I can't install any programs of cc 2015 with any success.

I can't install any programs of cc 2015 with any success. I can't uninstall apps for 2014. I've wasted my time and money. It's just a waste of time in my life. I have 5.00, 5.5, 6.00, and 2014. @015 does not work! Mac osx 10.10.xxx 20 gig ram memory. Please work out the life isn't supposed to be this hard!

go to the forum cloud download & install creative

Hi Geoff,

We want to help you, but we need a little more information to go forward:

Are you in any kind of error message?

Have you installed the new Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop?

You can also reference this document for help:

"Unable to install". Creative cloud office


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