I can't do on my laptop system recovery


I try my laptop HP Pavilion PC g6 recovery but it does not work! I did it last year and it worked, but now it doesn't! The problem is that when I remove the last CD of HP recovery (they are four) since the drive hard, after a while my laptop suddenly stopped! I so want to solve or to get any help here because I really need my work laptop.

Thanks for any help!

It is a possiblity that the laptop overheating causing the closure. Take a can of compressed air and clean all the ports, vents, etc. to ensure good air circulation. You might even live a small fan to the laptop while trying to run the recovery again.

Another possibility is failing hard drive. Use Diagnostics to test and memory. You should have diagnoses in the BIOS (F10 to light) or diagnostic system (F2 to turn on)

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  • HP Mini 210-2002sa laptop: System Recovery

    Product name: HP Mini 210-2002sa laptop computer model #: XD396EA

    OS: Windows 7 starter edition


    Should I for Microsoft Windows 7 starter product key to perform a system recovery?

    If Yes, where can I get it? The only thing I have is the OEM product ID.


    As long as you do the system recovery from the hard disk recovery partition (or from the recovery media, you created when the laptop was purchased), activation will happen automatically via the license of software on your bios chip and a certificate of security built into the operating system - you won't need to enter something.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • How can I create on my Acer system recovery discs?

    I need to store window 7 onDVD (back-up for window 7) for a brand new with Windows 7 operating system already in computer

    I compurt any new branch (ACER expires), already having Windows 7 installed. They advised me 1st step is to have a back-up for window 7.

    I want to do it myself, I began to use the computer again.

    • Can you send me guide/steps to store my window7 on DVD?
    • How many DVDs I need, I have a box of 4.7 GB dvd, so 4-5 enogh?

    Thank you


    When you use the Acer software to make records of recovery, 4-5 should be enough.

    Acer - create recovery discs:


    Your Acer computer includes an eRecovery Management software that allows you to perform operations of restore directly from your disk hard drive , which allows a faster recovery process and no need for discs. eRecovery Management does, however, allow to create recovery discs. The recovery disks will allow you to restore your computer something happened to your hard hard disk .

    Note: According to Acer computer you have your eRecovery Management version may be slightly different, but the ability to create your discs will be available.

    To create your recovery discs backup follow these steps:

    1. Click on the Start menu, and then click all programs.
    2. In the list of programs, click the Acer file, and then click the Acer eRecovery Management .
    3. User account control Windows may request your permission to run this program, click Yes.
    4. In the Acer eRecovery Management window left click backup, and then click create a default disk factory.

      Note: If you use a laptop or netbook, you will be asked to connect your power adapter, make sure that the power adapter is plugged in before continuing, and then click OK.

    5. In the page to create a default disc factory select the drive you want to use for burning the recovery media, and then click Start.
    6. The disc is ejected whenever he has completed burning, if several drives are required insert a new disc when you are prompted, and then click OK.

    What makes a system image is another option, but it will usually more then 4-5 DVD.

    Create a System Image in Windows 7 before installing
    You can make an image of your installation of Windows 7 system and it allows to restore Windows 7 to its state when the image was made.
    1. click on the Start Menu and type "Save" then click on back up your files.
    2. then click on create a system image.
    3 select the location where to save the image of your system, and then click Next.
    4. check your discs to back up, and then click Next.
    5. verify the settings, and then click Start backup to start.
    6. once the backup is complete, it asks to create a system repair disc, click Yes.
    7. Insert a CD or a blank DVD on the hard drive, then click on create disc.
    How to restore Windows 7 from a System Image

    Questions about installing Windows 7?
    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions from Installation Windows 7 & responses

  • can you use an identical operating system recovery disc to restore another os?

    My girls both have a Dell inspiron 3520 windows 8, 1 has crushed no backup or restore points / were leaving that I can use the usb to recovery, I did the OS to work to restore the 1 crashed?

    Thank you Mr President, I have advanced and tried before your answer, and it happened as you say it and open Sys. R,... ty for posting!

  • Can't find NVIDIA drivers after system recovery/factory reset!


    I recently did a factory reset on my PC after problems with too many files corrupting each other, I was unable to install drivers NVIDIA back and found out that I have not GPU NVIDIA or it just could not detect it somehow. I had used perfectly drivers NVIDIA on my PC before the factory reset, so I am really confused and frustrated. I only see the Intel driver in the device under the graphics card Manager.

    My PC (or PREDATOR G3610) info:-Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

    -Intel Core i7 2600 processor

    -NVIDIA Geforce GT545 3 GB

    -16 GB of DDR3 memory

    -2 TB hard drive

    -Multi-in-1 card reader

    -Wireless network

    I thought I was simply my active Intel Driver so that my NVIDIA driver disabled in the BIOS, but I was wrong... I don't see the NVIDIA chipset in the BIOS.

    While trying to install a driver from NVIDIA, I had also came across a problem by which I am unable to do it with a message displaying: "this graphics driver could not find hardware chart compatiable.»

    To my deep appreciation to anyone trying to help me solve my problem. Let me know if you still need the info on my PC. Have a great day everyone! :)

    See you soon ~

    Option 2: Automatically find drivers for my NVIDIA products try here if you don't have already done: http://www.nvidia.co.uk/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-uk

  • HP 15-f111dx: laptop won't start or go to the menu of system recovery?

    So the other day I was cleaning off my laptop and I slipped the keyboard with a towel and I guess I pressed something I wouldn't because he went to a white screen and green-ish (the color of my windows theme 8) and I had to turn off because he wouldn't do anything.

    Now when I turn it on it has the loading of HP and said preparation of automatic recovery screen, but then it's just a black screen after a minute. I can go into the menu of the BIOS (F9) and the parameters of the system (F10), but I can not enter the page of system recovery. When I press the F11 key to make, it said system restore in the corner, but then it goes to the loading screen 'system recovery preparation' just and turns to a black screen.

    I ran a test of the system short on the menu diagnostics and it says verification of DST short of hard drive failed. I got the error code was U4TV68-7J3886-MFPV6K - T 60, 603. Any help here? I don't mind reset my computer to default settings, if that's possible, but I can't exactly go and buy a new laptop now.

    Thanks in advance!

    Short of DST = disk failure hard drive is not / is a failure and should be replaced. Unfortunately HP does not that easy in their later models. On laptops earlier it was open the service door on the bottom and replace the drive. Now, it requires a dismantling almost full access to the drive, as shown in the Service Guide and interview here:


    You can buy a hard drive for $50-60, but if you're not handy with disassembly, you'll have to pay someone to replace. Repair of local pc shop, Best Buy, Staples, etc.



    BTW I hope you did your recovery media using software on the laptop. You will need to start the laptop and install Windows on a new drive. If this isn't the case, it will be an extra $ 40 for the purchase of HP.


  • Virus will not let run me the system restore, and I can't understand how to run a system recovery because there is no return upwards for this computer. It's a basic vista.

    When the computer starts, it must choose to leave a program unknown to the system access everything else it shows is a black screen. When you click on allow, he pulls up a virus scanner that says he has all sorts of viruses, but the program is the virus itself, because this virus program is not really on the computer. When you try to run the system restore, it says that this option has been disabled by the administrator. Also, I can't find how to run a recovery of the system and start the computer to its original settings. Help, please. It's not my laptop which is having this problem, but my roommates computer. Thank you for your time, I've ran out of ideas and was seriously in need of a little help. I tried to repair the system running through prerssing F8 in the boot menu and has not worked. also try the system restore via the SafeMode command prompt does not work either.

    Download Malwarebytes' Anti-malware using another machine. Install it in the
    your roommate infected computer in safe mode and run. Accept all default settings.
    Don't forget to do a backup when offered. I hope you find and
    eliminate the infection.
    "crashbbandicoot" wrote in message
    News: 351ebb9b-60aa-47 d 2-9b 13 - e309f4ee035b...
    > When the computer starts, it must choose to leave a program unknown
    > access the system all that it shows is a black screen. When
    > you click on allow, he pulls up a virus scanner that says that there are all kinds of
    > but the virus program is the virus itself, because this virus program is
    > not really on the computer. When you try to run the system restore it says this
    > option has been disabled by the administrator. Also, I can't find how to
    > system recovery and boot the computer back to its original settings.
    > Please help. It's not my laptop that is having this problem, but my
    > computer of roommates. Thank you for your time, I'm out of ideas and
    > seriously needed a little help. I tried already running
    > repair system through prerssing F8 in the boot menu and has no
    > work. also try the system restore via the SafeMode command prompt has no
    > not work.
  • Reduced image recovery and differences in system recovery?

    I bought Envy of HP dv7 - 7252 portable sr and before use of would like to learn the process of possible recovery of HP Recovery manager.

    Support document http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&taskId=120&prodSeriesId=...

    With Factory Reset of his clear - recovery necessary and disc HP Media HARD will be completely reformatted and created default partitions

    With recovery of Image minimized and Systemm recovery is not if clear what are the differences:

    1. is the only difference that reduced image recovery will not install the evaluation version?

    2. what to partition the preparation process?  for Systemwrittenm recovery which reformats the disk system and which on the reduced image recovery ? Does reformat?

    3. What is the difference between the two to start the image reduced recovery /Systemm recovery and HARD drive recovery HP Media?

    4. default Systemm recovery not delete the partitions created by the user, but reduced image recovery provide a command prompt: delete or not.    It is valid for both methods: the HARD drive and recovery media?

    5. what CAN I DELETE in some SORT MY PARTITIONS AND LOST MY DATA USER WHEN USING image reduced recovery /Systemm recovery?  I found on this forum the recovery media response he no prompt reduced image recovery and default partitions created by the user will be deleted

    Types of recovery

    Your computer can have three types of available system recovery, or he might have only two. Use the type of recovery in order to solve your problem without making further changes as necessary.
  • Where can I find my new hp laptop laptop system software and recovery to open their Web site?

    Where can I find my new hp laptop laptop system software and recovery to open their Web site?

    1. I have install the hp bios system update and failed.

    2. the beginning of HP ENVY 17 laptop u011nr - displays the message "something wrong."

    3. then I do the restore point.

    4. once I did this, the PC can not correctly run windows 10. Has lost nearly 50% function.

    5 then, I run the recovery.

    6 the result is OP deaths.

    I invited, I need to reinstall all windows of the OP and all equipment control software.

    Where can I find my new hp laptop laptop system software and recovery to open their Web site?


    Please use the last item on the following link:




    Kind regards.

  • The serial number on the bottom of my laptop has been rubbed off. I can find it somewhere in the system?

    Original title: my serial number

    The serial number on the bottom of my laptop has been rubbed off.  I can find it somewhere in the system?


    If the operating system is preinstalled, as it appears as the product key sticker was on the bottom of the laptop, NO, you will not find a product key that you can use for any purpose useful in your system.

    The only product key you would find in your system is the manufacturer factory Installation product key that is used for multiple facilities only during the original production.

    If you want to reinstall the operating system, contact the manufacturer and ask him either send you recovery disks to reinstall the operating system, what they should do for a small cost and also ask them if you have a recovery partition on your laptop to do the same thing, which is to reinstall the operating system.

    None of these methods relocation normally requires that you insert a product key when reinstalling.

    See you soon.

    p.s., serial number (SN: xxxxx) is to do with the identification number to the manufacturer if you ever contact them so that they can search for details of your laptop and there's nothing to do with the product key.

  • How can I create system recovery disc for a new laptop with windows 7 Home Premium?

    I just bought my daughter a new Toshiba Satellite with Windows 7 Home Premium laptop last night. The laptop came with a Windows restore disk. How to create a set of boot from the DVD then when the system fails, or I need a new facility? I created a system repair disc and two-disc Image recovery. Is this enough to fully restore Windows 7 to the initial state of machines? (Technology at best buy assured me that it was nothing that I was able to do and that they would do for me for $70.00.)

    In short: my Dell came with a system recovery disk which was very convenient. I would like to reproduce this convenience with Windows 7. Any help appreciated.


    You will need to follow the manufacturers directions to create the recovery media. Looks like you've done that, but Toshiba could only say with certainty. I recommend that you contact their customer service.
    Kerry Brown MS - MVP - Windows desktop experience

  • Pavilion dv7: my Pavilion Dv7 laptop computer does not start the system recovery options

    So it told me to turn my phone off, then back on whilist cling the key F11. But when I do it my is laptop beep loud noise and rest on the logo hp, whilist is on this screen is says 'System recovery F11' in the lower left corner and does not move on the screen, how to fix this?

    Hi @Jaytee2 ,

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome. I read on your HP laptop and get a blank screen or black at startup. Try perform a reset.

    When you perform a hard reset note remove all USB devices. Disconnect all non-essential devices.

    Here is a linkto computer does not start for Windows 7.

    Here is a documentthe performance of a Windows 7 system recovery.

    Do you have records system for this laptop?

    I'd be happy to help you if necessary. How can I find my model number or product number?

    Please let me know.

    Thank you.

  • How can I turn off the laptop after restoring it to factory settings?

    Hello everyone

    I'm selling my Portege R830-10 q If I want to restore it to the settings to factory (out-of-box state) AND THEN TURN IT OFF.

    I brought the laptop to factory settings successfully using the _TOSHIBA recovery Wizard_ and choosing * factory default software recovery (Recover State out-of-box) *. However, at the end of the process of recovery and after everything is back in place I was not able to TURN off the POWER to the laptop. It only gave me the option to restart. After rephrasing it, the Windows installation process starts.

    I don't want to install Windows, i.e. language, keyboard, user account, etc. I want to leave the Windows installation for the person buying the laptop to me. How can I turn off the laptop after the recovery of the system without having to install Windows?

    I would appreciate your help.



    When the recovery process is complete and you are prompted for a reboot just press start button / stop and turn it off. I think it's only thing you can do.

    Anyway, why not start Windows and go through the configuration option. New owner can modify this basic anyway parameters. As username Admin and language and the keyboard can be set as default.

    For example, if you have a picture of German recovery set to German. New owner can change in any case.

  • How can I run a system recovery?


    Anyone know how to run a system recovery? My machine is: Toshiba Satellite L300D.

    I tried ' the power of restraint button for 10 seconds and then press on and hold zero keys "(Http://www.toshiba.com.au-online home > support > FAQ > how can I get System Recovery rum?) but I does not work.
    After I release the 0 key it should come to the top of the screen, but what was displayed is a black white and at the top of the screen theres a small words blurred (fonts may 2-3, I can't read it however).

    Thank you


    Press 0 (zero) key, turn on the laptop, then release the button Zero when appears the Toshiba logo.

    If this does not work, go to the start menu by pressing F8 when Windows starts booting, then go to Windows Recovery Options. You can also run Recoveyr from here (if its Vista).

  • HP G62 371DX: help! Can not perform the system recovery

    HP G62-371DX
    A few months ago that my HP laptop was very slow, then crashed. I have factory reinstall using disks that I have ordered or purchased from HP. It was a time of recovery the first successful I used the recovery disks and after days of updates of the VICTORY, even was running Win 10, without a hiccup. Then, I received a few messages on the hard disk health and prominent failure. I decided to upgrade the laptop by buying a new battery and a HARD drive. When I tried to use system recovery discs to reinstall Windows 7 to factory State, it failed with an error:

    Copy the file fails
    From: F: \PRELOAD\BASE11. WIM

    "" He then reloads the "Windows prepares your computer for first use" MORE AND MORE. Could there be something wrong with the recovery discs?



    You can try to see if the problem is with the recovery disks, would be to see if you can perform a new installation of Windows 10.

    As you mention that you recently update from Windows 7 to Windows 10, a hardware profile on your machine will be recorded by the activation servers

    Therefore, as long as the previous installation of Windows 10 had activated Ok after the upgrade to Windows 7, you can simply create the 10 Windows media on another PC and then perform a new installation as described in the guide on the following link.

    Note: On the activation screen, select "I don't have a product key" - Windows will activate automatically once installation is complete.


    Kind regards

    DP - K

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