I can't find the function "bookmark all tabs" in Firefox 5 used to be there. He moved or just removed?

I can't find the function "bookmark all tabs" in Firefox 5 used to be there. He moved or just removed?

You can also right click on a tab to see this menu item.

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  • What happened to the function "bookmark all tabs" in Firefox 4.0.1?

    I found the function "To bookmark all tabs" very useful when I went to close Firefox (for recovering the memory), but wanted to be able to remember the bookmarks. In the 4.0.1 Version that seems to have been supplanted by groups of tabs in Panorama, but this isn't the same thing. I want just a simple way to bookmark, or make a group of tabs of ALL open tabs.

    {Ctrl + Shift + D} to trigger bookmark all tabs or use the menu option bookmark all tabs... in the context menu for each tab.

  • How can I find the label of all tabs in a browser tab?

    I have a browser tab that contains three tabs fixed and dynamic I create some tabs. Before you create a tab I want to know that all tabs are open, essentially the name of all open tabs.

    Please let me how can know I achieve this.

    Thank you

    scope of the TabNavigator example in the documentation of the API

  • To bookmark all tabs in Firefox 4.01?

    I used the function "to bookmark all tabs" in Firefox for several years. I recently upgraded to 4.01 FF (I really like him BTW), but the bookmark all tabs menu item is missing. Please let know us if there is another way to perform this function.

    Thank you, RW

    Right-click on a tab to see the bookmark all tabs... menu item.

    Or use {Ctrl + Shift + D}.

  • Can someone explain please the NEW, process RECENTLY CHANGED to "bookmark all tabs" in Firefox 40.0?

    The process of "bookmark all tabs" apparently has recently changed. The window "New bookmark" that opens after choosing ' bookmark all tabs "does not make clear what needs to be done now to save all open tabs. It was a simple matter of just to name the folder. Now, it's not not clear to me that parts of the pop-up window must be filled to actually get the tabs open bookmarks instead of just get an empty folder called [name of folder].

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

    Seems to be a problem with the Tab Mix Plus. See: https://support.mozilla.org/questions/1077986

  • can't find the function with the officejet basic driver 4500 (G510n) analysis

    OfficeJet 4500 Wireless interface, op system is windows 7 64 bit.

    Used base http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/software11/COL32446/mp-80359-1/OJ4500vG510n-z_basic_13.exe driver

    This should be ok for printing and scanning.

    I can not find the scan function in the property of the printer and have no idea how scan. can help?

    Thank you very much


    Hi Tom,

    Please follow the steps below to scan using the basic driver functionality:


    Kind regards


  • Where the option "bookmark all tabs open" disappear too?

    I use Firefox for years and liked the feature that you allowed to bookmark all tabs open in a Firefox window as a bookmarks folder name. This was supported up to the latest version 3.0.16

    But I've recently updated to version 4 and I cann't find the option in the drop down bookmarks more. Can you please advise me where his party too or what I have to put in work and where to get them.

    Thank you

    Some menu entries are hidden by default and only appear if you use the keyboard to open the menu.
    "To bookmark all tabs" in the Bookmarks menu is one of them.

    You can see the difference if you use Alt + B or Alt + F to open some menus.

    • "To bookmark all tabs" is no longer present in the bookmarks menu unless you open the bookmarks menu via the keyboard (Alt + B).
    • "To bookmark all tabs" are available through the context menu of a tab on the tab bar.

    See also:

  • I use the excellent Firefox 5.o. What happened to the feature "bookmark all tabs" which is located under the bookmarks? I love Mozilla Firefox! :-)

    I looked under bookmarks position as well as history. What happened to the "bookmark all tabs" extremely useful. Loved this feature of Firefox. Thank you!!!

    Click right on a tab to see this menu item or use {Ctrl + Shift + D}.

    In collaboration with the new button of Firefox in Firefox 4.0 and with the addition of some new features that adds a number of new items to the menu, many of the menu items older have been moved or appear only in certain conditions. It can be a bit confusing until you get used to the changes, but beyond the addition of new menu items for the new features in the future, I don't think that there will be major changes like this for awhile.

  • Where the option close multiple tabs? It has been a right-click in the function 'list all tabs '. Now it's gone!

    Well although I figured out how to get the toolbar tab back where it should, at the bottom where easy access to him, but now I see that the option "Close all other tabs" that was in the right click menu of the arrow 'List all tabs' has disappeared.

    Is there anyway to get that back? This design change is really not as good as 3.5. Also say that that person can slow down. Who can understand what it says?

    Thank you!

    In Firefox 4, the tab bar is a regular toolbar and which causes the toolbar context menu show if you right-click.

    You can right click on the tab that you want to keep to "close other tabs".

  • In the release of FF4: whence the menu "bookmark all tabs" point go?

    How to add all open tabs?
    Under the menu item it used to be a "bookmark all tabs ' 'bookmarks', and a 'organize bookmarks '. They're gone.
    I use FF 4.0

    In Firefox 4, organize bookmarks has been renamed to display all bookmarks.

    In order to bookmark all tabs open, right-click on a tab and select bookmark all tabs.

  • Where can I find the "Organsied bookmarks" function in my Firefox 4.01?

    I use the new 4.01 Firefox where I found that the function to "Organize bookmarks" missing in the "Bookmarks" menu Has it got a new location, or is there something wrong with my installation?

    "Organize bookmarks" has been renamed to "show all bookmarks" in the bookmarks menu.

  • How can I find the imported bookmarks

    I imported my favorites of IE explore and google chrome. If I try to bookmark a new page, he will ask me which folder I want to put in. Some choices are files that have been imported. If I choose one of them that they do not appear in my firefox bookmarks. "For example I have bookmarked the weather channel, and I chose the file titled" weather "which was imported. When I go to bookmark to find the 'Weather' file does not exist. Firefox gives me the ability to put the page but then seem to hide the folder and I'll be darn if I can find it.

    OK, so I found them. I have to go to Favorites and then to the bookmarks toolbar. Google Chrome bookmarks are downstairs. You can move each folder to the regular bookmarks list by drag-and - drop of their.

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    I want inside a sql query that causes an error, but what I have is an error message and I would find a file with all sql executed on a database instance.

    Thank you

    You know the date and time where the problem statement has been executed? If so, try this:

    whole flax 10000
    Select to_char (LAST_ACTIVE_TIME, ' ' HH24:MI:SS MON-DD-YYYY), SQL_FULLTEXT from v$ sql by LAST_ACTIVE_TIME;

  • How can I find the function of speed dial that I just installed

    can't find a way of locating the speed dial


    Sorry, you have difficulties to find Speed Dial. After you install, you can drag to the left and tap the new tab at the bottom of the sidebar. With the default dialing settings, you should see the speed dial will appear in the new tab.

    To configure the settings of Speed Dial add-on, by scanning left and touch the machine at the bottom of the sidebar, then tap the puzzle piece icon to see your add-ons and press the speed dial Options button to change the settings.

    Thank you

  • Firefox can't find the file at jar:file:///Applications/Firefox.app/Contents/MacOS/omni.jar!/browserconfig.properties.

    Since arriving to a new computer (iMac G5 10.6.8) and data transfer, Firefox did not work - I've repeatedly uninstalled and reinstalled - now Version 8 (is that the right version for my operating system perhaps). I got a week ago, but when I went to open yesterday, I received the message that precedes, so even once threw away (which admittedly is probably different than the one actually uninstall) and reinstalled Firefox (free Internet download). Yet once, I get this message. Any ideas? Thanks for your time, attention and help.


    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > appearance/themes).

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