I can't get my F1UP0001 of Belkin Wireless G USB Print Server to install on Windows 7.

In general, I get an error message #1805. The Belkin works fine on XP SP3 and Vista
My installation of windows 7 is a new Toshiba laptop. Print USB works fine.


See http://www.belkin.com/it/support/article/?lid=it&pid=F1UP0001ef&aid=8702&scid=726 (the download is in English) may work for Windows 7.

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    Another thing, you need to consider: HP does NOT support Windows 7 (for her) so you have to get this first.

    Good luck.

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  • How can I get network connection when booting from the usb key or dvd

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    On thanks in advance!


    Please check that the programs (Ubuntu, Mint, Boot-Repair, etc.) that you attempt to use it, press the controller Atheros AR8161L gigabit ethernet in native mode. Not all operating systems and software are supported each otut device or the network configuration of the box. Several times, drivers must be loaded or injected into the operating system for a device working properly.

    Please send Bravo

  • HP Officejet Pro 8000 Wireless, Mac OS 10.7.2 can't get it configured to run wireless

    I have an iMac OS Airport Extreme and an HP Officejet Pro 8000 Wireless Router 10.7.2.  Recently, I replaced my router with an Airport Extreme.  My printer installation CD is for OS 10.4 or 10.5.  I'm trying to configure the 8000 wireless but without much luck.  As I understand it, the HP 8000 Installer is now included in OS 10.7.  I followed some of the elements of an another post about it with OS 10.6.  Somehow I can't get to the place were the installation of the printer asks me to choose a network.  I have updated all the software, installation of a printer connected to a USB cable.

    I figured this out (with the help of the Doc print "is there driver for Deskjet 3050 for Mac OSX 10.7).  Once I stopped thinking like the approach of Mac OS 10.6 with a hp utility things were easy.

    -delete all printers already implemented

    -rub the old hp software

    -Unplug the usb cable from the printer if you have connected

    -restore the network printer hpsetup (press the power button / stop, network 2 x button, cancel 3 x, output power)

    -Print the wireless network test report (updated 2 x key and press the network button). Check the ssid is hsetup

    -change the mac to hpsetup wireless network

    -go to the sys pref > print scanning

    -Add the 8000 printer

    -Click options & supplies, and navigate to the printer Web page

    -use the network wizard and change the network of hpsetup to your network


    -Return to the sys prefs and change the network to your network

    -go to the printer and print the wireless network test report (updated 2 x key and press the network button).  Make sure that the SSID is your network

    -try to print something on your printer.  It might take a bit of time first impression.

  • How can I get my area 51 game xp pc game to work in my pc Windows 7?

    I have a windows 7 Home premium and you tried to run area 51 xp pc from the installation disc game it is start to install it then it said installation wizard was interrupted before installation could be completed, I tried to do mode of compatibility in every thing there, still will not work, how can I get this game to work in my pc windows 7?

    I looked on the internet and so far can not find a way. I don't want to dual boot or something like that, just want the compatibility to work as if it was supposed to in windows seven, I have played other games xp in windows 7 and I want to play this game. any assistance that would get this problem is resolved and my game really to work would be greatly, greatly appreciated!

    I have an e machine with 1.60 gigahertz AMD Athlon II X 2 250u
    256 kilobytes main memory cache
    secondary memory 2048 k-cached
    64-bit ready
    Multi-core (2 total)

    4 GB of RAM.

    Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 [graphics card]

    The only games I've found of ' 05 and have a problem with Win7 are due to copy protection.
    StarForce is perhaps the worst, followed by Tages and SecureRom. In most cases, it's a problem with 64 bit (also XP) operating systems.
    In some cases, the game will install and give an error message to the effect that he can't finish, but the game is installed, but the DRM is not.
    Games that use of Tages can sometimes be fixed with their updated 64 - bit
    TAGES protection system against the copy of AAA.

    Some games can be installed on a computer that is 32-bit and copied to the 64-bit machine and will last (not sure in this case).

    Other games will take place with a noCD patch. There is a difficulty noCD Mega games (PC fixed the left column of the home page). The fix of the A51 more complex than most, because it has several files which I assume (do not have the game) all go in the main installation folder with the A51.exe. I usually suggest the original of the .exe (and others) in a new folder for backup before moving the new ones in the games installation folder.

    Then - as suggested by MH, some just are not feasible, or need a Virtual Machine-
    | MG | Download VirtualBox

    In my collection (100 +) there were two - Beyond Good and evil (not the re-release) and Splinter Cell Chaos Theory which I have not found a fix/work around for (I have not tried a VM).

    If there is a fan site for Area 51 there may be fixes available to the community.
    I found an installer 64 bit for Grim Fandango old classics on one of these sites.


  • How can I get my HP Photosmart P1000/P1100 ink jet printer to work with windows 7?

    Is there a way to get my printer inkjet hp photosmart p1000 to work with windows 7?

    There is no support of Windows for your model, and there has been no full support for XP. If the printer is not recognized and Windows Update can't find anything, you will need to buy a new printer...

  • How can I get a driver for a Lexmark x 2500 printer?

    I can't access a driver for Lexmark x 2500 help

    Please go to:


    and download the Windows 7 drivers and software for your printer. Make sure that get you drivers 32 or 64-bit according to your version of the Windows.

    Now install the drivers and software according to the manufacturer's instructions.

    * To see if you're running 32-bit or 64-Bit Windows click:

    Start-> Control Panel-> system

    Then look at where it says, "System Type".

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    Microsoft North American Retail product refund guidelines

    You can easily return any product to the retail of Microsoft * to the retailer that you bought, subject to the policy of return of this seller at retail.

    Policy of refund of 45 days Microsoft North American Retail products
    What are the eligible products for a refund?
    All software and hardware products you purchased in the United States or Canada (North America) come with a 45 days of Microsoft Money-back guarantee. Microsoft will refund your purchase subject to the political guidelines and the provisions of the license and warranty agreement.

    How can I return a product for a refund?
    Return the product within 45 days of the date of purchase.
    Provide a copy of your original invoice, credit card statement or canceled check.
    Provide complete contact information, including your mailing address (sorry, no PO boxes), city, State, ZIP or postal code, phone number and e-mail address (if any).
    Uninstall the software from your computer and storage devices and delete backup copies.
    Include all manuals and related media.
    Provide the name and location of the retailer where you purchased the product.
    Briefly explain why you wish to return the product for a refund.
    Send the product, original packaging and all related materials via traceable means to our return Center. For reasons of security and monitoring, all returns must be sent by Federal Express, UPS, Airborne, DHL, or mail US certified and insured.

    All the details here: http://www.Microsoft.com/Mac/trial

    J W Stuart: http://www.pagestart.com

  • My device hp officejet 5510 all-in-one printer always says me I have a paper jam. I do NOT have but I can't get rid of it and it will not print? Help!

    How can I get my printer (hp 5500 series) to print when he always tells me that I have a Paper Jam... that I do NOT!

    Help/support on the pages of HP support for your model, review its their printer


    Or the HP shortcut that was created on the desktop when you installed the full features software

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