I can't download games more

I can't download anythin

It comes with Vista, upgrade install and activate Forum.


They will help you with your question in Forum Vista programs at the above address.

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  • I can't download cloud more and I also was not able to develop my photos in lightroom...

    I can't download cloud more and I also was not able to develop my photos lightroom CC when I got creative cloud. Now I see that I can have uninstalled the wrong cloud. Ideas to help me get it reinstalled?


    Please remove Creative Cloud app and Adobe Application manager using the-

    Install the cloud creative app - https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/help/install-apps.html

    I hope that this solved your query!

  • In 2010, I bought and downloaded Photoshop and elements 9.0 first. I see them again in my account online and havae a new computer. I can't download them more.

    In 2010, I bought and downloaded Photoshop and elements 9.0 first. I see them again in my account online and havae a new computer. I can't download them more. Where can I find them? Or are they just not being supported anymore?


    [title published by mod]

    This error message you get when you try to download from your account.

    This link provides an alternative route;

    Other downloads

  • Can't download games on the site without enabling the firewall off the coast of the first

    I need to know how I can download games such as 'Bigfishgames.fr' sites without having to disable my firewall

    Hello newsinformer,

    Thanks for posting your question on the Microsoft answers Forum.

    Please try the Web site below to download bigfishgames.fr. It seemed to work for many users.


    Once you have downloaded the file to the address, right click above and "Run As Administrator". You will get is more the
    "Run as administrator" or box current user who kept popping up when the Bigfish game manager attempted to install new games.

    If please reply back and let us know if it helped to solve your problem or if you still need help.

    Thank you, Marilyn
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Can I download games on my drive hard (e)

    Hi guys, I'm looking for some advice. I received my new HP Phoenix h9 1040 computer yesterday, 99.6 GB os C car and a 2 TB datedrive1 E drive. I wonder as I play mainly games on the desktop, I'll be able to download games on the E drive and how? As I tried to install a game last night on the E in car, then an expansion for the game kit, it came with a message that could cause the disk to become unstable. Of course, I did something wrong and would like to know how... If I can download games on my E drive because I hardly have any room on my C left disc.

    Thank you.

    Emkins wrote: Hello, thanks, I understand some of the information that you and some of them confused hehe! Yes, you are right with the specifications of the system. OK, I understand that you must change the value by default when you download a game on drive E, the only thing that confuses me is when I click on the E drive, theres no folder to place me games like you have your files on the C drive. Its all very confusing to me, but I hope I do it in the end, if theres any other information on how to proceed would be useful, but many thanks for the information you have given to me already. Thank you.

    Hello Emkins, very probably wouldn't no matter what folder on drive E: If you have not installed the applications on this drive. You can see a system folder, which would by default, that you can not or should not try to access...

    You can go on the E: drive and create a Program Files folder, as it is on the C: drive and install new applications in this folder. Applications that are 64 bit x must be installed in this folder. If you have applications that are x 86 (32 bit) you must create a folder on the E: drive in Program Files (x 86) and install all x 86 (32-bit) applications in this folder. It is the way in which these programs are installed by default in the C: drive. If you do not create the Program Files folder and the Program Files (x 86) folder, any application that you install on the E: drive creates a folder in its own name. Make the program files files and that the path for the installation of these files to ensure that they all settle in these records and you would not have enforcement records showing on the E: directory tree.

    If you have already installed games or other applications on the C: drive, you can uninstall the C: drive and reinstall them on the E: drive, in the Program Files folder or the Program Files (x 86) folder that you created manually on the E: drive. This free capacity on the C: drive.

    If you have a game that you play, more than others, you might be able to leave it on the C: drive. This should give you the best performance if it were installed on the E: drive, since the E: drive is a flat disc.

  • Can't download games

    When I try to download games on Big Fish game site to go to download the game and it will download Msn, I click on run this file now and then that I click on run. I then this appears C:\Linda\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\TemperoraryInternetFiles\Content.IE5\...\ he also said application not found.

    Hello NmbrLcky13,

    I suggest to you that try to install the games by right click on the .exe and choose "Run as Administrator".
    If this does not help, you can try and install mode without failure. Also, I would try to save the file on your computer instead of using the term.

    Then try the installation again.

    If please reply back and let us know if it helped get your games installed.


    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • I use a nokia lumia 520, I can't download apps more, I always get a message saying "microsoft account is unavailable, try again later", what should I do?

    How can I download apps on my Nokia Lumia 520 if I still get the ' Microsoft account is unavailable try again later ".

    .i can't solve this help please


    I suggest you post the same question in the Windows Phone forum for more help on this issue. Ask your questions with the following information as well.

    1. you are trying to download apps on Windows Store?

    2 have you tried the troubleshooting steps to resolve this problem?

    3. have you made changes on the computer before this problem?

    Here is the link to post your query in the Windows Phone forum.


    Please do not hesitate to visit our Web site for any help with the operating system Windows or OneDrive.

  • Why I can't download games for Windows Marketplace? Error code 80070057.

    So, I downloaded games for Windows Marketplace and I installed it on my computer. When I try to download anything I always get error messige:

    «There was an error recover your purchase history.» Please, please disconnect and try again later.

    ... BUT whenever I have to disconnect and try again, I get the same messige!

    He also said: "component download failed. Try again later. Code: 80070057 "

    Currently I'm trying to download Age Of empires Online, but it happens to everything else, I'm trying to download.

    I think it's important peace that I mention that I live in Serbia (Eastern Europe).

    If you have an idea on how to help me solve this problem, I would really appritiate it.

    Also, I'm a newbe with these things, so step by step solution would be useful. :)


    I suggest the repost your request on the following link.

    Games for Windows Live Forum: http://forums.xbox.com/gfw/technical_support/marketplace/f/271.aspx

    Hope this information is useful.

  • can I download games on my sony walkman nwz e475

    I just want to know if there is a way to download more games on my walkman nwz e475 and if so, how...

    Hi summer,

    Welcome to the community of Sony!

    Games cannot be downloaded in this Walkman player.

    Thank you for your message.

  • I can't uninstall the games by using the control panel and I can not play games more... * OB... OB...

    Another problem of mine.

    > I use Windows Vista.

    > I can't uninstall the game in Control Panel.

    > When I click on uninstall, it says:

    "An error has occurred trying to uninstall (games).
    It may have already been uninstalled.

    You want to remove programs (games) and
    Feature lists? »

    > When I click on Yes, the game is still there.
    Even if I switch off the coast or restart the laptop.

    > Now, the problem is, I can't play (reflexorator) a few games my
    laptop. As there is no icon of the application that links to the game.

    > Means that there is stuff like: image folder, etc. But no icon than a link to the game.

    > It get worse when each game or stuff I download from the Internet as shockwave will not work.

    > When I click on it (after downloading), he said:

    «Windows cannot find @# $% ^.» Make sure you typed the name correctly and try again"

    > What should I do? Can you help me??

    > I use McAfee Anti-virus.



    To resolve this problem, you must install the Windows Installer Cleanup utility as administrator. To do this, right click on the Setup file (msicuu2.exe) and choose Run as administrator. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type your password, or click on continue.

    All the best!

    Thank you, and in what concerns:

    Diana D D - Microsoft technical support.

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  • Firefox tells me I'm aware, but he also says that I am under 16 version. I can't download a more current (says file not found).

    When I got Firefox > on Firefox, it tells me I have 16.0.2
    However he also told me that I am up to date.
    Based on a quick search, it seems that you are on twenty something!
    I tried to download a new one (for mac, British English), but it says "file not found".

    Don't know what to do.

    The current versions of Firefox requires OS X 10.6 or later, so if you want to continue using Firefox beyond Firefox 16, you must upgrade to OS X 10.6.8 or later version.

    Firefox 16.0.2 is the last version that works on an Intel Mac with OS OS X 10.5.

  • can't download games real arcade

    I did a restore as recommended but and still no luck.  Now I get a different error.  It says Win32Dep.Lua:80:attempt to call method'QueryDword value '(a nil value) can someone please advise what to do next.  (I do not have your original answer since I did the restore)  I'm as Vista Home Premium 32-bit slot.

    Thanks for the help.  I discovered that the problem was with an update of windows.  Problem was solved when we have updated windows with the latest updates.  Thanks again.

  • can not download attachments more

    Hello community

    I searched google for this question and concluded that there is nothing new and about for several years through all the android phones. Now, he touches me, at some point during the last two weeks downloading the attachment has stopped working.

    I tried with both the standard email (error message could not download attachment) app and nine (progress bar stops) it no longer works. I've deleted and reinstalled again, deleted the email account and he has added, changed the download size of email at all, countless restarts, remove / mount SD card - nothing helps so far...

    You have ideas in addition to the reset to factory?

    Thank you!

    It works again, it seems that Microsoft has solved the problem.

  • How can I download Youtube videos on my mac? Real used to work and it does not longer.

    I can't download YouTube more. I have FF 20.0 and use mac os x 10.8. Real used to work, but no more.

    Hello tabarsi, you can use one of the many extensions available in addons.mozilla.org.

  • Cannot run Real Player or download games from Vista updates this weekend

    Since set windows to update this weeked - 3 automatic updates - now Real Player will not work and I can't download games.  Any suggestions?


    If please review the history of updates to Windows and let me know the updates that have been installed.

    Once you know which were the updates, then do a system restore to the date where everything worked fine on the computer.
    System Restore: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/936212

    All the best!

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