had used it the day before without problem.  Should I assume that the drive itself is defective and have it replaced?  I ran an Apple Hardware Test and were not problems.

    1 fix

    2. Yes

    3 NO.

    4 NO.

    Back up all data on this disc, including your Bootcamp partition.

  • icons flash on sreen computer when clicked on computer won'nt respond. Can'nt delete e-mail in outlook express window

    Large window IN Outlook express can open e-mail e-mail will not open or cannot be deleted.  Problem with the desktop icons only flashes when clicked on or will be including on one thing and another will be selected computer is a reagent.  Have you tried running running virus scan usually nothing

    Hi Dot25,

    Thanks for posting. I'm a bit confused about your position. Is - this two questions? A when you click on a desktop icon that they just blink and the other being a problem where you cannot remove your email address?

    Thank you
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    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • How can I delete a mail that does not exist?

    Trying to remove my trash an email that says does not exist. He seems to be now my recycle bin to empty properly. I get this message... The file '153539.emlx' could not be opened because there is no file.

    Please, back up all data. Rebuild the mailbox. Try again to delete the message. If there is no change, and if the account in question is on an IMAP or Exchange Server, see below.

    In the Mail menu bar, select

    ▹ mail preferences... ▹ Accounts

    Select the accounts in the list on the left, then open the behaviors of the box tab, uncheck the box marked

    Store the deleted messages on the server

    Save changes when prompted.

  • I can't get my mail to open as the Thursday.I have access to hotmail and impossible to open any message.

    I have to hotmail.when I click to open the mail, the nothing happens and my mail accumulate.

    Hi BettyHuggins,

    Your question about Hotmail would be better suited in the Windows Live Solution Center for hotmail forum, where, one of the experts in this area can provide a solution.

  • I can't delete my mail to Windows mail...

    Moderator Note: Internet Explorer version-> IE9

    I am trying to delete the email in my Inbox to delete in my Windows mail and it won't do anything.

    I can read a message... Remove Hit my Inbox and it will go in the folder deleted... but if I try to empty folder in the folder... deleted items he won't...

    any ideas?

    I am running Vista and Internet Explorer 9

    It worked, and now all of a sudden it will not...

    You will find support for Windows Mail (Vista) in this forum: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_vista-networking

    You'll also want to see this previous & extended discussion: http://answers.microsoft.com/thread/a4274c96-d44f-e011-8dfc-68b599b31bf5

  • I can't figure out how to open my first Pro trial.

    I installed a trial of the first Pro CS6, but I can't access the app. I have Windows 8. I'm unable to open creative cloud, and I can't find it in the start menu or the other.

    As you said, the processor 64-bit and you asked to 32-bit operating system.

    AutoDiscovery of compatibility is architecture specific, depending on whether it is X 86 architecture or X 64.

    Check and confirm that the processor is X 64.

    Then PC format and support x 64 bit version of Windows operating system, it should solve the problem.

    A 64-bit processor can run OS 32 and 64.

  • How can I synchronize 'Local products' Keychain password without first aid?

    I changed my AppleID password.  It works on all my devices, except when I start my Macbook (10.11.3) - 'Local Points' Keychain is still using the old password - should I enter approximately 15 times when connecting.

    I want to run S.o.s. keychain to synchronize passwords, but this option has been removed.

    I tried to uncheck System Preferences / iCloud / Keychain, reboot and then turning to iCloud / Keychain back on, but the passwords are always different.

    What should I do?

    Please disconnect from iCloud in its preferences window and sign back with the new password. No data is removed the servers, and you can get it back by logging. That said, you should always have a current archiveof data for security reasons, even if you do not sign.

    If you use iCloud Keychain when you log back in to iCloud follow one of the procedures described in this article to support to implement on an additional device.

  • can h ow I delete my email without opening them?

    I can't delete my e-mails without opening them first.

    This does not solve the problem

    Please explain exactly what you are doing and what is happening.

  • I can not read the mail or cannot send mail can help me


    I have account hotmail for 12 years, I don't have to face the problem like this. when I connect to my e-mail hotmail id it will open a session and I can not read the mail or I Unable to send mail or I can't delete the mail. pls tell me what to do a possible side help you pls tell me

    Hi romain kumar_803,.

    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft answers Forum. Your question it will be better answered in Forum Windows Live Hotmail. Please repost your question here.

  • Whenever I open an e-mail in windows mail, I can't delete it as an unknown error message appears.

    whenever I open an e-mail in windows mail, I can't delete it as an unknown error message appears up.someone has responded to me, but it did not help?

    Try to compact and repair the database.
  • BlackBerry Smartphones can delete the e-mail without opening

    Is it possible to delete the email rec had on BB8330 without opening it? Too much spam!

    Welcme to Frums!

    Yes, you can highlight the e-mail and press the Menu key (key BlackBerry) and click on delete.  You can also use your shift key pressed and scroll down on several emails and delete.

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