I can't install Windows XP Home on the Satellite A200-1CR

I can't install Windows XP Home on the Satellite A200-1CR



Did you get any error messages or what?

Thanks for posting more details!

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  • Cannot install Windows XP Home on the Satellite C850D

    I'm Allen

    I have a Toshiba laptop Satellite C850D - 10: but you can't install Windows XP to fold a stop code 0x0000007b.
    SATA drivers have made command and AHCI, but no function.

    Help, please.


    Have you checked if the BIOS contain an option that allows you to set the mode of controller SATA from AHCI compatible mode?

    Please check this...
    After settings mode compatible SATA controller wouldn't you need to add AHCI drivers...

  • How to change Vista Basic to Windows XP Home SP2 on Satellite A200-1CR edition?


    Since a few days, I bought a Toshiba Satellite A200-1CR. I am very satisfied with the laptop, although I do not work for Vista Home Basic Edition, because it is not to support the programs of the sum, so I change my operating system from Vista Home Basic to Windows XP SP2 home edition.

    If I prefer to reformat the laptop and install Windows XP service pack 2 (32-bit or 64-bit, not sure yet).
    However I do not know if I have to do something special for him, because it's my first laptop I have and I haven't had that one time a laptop with drivers on a CD. Now I m operating system, I think I need a driver s disc switching.

    If I changed vista to XP is there any software support?
    Vista for XP service pack2 change possible or not?
    Someone help me. If changing the operating system where I can get the driver software?


    Yes, you can install Windows XP SP2.

    There are two things you need to be aware of:

    (1) you need a SATA of F6 driver on a floppy disk when installing XP. Otherwise XP does not detect the SATA HDD. Search for "SATA" of this section, it is already been covered several times.

    (2) after installing XP, you should download and install the XP A200 drivers from the Toshiba Europe Support/Drivers site

  • BSOD occurs when I try to install Windows XP Home on the Satellite A100-VA5

    I got a brand new Toshiba A100 - VA5 Notebook, here in Toronto in the Canada.

    Laptop came with Vista. I don't have a problem with vista, but there are some software that I need for my work and they do not work on Vista.
    I decided to install Windows on a partition, but when I run the XP installation CD, it errors on a blue screen with the error below

    The Blue error screen I get when installing WXP stop is

    Stop: 0X0000007E (0XC0000005, 0XF76450BF, 0XF7A91208, 0XF7A90F080)

    I searched on Internet forums, some people have had similar problems on a computer no-Toshiba with XP and the problem was caused because the XP installation CD does not have S - ATA Raid Controller drivers? Which after pressing F6 at the start-up of the plant, solved the problem.

    However, I was unable to find the drivers for the controller S - ATA Raid on Toshiba support site, and I don't know where to find them. Someone knows something like that and it is due to S - ATA Raid Controller drivers? And if the answer is Yes, where can I find them since?

    Thank you



    Everything you need you can find on Toshiba Canada support page
    When you choose your part number do not forget, you use PSAANC-VA505C number (check also on the laptop label in the lower corner of your laptop).

    Now, back to the blue screen. As far as I know for this model of laptop is not necessary to install the S - ATA Raid Controller at the beginning of the procedure of the facilities. For laptops with RAID driver this driver is available on the download page. This driver is not available for your laptop model.

    You try to install latest Windows XP Home with Service Pack 2?

  • Can I install second HARD drive in the Satellite A200-AH7

    I wonder if I can install the second hard drive in my laptop and if I can do this what equipment should I.

    Laptop computer has two covers of hard disk and manual is not clear on this subject.
    He said: some models.

    Thanks for the info

    You can't find the answer very easily.

    Remove the second HDD Bay cover and check if there are a few HARD drive connectors/pins.

    If Yes, then you could install a second HDD.
    If not, you can not use second HARD drive.

    Good bye

  • Change operating system from Vista to Windows XP Home on my Satellite A200

    I want to change my OS from Vista to Windows XP Home on my Satellite A200... once I downloaded the complete drivers compatible with XP I updated my version of BIOS to be compatible, then when I started the formatting procedure I've countered a problem when I want to choose the format of the hard drive... which is "no hard drive drivers were found.

    If anyone can help please :) Thank you.


    The problem is that you must install the SATA driver (among others) in the XP operating system!
    You will use the FDD USB external (floppy) drive or you will create a new Win XP CD using the freeware tool called nLite (google for nLite get details).

    In addition, after the installation of the SATA driver you shouldn't t format the HARD drive because it would wipe out the SATA driver and the HARD drive will not be recognized!

    Best regards

  • Need drivers of Windows XP Home for my Satellite A200 - 1HU

    I need all drivers for Windows XP Home for my Satellite A200-1HU PSAE3E-01J014AV.

    Windows XP Home for Satellite A200 drivers are not available for the moment. Visit the page of help from time to time to see if the drivers are added.

    In the meantime, you can optimize pre-installed Vista OS. I did the same thing and A200 works well.

  • BIOS with Vista and Windows XP Home on a Satellite A200

    I saw there are different bios version depending on the operating system.
    My laptop is a Satellite A200-PSAE6. The bios for Windows XP Home edition version is 5.30 and 1.70 for Vista.
    I would like to use XP or Vista on my laptop. Both are installed.
    Should which bios I use? Are there similar?

    See you soon,.

    If you use Windows XP Home on your Satellite A200 do BIOS update with the version 5.30. This BIOS is designed for all Windows XP Home edition features and you will be able to use all the features of FN keys.

  • I can't install windows 7 Home premium.

    How can I install windows 7? I have the PIN and the product key for windows 7. Windows Update. I'm on windows Vista now.

    Backup your stuff important to external media.

    Equip your DVD of Windows 7 so that in Windows Vista.

    The open if it is not done automatically and launch the INSTALLATION and follow the instructions to upgrade.

    Come back here with all the messages, the successes or failures.

  • How to install Windows XP Home on my Satellite L500-1ZP?

    I formatted my Satellite L500-1ZP (PSLS9E) and thought DLI install win xp instead of win7 (do not have the disk/partition backup)
    now, when I start it with the cd of windows XP blue screen 'windows setup' inside start but when its finished loading, it gives me an error code:
    ' * STOP: 0X0000007B (0XF78DA63C, 0XC0000034, 0X00000000, 0X00000000).

    I read somewhere that I need to download SATA drivers for my laptop and do a disc to install windows xp with the SATA drivers on it?

    I tried to get these drivers, but I don't know that I have need and how to do the installation disc
    I copy my original windows XP Home cd and put the drivers in a folder somewhere on the disk?

    I hope someone can resolve my problem because the laptop is just over a year, and I don't really want to buy a new...

    I just hope that you created the recovery DVDs until you started to install own OS. After clean operating system installation you not longer have access to data recovery.

    You are right. For the installation of Windows XP Home edition, you need SATA driver. How to install Windows XP Home edition on the new laptop models that you can read on http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB85017Z0000R01.htm

    In the end, I must say that your last sentence is pretty confusing to me. You bought the laptop designed for Win7 and you want to use the old WXP on this. Do you really think you need to buy the new laptop if you want to install Windows XP Home edition?

  • Blue screen when you try to install Windows XP Home Edition on Satellite L350D-11 has

    When I try to install Windows XP Home (including SP3) on my new L350D-11 has a blue screen after loading the drivers.
    When booting with Kubuntu Live CD (8.x) appears an error message: / sbin/modprobe out anomalous.

    At least I need Windows XP because of some programs that do not work under Vista. Is it possible to install XP?


    Hmm I think the BSOD appears because you didn t add SATA drivers in the Win XP operating system.

    However, you can try to install Win XP on your laptop without the use of the SATA driver, but you can change the SATA AHCI in the BIOS in compatible mode.

    Check it out!

  • Need drivers of Windows XP Home for my Satellite A200-1FL

    I would like to know if I can use all the drivers for the Satellite A200-1FL for Windows XP Home edition, because I need to install Windows XP Home edition on my laptop as soon as possible.

    I can't find any of them on the Toshiba download page.

    Of course, you can install XP on your laptop.
    The question is only; If you will be able to use all the features of Toshiba.

    Well, I read only on the key issue of the FN after installing XP. But everything else must run and function properly.

    Satellite A200-1FL belongs to the PSAE6 series. You should choose this series if you want to download and install all the XP drivers.

    Best regards

  • Cannot install Windows XP Pro on the Satellite A100-411


    IA´ve you have a question. I have a Toshiba Satellite A100-411 with Windows Vista Home Premium. Because of the performance that would have me much better with Windows XP, I tried to install Windows Xp on a second partition, but on the same hard drive.

    The problem is that it did not work, I put the Windows XP cd in my DVD player, did a restart and started from the cd.
    The first window Windows Xp installation opened and checked my system, but when he did and
    wantet to start the main installation, I got a blue screen, where stood her system was closed due to an error and that I should change my video card, or should I turn caching and shadowing in my Bios.

    But my video card really works and is ok and I can't find the caching and shadowing in bios, so I can't install windows xp.

    So my question is is it possible to install Windows XP on the A100-411 when Vista is installed on the other Partition.

    I did something wrong or isn´t is it possible to install Windows Xp after Windows Vista on an A100-411
    Sorry for my bad English and greetings from the Germany


    Of course, it should be possible to install Windows XP on the second partition.
    First you must create the partition. Vista provide a clean option for partitions of creation because the 3rd party applications such as Partitions magic doesn't work under Vista. In disk management you can reduce the size of a partition of first and could create a second partition on the HARD disk free space.

    All your Windows XP CD contain service packs? I myself remember more old CD s WinXP don't were not delivered with SP2! In such cases, it s a good idea to create a clean XP Boot CD using 3rd application called nLite. Its freeware and you could find on the net!

    Please check this!

  • Can I install Windows 7 Home Premium from a computer has expired a new?

    I was a given a Dell Dimension 5150 has a few years by my boss that was running Windows XP Edition family.

    Shortly after, I decided that Windows 7 Home Premium was the way to go forward.

    I bought a new copy of this operating system via Amazon UK and installed from one of the disks in the pack.

    I was more than satisfied with it until last weekend.

    The computer's power supply has no a way dramatic and chips to the motherboard and processor irreparably.

    The screen and keyboard but I have not been able to test the hard drive yet.

    Looks like I'm going to buy a new computer to replace.

    I saw that there is an option to buy a "bare bones" system installed PC with no operation.

    Could someone confirm that I can install the operating system of my disks in Windows 7 Home Premium without having to buy another copy of the software?

    Thanking you in advance.

    Well, Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade of transfer rights, but since its a license upgrade, the computer you transfer must have a license of qualification prior to (Windows Vista or XP).

    You can always the following work around:


  • Can I install Windows 7 home basic 64-bit desktop product key because the key is not in use?

    I have an old laptop Dell Inspiron N4050 have Windows 7 Home Basic 64-bit... and the tour did not work because it was damaged and not repairable. Sir also I have a new desktop PC I want to install the same Windows 7 Home Basic 64-bit. in my new is PC possible to install this same key on my new PC, because the key is not in use
    Details of my knees

    If the operating system came pre-installed on your laptop, you can not transfer the license to a new PC...

    While the key is not in use, it's a key assigned to a Dell laptop and it will not work...

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