I can't get the family sharing to work properly

I want my daughter to be able to see the items I purchased.  Audit on my iPAD, family sharing is set up and its ID is.  I can even see applications that she bought on my iPAD. But on his Mac, I see no sign of my purchases (music or TV shows).  Running his Mac OSX 10.9.5.  Its iTunes shows no sign of my apple ID - for example it is supposed to be a drop-down menu beside the words BOUGHT on the upper left side of the various windows you get in ITunes by selecting purchased.  There is no drop-down list.

I have tried all the usual suggestions by logging on iTunes and iClod and then again (using his AppleID), restart the computer, etc..  But his iTunes seems to still know nothing about the fact that she is in a family.

I was going to buy a TV series about ITunes, but if she has xcannot see it I don't want.  Why Apple made things so difficult!

An additional piece of info.  I just hand on my iPhone of girls.  Looking at the app Store of Itunes, I can see my purchasies.  So family sharing was set up fine, it's just the Mac iTunes who can't seem to see.  Unfortunately, this is used to view movies etc., not the iPhone!

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