I can't install my dell all in one 922 priter

why I can not install my dell one 922 printer on my windows 7 laptop while... someone help me please

I could use some help... Please


The drivers for your printer are to

http://search.Dell.com/results.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=Gen&cat=SUP&k=922+all+in+one+printer&RPP=12&p=1&SubCat=DYD&RF=all&NK=f&IRA=false& ~ SRD = False & ipsys = False & advsrch = False

However, I see no driver Windows 7 listed there.  If this is the case, try the Vista drivers because most of the time they will work.  Sometimes, they work, but most of the time they, then try it and see.  If they do not work in normal mode, try to install in compatibility mode.

Good luck.

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