I can't install Google Earth on my laptop (Dell Latitude E5530, operating sistem Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 64-bit v2.0) and I n ' not know what is the reason for this? Who can help me?

I tried several times to install Google Earth since their web site, but allwas I get the same answer: this program must close or chack solution on the web...?



Check with the support of Google Earth and their community, Forums

Try to use this method (full installer):


See "solving a problem".

Google Earth - product Forums
http://productforums.Google.com/Forum/#! Forum/Earth

Google Earth - Community
https://productforums.Google.com/Forum/#! Forum/gec

Google Earth - Support Options

Google earth - help

Google - contact us
http://support.google.com/WebSearch/bin/request.py? &

I hope this helps.

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