I can't enter my system remotely (site office) from my house, but can't access websites from here (site office)

DNS server search order has failed

I can't enter my system remotely (site office) from my house, but can't access websites from here (site office). When I go to "network diagnostics" it shows "Server dns search order" has failed.

How can I solve this problem? Please help me.

Hello yazid.

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    When I enter a Web site URL and press enter nothing happens. Same thing with the green arrow next to the address bar. Only by clicking on the links or by typing the URL in the address bar of windows I can access websites.

    Found the problem. Tab Mix more is to be stupid. Dev-update to the current release has not helped, but disable did the trick.

  • Can't access websites after THE bypass switch & certificate FF

    Windows 8 HP

    Because of the problem of IE, I switched to FF. I downloaded the latest version and import bookmarks.

    I had the secure connection is not on Facebook, my Bank and several personal sites. Amazon apparently works very well.

    I found workaround allowing certificates to be accepted on an individual basis.

    This allowed me to see the sights, but I could not access it because of the script running. I can't add troubleshooting because I'm on a different computer.

    Thanks Frank

    Thank you, unfortunately the transmitter DO_NOT_TRUST_ FiddlerRoot & fiddler2 certificates could be a sign of unwanted software on your pc that is to intercept the secure network traffic. go to the system control panel and uninstall programs such as BrowserSafeguard, BrowserSafe, backup or other software that seems suspicious and did not get intentionally installed by you.

    Reference: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/982532#answer-520145

    afterwards, run a full scan of your system with security tools like the free version of malwarebytes & adwcleaner.

    Fix Firefox problems caused by malicious software

  • Can't access websites in Google Chrome error: the requested URL could not be found

    Original title: Error message

    Hello, I get the message below when I try to go to a Web site, but only from Google Chrome, it works from Internet explore and he used to work in any case of Chrome before, so weird and so boring!

    any ideas?
    Thank you very much.
    ERROR the requested URL could not be found

    While trying to retrieve the requested URL, the following error was encountered:

    • Invalid query

    Some aspects of the HTTP request is not valid. Possible problems:

    • Missing or unknown request method
    • Missing URL
    • Missing HTTP identifier (HTTP/1.0)
    • Demand is too great
    • Content-Length missing for POST request
    • Transfer-Encoding not supported
    • Illegal character in hostname

    Footprint 4.8/FPMCP 


    If I understand correctly, you are unable to open Web sites using Google Chrome and the same works fine in Internet Explorer.

    Did you of recent changes made to your computer?

    We will try the suggestions from the following link.

    Clear your cache and other data from browser


    If the problem persists, you can communicate with the support of Google Chrome.

    http://productforums.Google.com/Forum/#! Forum/chrome

  • Can't access websites from symantec

    I use 19.0a2 Aurora (2012-12-21). I can't use liveupdate to update my Symantec antivirus.
    I can connect to symantec.com but not
    I'll be back what about error message cannot find the ip address.

    Using the same program on my laptop wireless with Aurora 18.0 I have no problem

    Any suggestions

    The HTTPS setting is 'I want to use the proxy server specified by my client browser (by default).

    No, I can't connect using IE8.

  • Can also interface with VPN remote site also for another use?

    Hi all

    An interface used for the remote site VPN on PIX can be used for another function, for example for the smtp server and web publishing?

    Thank you!

    Best regards

    Teru Lei

    Yes! of course you can. Just try it.


    Alexis Fidalgo

    Systems engineer

    AT & T Argentina

  • How can I change the definition of remote site without breaking all the links?

    I created a website and put it here http://home.Comcast.NET/~alpsf/index.html to test it during construction.  Now when I change the definition of remote site to the local site in DW, all the links are broken.  I suspect now that the problem is I did my site root and ~alpsf/ DW inserted in all the links.  Is there a way to fix this?

    Thank you very much.

    You can do a search and replace to change the links in the world. Make sure you do a full backup of the site before doing this incase you do not correctly. Let me stress what still once, backup your entire site incase you need to restore. If you have created a "new site" and it will not part of the / ~ alpsf site, then you will need to define a new site and copy all the files in this folder (I'm guessing that this is the case). I copy the files outside Dreamweaver. You could do this without touching the files in the ~ alpsf directory. There are many variable here because I don't know exactly what you are doing.

    On the file menu select window/results-select search. (This is done if the search engine is not open).

    Find: all of the current Local Site

    Search: Source Code

    Search: "/ ~alpsf/".

    Replace: ' / '.

    That should do it, but it is a very delicate thing. I wouldn't have a problem doing this as long as I backed everything up.


    Published: you will need to enter in your css, spry files and all others who has links to do the same (this time only select search in: current document when the document is open). Once this is done, delete the entire remote site and upload the changes once you check that everything is complete.

  • When I try to set up "Remote support" I get the error message: "your current system settings prevent you from sending an invitation. How can I solve this problem?

    Using Windows XP Profwssional.

    (1) when I try to set up "Remote support" I get the error message: "your current system settings prevent you from sending an invitation. How can I solve this problem?

    (2) can I use this feature when both computers are on the same network?


    (1) you must configure your computer to use the remote control - see here:


    and don't forget to make the firewall exceptions

    (2) this function works on the different network also (so a computer can be in the United States and one in Australia)

    Note - a computer can have Windows XP (family or professional edition) and another may have Windows 7, Vista.


  • I managed to forget my admin password > now I can't enter my system!

    I managed to forget my admin password > now I can't enter my system! I have an idea how to operate these things - I have reinstalled windows 10 x now, but I'm lost here - someone ' one can help me please?


    "Microsoft's strategy concerning lost or forgotten passwords"

    Microsoft cannot help you recover the passwords of the files and Microsoft who are lost or forgotten product features. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • 2 VPN remote sites can communicate by tunnel via a mutual 3' rd PIX?


    I have a client who has a PIX 515E in the P.C. of the company and s 2 PIX 501 at remote sites. As of today the distance 2 PIX have a VPN connection from site to site with the HQ PIX.

    My question is... is - it possible to have the HQ PIX act as a virtual private network 'hub' for remote to communicate across sites? I mean, it is, is it possible to configure the PIX so that traffic to the site remote B can go into the tunnel at HQ, and then through the tunnel to the remote B site?

    If this is possible, how? The HQ PIX would have enough information to route packets in the proper way? What should I do?

    Thank you in advance to those who will answer. :-)

    If the question is not too clear, please post here and tell me...



    Unfortunately, the answer to that is no the PIX not "redirect" return packages the same interface, where they were received. This is normal and is part of the security on the PIX algorithm. The VPN 3000 and IOS will do this, but not the PIX.

    However, as a workaround, can not only create another tunnel on the 2 rays to another? In other words, Setup a 'triangle' of sorts. That's usually what we suggest in situations like this.

    I hope this helps.


  • Establish a IPsec VPN connection, but remote site can't ping main office

    Hi, I set up connection from site to site IPsec VPN between cisco 892 (main site) router and linksys router wrv210 (remote site). My problem is that I can ping network router wrv210 lan of my main office where is cisco 892 router, but I cannot ping the main site of linksys wrv210 lan (my remote site).

    My configuration on the cisco 892 router:

    type of class-card inspect correspondence sdm-cls-VPNOutsideToInside-1

    game group-access 103

    type of class-card inspect correspondence sdm-cls-VPNOutsideToInside-3

    game group-access 106

    type of class-card inspect correspondence sdm-cls-VPNOutsideToInside-2

    game group-access 105

    type of class-card inspect correspondence sdm-cls-VPNOutsideToInside-5

    game group-access 108

    type of class-card inspect correspondence sdm-cls-VPNOutsideToInside-4

    game group-access 107

    type of class-card inspect correspondence sdm-cls-VPNOutsideToInside-7

    group-access 110 match

    type of class-card inspect correspondence sdm-cls-VPNOutsideToInside-6

    game group-access 109

    type of class-card inspect correspondence sdm-cls-VPNOutsideToInside-9

    game group-access 112

    type of class-card inspect correspondence sdm-cls-VPNOutsideToInside-8

    game group-access 111

    type of class-card inspect entire game SDM_AH

    match the name of group-access SDM_AH

    type of class-card inspect entire game SDM_ESP

    match the name of group-access SDM_ESP

    type of class-card inspect entire game SDM_VPN_TRAFFIC

    match Protocol isakmp

    match Protocol ipsec-msft

    corresponds to the SDM_AH class-map

    corresponds to the SDM_ESP class-map

    type of class-card inspect the correspondence SDM_VPN_PT

    game group-access 102

    corresponds to the SDM_VPN_TRAFFIC class-map

    type of class-card inspect entire game PAC-cls-insp-traffic

    match Protocol cuseeme

    dns protocol game

    ftp protocol game

    h323 Protocol game

    https protocol game

    match icmp Protocol

    match the imap Protocol

    pop3 Protocol game

    netshow Protocol game

    Protocol shell game

    match Protocol realmedia

    match rtsp Protocol

    smtp Protocol game

    sql-net Protocol game

    streamworks Protocol game

    tftp Protocol game

    vdolive Protocol game

    tcp protocol match

    udp Protocol game

    inspect the class-map match PAC-insp-traffic type

    corresponds to the class-map PAC-cls-insp-traffic

    type of class-card inspect correspondence sdm-cls-VPNOutsideToInside-10

    game group-access 113

    type of class-card inspect all sdm-service-ccp-inspect-1 game

    http protocol game

    https protocol game

    type of class-card inspect entire game PAC-cls-icmp-access

    match icmp Protocol

    tcp protocol match

    udp Protocol game

    type of class-card inspect correspondence ccp-invalid-src

    game group-access 100

    type of class-card inspect correspondence ccp-icmp-access

    corresponds to the class-ccp-cls-icmp-access card

    type of class-card inspect correspondence ccp-Protocol-http

    match class-map sdm-service-ccp-inspect-1



    type of policy-card inspect PCB-permits-icmpreply

    class type inspect PCB-icmp-access


    class class by default


    type of policy-card inspect sdm-pol-VPNOutsideToInside-1

    class type inspect sdm-cls-VPNOutsideToInside-1


    class type inspect sdm-cls-VPNOutsideToInside-2


    class type inspect sdm-cls-VPNOutsideToInside-3


    class type inspect sdm-cls-VPNOutsideToInside-4


    class type inspect sdm-cls-VPNOutsideToInside-5


    class type inspect sdm-cls-VPNOutsideToInside-6


    class type inspect sdm-cls-VPNOutsideToInside-7


    class type inspect sdm-cls-VPNOutsideToInside-8


    class type inspect sdm-cls-VPNOutsideToInside-9


    class type inspect sdm-cls-VPNOutsideToInside-10


    class class by default


    type of policy-map inspect PCB - inspect

    class type inspect PCB-invalid-src

    Drop newspaper

    class type inspect PCB-Protocol-http


    class type inspect PCB-insp-traffic


    class class by default


    type of policy-card inspect PCB-enabled

    class type inspect SDM_VPN_PT


    class class by default



    security of the area outside the area

    safety zone-to-zone

    zone-pair security PAC-zp-self-out source destination outside zone auto

    type of service-strategy inspect PCB-permits-icmpreply

    zone-pair security PAC-zp-in-out source in the area of destination outside the area

    type of service-strategy inspect PCB - inspect

    source of PAC-zp-out-auto security area outside zone destination auto pair

    type of service-strategy inspect PCB-enabled

    sdm-zp-VPNOutsideToInside-1 zone-pair security source outside the area of destination in the area

    type of service-strategy inspect sdm-pol-VPNOutsideToInside-1



    crypto ISAKMP policy 1

    BA 3des

    md5 hash

    preshared authentication

    Group 2

    lifetime 28800

    ISAKMP crypto key address 83.xx.xx.50 xxxxxxxxxxx



    Crypto ipsec transform-set ESP-3DES esp-3des esp-md5-hmac


    map SDM_CMAP_1 1 ipsec-isakmp crypto

    Description NY_NJ

    the value of 83.xx.xx.50 peer

    game of transformation-ESP-3DES

    match address 101






    interface BRI0

    no ip address

    no ip redirection

    no ip unreachable

    no ip proxy-arp

    penetration of the IP stream

    encapsulation hdlc


    Multidrop ISDN endpoint



    interface FastEthernet0



    interface FastEthernet1



    interface FastEthernet2



    interface FastEthernet3



    interface FastEthernet4



    interface FastEthernet5



    FastEthernet6 interface



    interface FastEthernet7



    interface FastEthernet8

    no ip address

    no ip redirection

    no ip unreachable

    no ip proxy-arp

    penetration of the IP stream

    automatic duplex

    automatic speed



    interface GigabitEthernet0

    Description $ES_WAN$ $FW_OUTSIDE$

    IP address 89.xx.xx.4 255.255.255.xx

    no ip redirection

    no ip unreachable

    no ip proxy-arp

    penetration of the IP stream

    NAT outside IP

    IP virtual-reassembly

    outside the area of security of Member's area

    automatic duplex

    automatic speed

    map SDM_CMAP_1 crypto



    interface Vlan1

    Description $ETH - SW - LAUNCH INTF-INFO-FE 1 to $$$ $ES_LAN$ $FW_INSIDE$


    no ip redirection

    no ip unreachable

    no ip proxy-arp

    penetration of the IP stream

    IP nat inside

    IP virtual-reassembly

    Security members in the box area

    IP tcp adjust-mss 1452



    IP forward-Protocol ND

    IP http server

    local IP http authentication

    IP http secure server

    IP http timeout policy slowed down 60 life 86400 request 10000



    IP nat inside source overload map route SDM_RMAP_1 interface GigabitEthernet0

    IP route 89.xx.xx.1


    SDM_AH extended IP access list

    Note the category CCP_ACL = 1

    allow a whole ahp

    SDM_ESP extended IP access list

    Note the category CCP_ACL = 1

    allow an esp


    recording of debug trap

    Note access-list 1 INSIDE_IF = Vlan1

    Note category of access list 1 = 2 CCP_ACL

    access-list 1 permit

    Access-list 100 category CCP_ACL = 128 note

    access-list 100 permit ip host everything

    access-list 100 permit ip everything

    access-list 100 permit ip 89.xx.xx.0 everything

    Note access-list 101 category CCP_ACL = 4

    Note access-list 101 IPSec rule

    access-list 101 permit ip

    Note access-list 102 CCP_ACL category = 128

    access-list 102 permit ip host 83.xx.xx.50 all

    Note access-list 103 CCP_ACL category = 0

    Note access-list 103 IPSec rule

    access-list 103 allow ip

    Note access-list 104 CCP_ACL category = 2

    Note access-list 104 IPSec rule

    access-list 104 deny ip

    access-list 104. allow ip any

    Note access-list 105 CCP_ACL category = 0

    Note access-list 105 IPSec rule

    access-list 105 allow ip

    Note access-list 106 CCP_ACL category = 0

    Note access-list 106 IPSec rule

    access-list 106 allow ip

    Note access-list 107 CCP_ACL category = 0

    Note access-list 107 IPSec rule

    access-list 107 allow ip

    Note access-list 108 CCP_ACL category = 0

    Note access-list 108 IPSec rule

    access-list 108 allow ip

    Note access-list 109 CCP_ACL category = 0

    Note access-list 109 IPSec rule

    access-list 109 allow ip

    Note access-list 110 CCP_ACL category = 0

    Note access-list 110 IPSec rule

    access-list 110 permit ip

    Note access-list 111 CCP_ACL category = 0

    Note access-list 111 IPSec rule

    access-list 111 allow ip

    Note access-list 112 CCP_ACL category = 0

    Note access-list 112 IPSec rule

    access-list 112 allow ip

    Note access-list 113 CCP_ACL category = 0

    Note access-list 113 IPSec rule

    access-list 113 allow ip

    not run cdp





    allowed SDM_RMAP_1 1 route map

    corresponds to the IP 104


    I only give your router cisco 892 because there is nothnig much to change on linksys wrv210 router.

    Hope someone can help me. See you soon

    You can run a "ip inspect log drop-pkt" and see if get you any what FW-DROP session corresponding to the traffic you send Linksys to the main site. Zone based firewall could be blocking traffic initiated from outside to inside.

  • If we have 2 remote sites with the same shared storage, can we mount a drive shared on remote site?

    Dear Experts,

    If we have 2 remote sites with the same shared storage, can mount us a drive on remote site?

    • Assume that the oracle database is on the shared disk (for example HP 3PAR)
    • Primary Oracle server with storage as a common drive (storage shared on sites geographical apart) have all the files database.
    • failure, it is possible to mount the drive even at the remote site and mount the database oracle it?

    There must be no effect on the as it should the same disk that has dismantled master site.

    Thank you and best regards,


    Thanks a lot mseberg

    Is it a design valid ?

    • We have remote sites and want to set up DR. As we only SE pare data is therefore no choice.
    • We think of the SAN replication option.

    Have you ever seen / configured such architecture or design?

    Can you please throw some light on this. Thanks in advance for your ideas.

    Thank you best regards &,.


  • Why can't I preview the changes before putting them live on the remote site in a browser?

    Help, please! I have inherited a website for editing and can't seem to get a preview of my changes without them going to live first. When I click on 'Live', the program hangs and I have to reopen. When I click on 'Preview in browser' he asks me to save the file or not and puts them on the remote site as well. I'm not particularly web savvy and learn on the way. I use CS6 on a Macbook OS X Yosemite.

    Your test server (Mamp) works?  If this isn't the case, you must start it.

    Nancy O.

  • Can not put the dwt /BC remote site file

    Hey... I can't put my tpl file to a site of BC.

    I got to the point where my template.dwt was ready and I put the site to a remote server. But the model goes not to remote: Templates:template.dwt - error occurred.

    Any ideas? I also tried to create a new site straight in British Colombia, but the option to import a site myself is not available:

    Import your current Web site in a few minutes and build yourself from here (this option is currently not available)

    Then I went back to DW and decided to try and create a new template from scratch (in case I missed something before)

    and then I noticed that there a chekbox which is gray in all html templates.


    The link under accessing the Adobe site where he just said that since 2010 InContext Editing will be discontinued independently for...

    Then... Is it possible to use my own template with BC? Anyone know?

    Hi Elisa,.

    Looking at the code, the problem might be that you don't have the {tag_pagecontent} tag in the editable area inside of thetag. Catalyst for business requires a specific structure of template: only an editable region in the(not to mention that the other 2 Dreamweaver creates inside of the)Tag) and this region must have the tag {tag_pagecontent}. You can see more details in this article which details the operation of the Business Catalyst and Dreamweaver: http://www.businesscatalyst.com/support/dw#templates

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards

    Florin Carlig

  • How do I change the site settings so I can work on the local computer, not remote site

    I have to work on a Web site that was initially set up for 'work on remote site (not recommended)'.

    I did a redesign of the site on mylocal computer because I could not go live until I approved it.

    How can I combine the old and new sites? I had to use an external ftp program to upload the new files and replace the index page. It all works very well online, but I wish I could put small changes directly from Dreamweaver. So far I can one of my new files put on the remote site through Dreamweaver.

    If you have the site files on your local computer, simply create a new definition of site in the normal way. Then delete the old site definition.

    A Dreamweaver site definition simply controls how to communicate with the remote server. Deleting a site definition deletes the definition. It has no effect on local files.

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