I can't download the yahoo toolbar. Help.

I had installed yahoo toolbar and then I lost it all when trying to install Windows 10. I put Mozilla back on my laptop, but when I try to download the yahoo toolbar the message came that there is a connection problem (it was after that Firefox says it will not install it). The site that I tried to download is https://toolbar.yahoo.com/?.intl=us. No luck. Help, please.


I don't know why but some users cannot install toolbars to Web sites of third parties (such as Yahoo and LastPass) when the original download URL is redirected to another URL.

In this case, it starts like:

https://us.toolbar.Yahoo.com/_ylt=AkypkOgcRYp9hr2TbG1teUc0RAUJ?.Intl=us & .redir = 1 & .cpdl = tyc9 & .promo = & sethomesearch = 0

But the server redirects to Firefox:


If you can not understand what blocks Firefox follow the redirect and fix this, you can download the toolbar using another browser. You can save the file as in downloads, for example. Then you can load it in Firefox using one of the following methods:

  • Drag and drop the file as on a Firefox tab open
  • On the addons page (Ctrl + Shift + a or tools > Add-ons), click the "gear" above the list of extensions/plugins and choose "install module file".

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