I can't have my favorites of IE 8 bookmarks Firefox (ver.25.0.1) even after export IE fav. html file and then import via the bookmark manager!

using professional XP, hundreds of favorites in IE 8. I can't their in Firefox, either directly by the Bookmark Manager (show all bookmarks/importing data and backup/import from another browser OR exporting favorites in IE 8 to an html (fact) file and then get back Firefox Bookmarks and using bookmarks/show all bookmarks bookmarks-import and backup/import html file.) I find the file, double click on open, BUT nothing happens in the bookmarks library?

It is not one case about others come more - nothing happens?

Have you tried a search in bookmarks (library) Manager since some know bookmarks?

Problems with bookmarks and history does not properly can be caused by a corrupted database places.sqlite file.

You can check for problems with the database places.sqlite file in the Firefox profile folder.

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