I can´t find what I bought at the Apple Store


Last night I bought mi first time application on Apple Store: GoodReader. I received an email confirming the purchase, but I don't have any application in my space for purchased items or any other place of my Mac. This Mac I use is now owner of others (the Institute for what I am working with) and he had another Apple ID until I put mine.

Here's the email I received:

Ines dear (a),

You Apple ID (*) to acaba usar para comprar GoodReader - PDF Reader and Annotator and file manager in el App Store, in una computadora o UN device that never get habia asociado con ese Apple ID. también puedes recibir este correo electronico TR has restablecido you contrasena desde ultima compra.

If time compra, puedes ignorar esta este correo electronico. SE envio para avisarte in caso of Quebec no hayas sido tu quien did the buying.

If no compra esta hiciste, you we recommend that ir an iforgot.apple.com to change you contrasena, luego visited Apple ID: Seguridad y you Apple ID for more information.




I appreciate any help any of you can give me.

Best regards, Ines

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GoodReader is an app for iPod or iPhone/iPod touch. It is not for a Mac computer.

There is an app for iPad and another for iPhone/iPod touch

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