I can't download photos from my iphone to my PC.

I can't download photos from my iphone to my PC. The PC recognize itunes and syncing with the iphone. However, the pc does not recognize the iphone as an external device (i.e. the camera).  Therefore, I don't see the iphone under the computer as a device options. Also, I checked the autoload settings and they are correct, but the PC does not always recognize nor does automatically load the Iphone. I spoke with the support technique apple and they said this isn't a problem with the iphone, but it is rather a problem with Microsoft. can you help me please?

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1. were you able to download photos from Iphone earlier?

2 recent changes on your computer?

3. are you any error when uploading pictures?

You can try this method.

If you click Start and in the AutoPlay to start search type and then should see AutoPlay fill under programs select auto play.

Once in Auto play scroll devices and see if you see your Iphone within devices click the menu drop down and set to import pictures using windows then click ok and then you plug the Iphone and see if it allows you to import.

Also if you want to ask you what measures you take whenever you plug your Iphone just select "ask me every time" based on the Auto play.

The Iphone will not transfer pictures to your computer if the device is locked and you are using an access code. If you want to transfer photos, simply unlock (Slide to unlock and enter the access code), your device to transfer photos.

Note: Connect Iphone to your computer in unlocked mode.

See this link for more information on importing photos:


Also refer to:


After back and let us know if it helped to solve your problem.

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    1. What is the operating system installed on your computer?
    2. What is the brand and model of your mobile phone?

    Yes, you can upload photos from your computer to your mobile phone.

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    If you need Windows guru, do not hesitate to post your questions and we will be happy to help you.

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    A common problem on a MAC, less frequent on Windows based on my reading of the reports here in this forum

    You don't have WRITE permission in the folder where Lightroom is trying to copy the photos to (this file is put in the import dialog box in the Destination panel), so change your permissions.

    For future reference, the 201 is not the error code and no use for us here, it's the number of photos that are affected by this error. In the future, just give the complete error message.

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    You have much more chance of a useful answer, if you post in the forums Lightroom or Photoshop. This forum is for general questions of Creative Suite and not many people come here to answer your question.

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    Transfer the pictures to a PC, then burn to an external drive.

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    If the photos are in the albums of film or Photostream, they can be deleted on the iPhone. Switch to the view of the album which shows all the small thumbnails, press Select, select photos to delete, and then press the trash can or the Word remove. This move the photos of the film for the recently deleted album where they will reside for 30 days to allow you to recover the photos if you wish. If you want to delete the photos immediately, remove them again from the recently deleted album.

    If the photos you want to delete are synchronized from a computer using iTunes albums you can remove them by an another sync. Connect your iPhone to the computer that you synced, select your iPhone in iTunes, select the Photos tab, deselect the unwanted albums and click Sync. The deselected albums will be deleted from your iPhone, but they will remain on your computer.

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    Here we explain how to transfer the photos from your iPhone and iPad for Windows 10


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    She also does not come to the top in the Finder.

    The iPhone is not supposed to show in Finder, but you should be able to see Photos or image Capture.

    What version of Mac OS X you have installed? The last El Capitan Mac OS X 10.11.2 update is supposed to fix a bug that prevented the photos from the iPhone appears in Photos. If you are still running Mac OS X 10.11.1, consider upgrade to Mac OS X 10.11.2.

    If this isn't the problem - have you confirmed on the iPhone that it can trust the Mac?  If this is not the case, start iTunes after connecting the iPhone to USB. Unlock iPhone and when prompted confirm again that the Mac can be trusted.

  • How can I transfer photos from my iphone 3 g on my computer

    How can I transfer unlimited for my iphone 3g to my computer.

    Hello friend.  If you mean the iPhone camera pictures, connect your iPhone to the computer via the USB cable and then open 'My computer', click on that should say 'Apple iPhone' (possibly having a picture of a camera beside him). And then go to the folder "internal storage-> DCIM-> 800AAAAA '. You should find all your photos and videos that you have recorded with your iPhone.

    For Mac users, you can use iPhoto to transfer the images from the camera.

    If you mean the pictures that sync you to iTunes. You can see this step by step guide, it's on the way to copy photos from iPod/iPhone to computer. It is easy to understand and works well enough for my iPhone 3gs.
  • How to download photos from my iPhone in the form of files on my computer to keep permanently?

    Glance. I had a very difficult time, you try to transfer all my photos on iCloud/iPhone to my computer.

    I've had my iPhone for a few years now (I got the 5 c in 2013 and I did not get a new since then), and I went on some trips and have made a lot of memories. So, naturally, I took a lot of pictures. I have about 2200 photos in my iCloud and I received an email telling me that I'll be running out of storage quickly, which makes sense. I want to erase the photos from iCloud to free up storage space, but I don't want to lose my pictures.

    I tried manually download them all from the website of iCloud as files on my computer, which was extremely tedious, because there is no button 'select all'... but my computer started to panic in the process and I only got 303 of them downloaded. I tried to download an app to transfer everything, but it didn't work. I have the option in the Photos app on my computer to save the original photos on my Macbook, but it doesn't work how I expect of him, it is also synced my iPhone: if I remove it from the phone, it deletes it on my computer.

    I really want a permanent solution. It would be a pity to lose two years of memories, simply because technology is stupid. What I need, it's to be a way to download my iPhone to my computer photos so I can erase my iCloud stuff but be able to still have my photos as files on the real computer. Is there a way to do this?

    I think the easiest way would be to plug your iPhone on Mac and use Image Capture to transfer in the Photos App. You could also use iCloud photo library and set it to keep the originals on your computer and optimize the storage on your phone, but it looks like you would have to pay for more storage for this iCloud as a viable option for you.

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    A. what happens when you try to download the photos?

    B. you transfer photos from phone to computer?

    If you are looking for assistance to transfer photos from phone to computer, then here are the steps.

    1. identify the make and model of your cell phone. If you look at your cell phone's user manual, it should clearly say the brand (for example, Motorola, LG or iPhone) and the model (such as the Razr V3M, travel or Dare). If it is not, go to your local cell phone store and let them look at your cell phone and tell you this information.

    2 - Plug one end of the USB adapter into the phone and the other end into a USB port on your computer. Look down to the right of the screen and you should see a window "Install Driver... "pop up. Wait a few minutes to allow the computer to look for driver for your phone.

    3 - search for a window pop up that tells you that "the driver has been installed successfully." If it never comes to the top, or rather a window pops up that says: "the driver was not successfully installed", it means that your computer does not recognize your cell phone. In this case, you will need to look for the driver. Installing, go to step 7.

    4 - go to your favorite search engine and type in the brand of your mobile phone, the model, and then "driver". Sites that have the driver available for download should then appear. Download the driver from any one of these sites. If no site driver, contact your cellular provider and request if they sell a disc that uses multimedia drivers for the phone.

    5 install the driver by double-clicking on it. Before you do, make sure that your phone is disconnected. After installing the driver, connect the mobile phone and it must be recognized.

    6 - go to 'my computer '. Looking for a new disk that has the brand / model of the cell phone in the name or just a picture of the cell phone on the disc. He will probably drive F:, I: or G: name. Double-click it.

    7 - click on 'Start', 'File', 'Settings' and 'Folder Options' and enable hidden files and folders to shown. Then go back to the folder of your cell phone and look around. You should see a folder with the name 'Images', 'Photos', 'Images' or a similar name. Double-click it, and you should see all the images in your cell phone.

    8. Select the images and right click "copy". Go to your desktop, and then create a new folder by right-clicking and selecting "new folder." Open the new folder, right-click and select 'paste '. Your images will be copied from the mobile phone to your computer, where you will be able to access it from anywhere, anytime.

    I hope this helps.

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