I can't get my Satellite L70C - 13 c, connected to the internet.

I can not connect to Internet on my Toshiba brand new. There are three likely causes:
(1) on my BT Home hub (modem-router) settings are wrong.
(2) on my Toshiba drivers must be updated, in particular the VPN software supported.
(3) it is a matter of Microsoft.

Experts from the BT forum give me advice here:
and I am trying to establish if the address IP etc I need relate to BT

Experts of the forum Microsoft give me advice here:

Their methods 1 and 2 did not work. I'm not willing to change the registry - I am not convinced.

So the problem I have unsupported software VPN? In this case, or if there are other updates of driver I need, how can I get them if I can't access the internet?

Another problem is that I tried to load it on my new PC (the objects referred to in the forums) from a memory stick, after using my old PC to save them. My new PC has a Home365 month free trial but it is based on a cloud then is of no use. I bought subscription a year from Office365 but need internet to install it. I can't find my new Toshiba's desktop already installed any software on it.
Where can I get out of here, please? My Toshiba drivers and software are up to date?

PS I had problems this announcement - in which case it's because of my links, I inserted the XXXs


My son-in-law came yesterday. I'm sorry if I'm about to use the technological terms wrong, but the new laptop does not connect to the IPhone (or vice versa), but connects to my modem/router. Also, my Toshiba connects to the internet via an ethernet cable.

He concludes that there is a software problem with the Toshiba wireless adapter.

I've decided that I want more stress and wasted hours over this so I'm about to go back to retailers (again) and require that they sort or replace my laptop.

I will update this when it is finally settled in case it helps others with a similar problem.

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  • Satellite L350 does not connect to the internet, network adapter yellow exclamation

    Trying to help my Nan with his laptop...
    Model is Satellite L350-170

    Does not connect to internet, even using the Ethernet cable. Network cards have yellow exclamation marks on it and seems he needs an updated driver. How the hell can I download and update if it does not connect to the internet. And then, what update is necessary, because I searched on here and there is no update driver for network card?

    She had various internet help from its supplier and a visit at home but still no joy. Internet works fine on other devices. Any advice greatly appreciated.

    All the drivers can be downloaded from the Toshiba UE driver page.
    Choose your model of laptop in the form of download and the system that is pre-installed on you unit.
    Then, you will get the list of drivers.

    If you are not able to connect to the internet due to lack of driver LAN/WLan, then you another computer for download.

    You asked how to remove the network card?
    Usually, you need to access the Device Manager (in Control Panel) then we need to expand the area to network adapters and you will find the LAN and WLan card.
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  • Satellite A60: Unable to connect to the internet via a modem - no dial-up

    In my Satellite A60, WinXP Home, when I try to connect to the Internet via the modem of Toshiba, I get error 6: handle not valid, and after a few attempts, I get error 50: all devices connected / request not supported.

    Device Manager / network / card Asynchronous RAS displays an error (black exclamation point on a yellow background).
    The driver is asyncmac.sys = MS Access Remote network serial driver.

    I have:
    -tried to uninstall the RAS asynchronous card, but no luck, didn't say it may be necessary to start
    -modem uninstalled / reinstalled
    -update of Windows XP through windows update
    -update of the bios / modem / network drivers from Toshiba

    No luck, the RAS asynchronous card error is still there.

    Any suggestion?
    Thank you
    Alessio - Italy

    I think that this problem is Windows XP and map Asynchronous RAS, not the modem.
    The modem correctly composed the number, negotiates the user and the password, and then I get error 6 and 50.
    On the internet I found this tip for uninstalling and reinstalling the RAS asynchronous card:
    I followed the instructions and run RArepair.exe.
    It uninstalls and reinstalls the map Asynchronous RAS, but RAS is still in error (the yellow field in the Device Manager).

  • Satellite L20: Unable to connect to the internet using mobilephone & dongle BT Mecer

    Hi all

    Mine is an edition of Satellite L20.
    I recently installed XP Professional Service Pack 3. I connect to internet using my USB cable with my Sony Ericsson C702 (use the phone as a modem).

    Since there is no bluetooth built into my laptop.
    So, I bought a Mecer bluetooth dongle. I installed the bluetooth software. Can I transfer data between my laptop and my mobile phone via bluetooth.

    Now the problem is I can not connect to the internet via bluetooth. I opened my bluetooth IVT software and paired my laptop and mobile computer. Then I opened my Sony ericsson suit and looked for my mobile finds, my mobile and still once he pairs with my cell phone and when he tries to connect with my mobile phone its shows "device cannot be detected, try again." I tried to reconnect, not matching and pairing it several times, but no use.

    I also found one thing, just after it displays "Device cannot be detected," a pop-up message "SEPCSuite.exe has encountered a problem and closes the window with options."
    1) send to microsoft
    Including 2) send.

    What can we do to fix this problem?

    No idea...?

    See the website of your provider of Bluetooth software to help. This forum is for Toshiba Software only.

  • Satellite L - unable to connect to the internet

    My laptop for some reason any does not connect to the internet!
    When I run diagnostics it says that there is something to do with the Windows Firewall, but when I have my remarks with the firewall that it used to always let go me on the Internet even if a connection is present.
    Restore factory will help?

    I also have the restore CD/DVD thing, but I'm a bit confused as the product key on the bottom of the laptop is different than at the back of the CD case.
    At first I thought that it would be grandpas CD/DVD as it also has a Toshiba Satellite but when I compared its product key on the CD/DVD was different.
    Is how important it?
    If this is not the case, when restoring to factory settings what product key can I use the CD/DVD or on the bottom of my laptop?

    Please help I need 2 fix this problem quickly, as soon as possible!


    If you want to install the operating system and to have the factory settings, again, you must not enter the activation key. It is already enabled for your laptop model and you can use it so often desired. Please don't be confused on this issue. Everything is OK with him.

    What about your Internet connection?
    As you wrote: for some reason any does not connect to the internet!
    If you do not know the reason how should we know it. ;)

    If the network adapter is properly installed, I guess some false parameters are responsible for this.

  • Satellite L650 - unable to connect to the internet after the clean install of Windows 7

    Hi guys

    IM really angry because I just finished installing a new copy of w7 on my laptop (upgrade home pemium to proffesional) and now the ONLY way I can connect to the internet is via a usb device.

    I even tried ethernet and no luck.
    The screen display resolution is also mucked up.
    What can I do?

    Also reset it to factory settings make me reinstall it home premium?
    If so I'll do that but I need to know if this is the case, please

    its a PSK1JE L650 btw

    Post edited by: bilal98

    > I tried Ethernet and no luck.
    > The screen resolution is also mucked up.
    > What can I do?

    You must install the necessary drivers.
    For internet connection, you will need to install the LAN and WLan driver.
    To get the best display resolution install display driver

    > Also reseting it to the factory settings let me reinstall it home premium?
    > If so I'll do that but I need to know if it does, thank you

    Looks like you have already done this as posted here:

  • Satellite A80: Failure to connect to the internet via an ethernet cable

    I'm having problems to get an internet connection via a cable ethernet to my office. The laptop works everywhere else, but not in the office. The strangest thing is that my desktop at the office computer works perfectly with the same cable.

    The icon in the taskbar of configfree reads "MARVELL YUKON 88E8036 PC..."no matter how many times I disconnect and reconnect it to my office. Curiously, the IP Office when it is connected to the same cable is

    I was told to change the tcp/ip properties manually, but I'm not able to do because I have not all entries in the NETWORK CONNECTIONS or can't seem to create a new.

    I would be grateful if anyone has any suggestions.


    I wonder why you have no entries for network connections.
    Click Start-> settings-> network connections-> connections to the Local network-> properties

    Select the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and then click Properties.
    If you use a server in your office and the IP address is assigned automatically then all TCP/IP parameters must be on automatically

    Check it!

  • Why Satellite L40 - 18z usually connect to the internet?


    I'm trying to fix a L40 18z to one of my friends and im having some trouble getting the network adapter and wireless network card works properly.
    What's wrong?

    I reformatted the hard drive, installed real vista 32 bit service pack 2.
    Downloaded all the drivers for the L40 18z of toshiba and the realtek lead toshiba drivers do not work: O)
    The led light for the built-in wireless is not turn on?

    Theres 2 unknown devices in the devices (those of the wireless card lan) Manager. I think that the otherones, a usb port controller. (something to do with the #0003 port
    I plugged a direct cat45 cable to my router and it does connect it says just local.
    I tried a USB to external usb 802.11 g and it doesn't connect either. When I managed to get to tell local and internet, that would still not connect.

    What is the problem someone?

    As I begin to think that the motherboard is tired...
    Oh and I flashed the bios by using the update from toshiba.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks: O)

    Looks like you just need to install drivers.

    These two unknown devices right-click and click Properties, go to the Details tab and tell us the numbers VEN_xxxx and DEV_xxxx.

    You can determine what these devices are entering the FRI and DEV numbers in this Web site: http://www.pcidatabase.com/

  • Satellite L735 does not connect to the internet (wired and wireless)


    I have a brand new L735 satellite, and I'm having a lot of trouble with internet connections.

    When I connect to a wireless network it is the profile and connects but still then doesn't say: "no internet access" for two IPv4 qnd IPv6 connectivity status.
    I tried troubleshooting, turing off the computer, and wireless network and stil back, but it does not.

    The same phenomenon occurs with the workplace wireless, despite other computers that connect to this good (so it does not come from the networks). I also tried to connect to work with an ethernet cable but no luck.

    I have the Atheros AR9002WB-1NG wireless network card and the Atheros AR8152/8158 PCI - E Fast ethernet controller.

    I don't know what to do as the laptop is new and so it should not need to updates, all parameters are default, etc.. I'd appreciate some help here!


    Uninstall or disable the TCP/IPv6 and use only TCP/IPv4 protocol.
    Also check whether in the properties of TCP/IPv4, IP address and other parameters are defined to assign automatically

    I recommend also check the firewall and some security applications that may be preinstalled on your laptop.
    It might be possible that antivirus or firewall block the laptop to connect to internet.

  • 9.3 OS does not complete on my iPad 2 get message that device is not connected to the Internet, when it exists, a solution?

    WWhen updated my iPad 2 with OS 9.3, when I finally install, during the verification step, message, is that the device is not connected to the Internet when connected. Anyone else have the problem? All solutions?

    Sesame problem on my iPad mini I want to finish the update already

  • How can I get a full screen when connecting to the internet, my screen display 1/4 when it is connected to the internet. I then optimize it

    How do I get a full screen when I connect to the internet, my screen appears1/4 screen when I connected mthen should maximize it?

    Three options.

    1: take the corners of the window and drag it to the format full screen. Do not use to expand. Close all other windows first via the taskbar and the latter. Windows will remember the size of the last closed window the next time that you open the program.

    2: any shortcut you use to launch the window, right-click, and select Properties. Under the 'Run' drop-down list, choose "expanded".

    3: IE New Window Maximizer

  • I have a Dell Windows 7 after downloading updates crucial sercurity, I get a message saying "Connection to the internet." The display then returns to the logo screen. What can I do?

    I have a Dell Windows 7 after downloading the critical updates, I get a message saying "Unable to connect to the internet."  What should I do?


    1. Once you get this error message?
    2. are you able to browse the internet using your internet browser?

    Step A.
    Please check if you are facing the same question when working in mode safe mode with networking.
    a. restart your computer.
    b. when the computer starts, you will see your computer hardware are listed. When you see this information tap the F8 on your keyboard key repeatedly until you are presented with the screen Windows 7 Advanced Startup Options.
    c. using the arrow keys, select the desired option of Mode without failure.
    d. press the Enter key on your keyboard to boot mode safe mode of Windows 7 with networking.
    e. when Windows starts, use check and Internet explore if the problem persists.
    For more information, refer to the article below.
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    I hope this helps.

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